Does your vessel comply with Yachting Regulations?

Each time you submit a race entry form to JBCYC or any other event organiser, you are effectively stating that your vessel meets the appropriate standard for that event.
This link will advise the minimum vessel state and equipment requirement for each racing category:

Races conducted during the JBCYC Spring, Summer and Autumn Series are Category Seven (Cat7) events.
For your own peace of mind, you should download and print pages appropriate to your vessel's racing category, and conduct a critical audit.
For any further explanation or assistance with a vessel audit please contact the Safety Officer.

Lifejackets and your tender 

Members are also reminded of the current NSW RMS regulations concerning lifejackets and tenders under 3.0m in length:

* A sole person in a tender is to wear a lifejacket;

* Where there are 2 or more people in a tender they are not required to wear lifejackets, but sufficient lifejackets for all people in the tender must be carried in the tender.

Refer to the RMS Lifejackets page for more details