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Victory for Invincible and Double Time in JBCYC Spring Series.

posted Nov 30, 2020, 6:08 AM by David Churchward

With the competition to win the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Spring Series wide open the clubs race fleet took to the bay on Sunday November 22nd. The previously postponed, Division 2 race 4 was run first, then after a short break both divisions ran the series final race 5.

The days racing began with the Division 2 yachts taking on a 5 nautical mile course at the bays northern end. With 7 yachts starting in light 5 to 7 knot NW winds Steve Lee, helming Y-Knot, beat the other boats to the 1st race mark.

Y-Knot streaked away being chased by Sirocco for most of the race, with the rest of the fleet close behind.

Y-Knot crossed the finish line 1st in 59 minutes. The next 5 yachts were separated by less than 2 minutes with Sirocco crossing 2nd in 1hour 4 minutes 20 seconds and Reflections crossing 6th in 1 hour 6 minutes 11 seconds. 

Once handicaps were applied to the results they changed significantly, and Trevor Smith (Relentless) was awarded 1st place with Peter Cowman (Double Time) 2nd and John Anderson (Laser 3) 3rd.

With the wind forecast to build during the day, Race 5 got underway with Division 2 starting at 11:15am tackling a 10.2 nautical mile course in a building 10 knot breeze.

Relentless got a good start being just beaten by Double Time to the 1st race mark. While Double Time and Relentless headed south, duelling for 1st place, the nimble Y-Knot passed them both to take the lead. Sirocco then slipped past into 2ndplace.

With the wind picking up to 15 knots the leading yachts fought a tacking duel, with Sirocco falling back to 4th place. Reflections chased Sirocco, not quite catching them by the races end.

Y-Knot crossed the finish line 1st in 2 hours 11 minutes 17 minutes ahead of Double Time. Relentless crossed 3rd in 2 hours 29 minutes.

Once handicaps were applied Trevor Smith (Relentless) took 1st place with Peter Cowman (Double Time) 2nd and Brian Horley (Reflections)3rd.

In Division 1 seven yachts took on a 12.7 nautical mile course. The catamaran Tranquillity helmed by Peter Brown got off to its usual blistering start beating the rest of the fleet to the 1st mark.

As the fleet turned and headed south the wind began dropping and the lighter monohull, Element, skippered by Rod Chitterdon was able to run past Tranquillity and take the lead.

The yachts then crossed the bay turning north near Huskisson. Paul Gooey in Out of the Blue moved into 2nd place as they raced passed Myola. 

With some yachts choosing to sail close along Callala Beach, Element and Out of the Blue headed into the middle of the bay. With the wind picking up to near 15 knots, both yachts were able to consolidate their leads.

Towards the end of the race the wind dropped again, to less than 7 knots, and Out of the Blue began gaining on Element as they approached the finish line. Invincible, skippered by Trevor Kanaar, was sailing close behind in 3rd.

Element was the 1st yacht in the division to cross the finish line in 2 hours 54 minutes. Out of the Blue crossed 2nd in 2 hours 55 minutes with Invincible a further 2 minutes further back.

Rod Chittenden (Element) held onto 1st place after handicaps were applied, with Trevor Kanaar (Invincible) 2nd and Paul Gooey (Out of the Blue)3rd.

With the last race of the Spring Series run, in Division 1 Trevor Kanaar (Invincible) took 1st place with 9 points. Rod Chittenden (Element) and Brendon Blank (Friendship) tied for 2nd place each on 12 points. In Division 2 Peter Cowman (Double Time) won the series on 10 points, with Steve Lee (Y-Knot) in 2nd 1 point behind on 11 points, and Brian Horley on 12 points in 3rd.