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Spring Series Opening Race

posted Sep 21, 2016, 1:28 AM by Rick Early   [ updated Sep 21, 2016, 12:49 PM by Pat Grogan ]

Last Sunday (11th Sept) was the start of Spring series. Being the first race on the calendar it was a non-point score warm-up race. There was a relatively small fleet but the presence of newcomers Trevor Smith (“Relentless”) and Glen - [ “Moonshine”] was very welcomed.

The weather conditions before the race were far from inspiring. There was a threat of rain and a forecast of 2 - 3 knots for most of the day. The light air played havoc with the race organisers plans to trial a handicap start format. It was feared that the slower boats starting first wouldn’t have enough wind to gain the necessary advantage to stay ahead of the faster ones for the majority of the race – particularly if the wind strength increased. So a short course with the fleet starting together was decided upon.

True to the forecast the wind was light and variable at the start. The conditions seemed to favor the smaller lighter boats with “Y-Knot” getting out in front very quickly. “Laser 3” and “Invincible” were also well placed. “Sojourn 3” was slow to get going but started to close in on “Y-Knot” just before the first mark.

However “Y-Knot” (Div 1) held off the challenge to round the mark in front. “Laser 3” took the honors in Division 2 and “Tranquility” in Division 3.

On the next leg there were some brief gusts over 5 knots allowing Sojourn 3 to get pass “Y-Knot”. However the wind dropped again and “Y-Knot” regained the lead. Not far behind “Laser 3”, Invincible and “Tranquility” were fighting it out. Further back “Matana”, “Wotalife” and “Relentless” were in a tussle.

The wind increased to about 10 knots as the race progressed but positions remained much the same. “Y-Knot” took line and handicap honors in Div 1., “Laser 3” also got the double in Div 2. as did “Tranquility” in Div.3.

Please note that the next race is this Sunday 25th and not the following Sunday.

Weather permitting the handicap start format will be used. Lets hope we have some wind.