Racing Rules

Members are reminded that our club sails under the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of World Sailing (and the associated Prescriptions of Australian Sailing) and the Australian Special Regulations for Racing Boats (also recommended for Cruising Boats). All yachts taking part in our events are required to meet Australian Sailing Category 7 Safety and Equipment requirements. 

John Anderson put together a simple 2 page pictorial summary of the most common racing situations and who has the right of way. The club suggest that you keep a copy of this onboard as a quick reference.

Australian Sailing Rules of Racing 2021-2024

Introduction to the Rules of Racing

2021-2024 Racing Rules of Sailing (with AS Prescriptions)

2021-2024 Special Regulations Part 1 Keelboats

Australian Sailing released these updated rules in 2021. The following resources may be useful in understanding the changes:

Racing Rules 2021-2024 Changes for Sailors (Video) PDF

Racing Rules 2021-2024 Changes for Race Management (Video) PDF

Steve Hatch video start and finish changes Rules of Racing 2021-2024 (Video)

2021-2024 Racing Rules of Sailing World Sailing Study Version (PDF)

Pat Grogan,
Jan 20, 2021, 10:55 AM