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Summer series gets off to a great start

posted Dec 5, 2016, 1:49 AM by Pat Grogan   [ updated Dec 7, 2016, 4:32 PM by David Churchward ]
The Tahmoor Rural Summer series started last Sunday 4th December. The race was run in medium to moderately
strong conditions. The return of “Manly Too” and her battle with “Sojourn 3” was a highlight, as was the
performance of the freshly antifouled “Relentless”. The race started in a pleasant 10 -15 knot NE breeze. None of the fleet got a particularly good start but
“Friendship”, “Y Knot” and “Manly Too” did quite well. The bottles of wine for rounding the windward mark
first went to “Manly Too” (Div. 1), “Relentless” (Div.2) and “Tranquility” (Div. 3). On the first upwind leg to A1 buoy “Manly Too” had a good lead followed by “Y Knot” “Sojourn 3” and
“Friendship” (Div.1), while “Relentless” was leading “Laser 3” and “Matana” (Div.2).
“Tranquility” had to herself in Div. 3. “Sojourn 3” moved past “Y Knot” that was now in a battle with
“Friendship”. Positions in other divisions remained the same. The run from A1 to H1 (A3 for div. 1) was probably the best in the race. With the wind settling in at
about 110 degrees and 15 knots it provided plenty of speed, particularly “Y Knot” that managed to hold
a spinnaker for the entire leg. This allowed her to move pasy “Friendship”. Meanwhile “Sojourn 3” was
gradually catching “Manly Too”. Further back “Relentless” was stamping her authority in Div.2,
gradually pulling away from “Laser 3” and “Mantana”.
“Tranquility” was still sailing well in Div. 3. “Manly Too” held her lead to round H1 first. This set up a good battle with “Sojourn 3” for the long broad
reach across the bay to C2 (off Huskisson). The gap (about 50m) between the two remained the same for the
entire reach with “Manly Too” getting to C2 first. “Friendship” managed to get back in front of “Y Knot”
while “Tranquility” was starting to close in on both.
On the Div. 2 course, “Relentless” still had a comfortable lead from “Matana”. “Laser 3” withdraw at this
point, as she had a couple of young boys on  board, who were on an introductory sail. The wind was getting
up towards 20 knots and was beyond the introductory level. The work from C2 back across the bay to A2 was quite tough in the stronger wind, with most boats having to
reef sails. “Manly Too” and “Sojourn 3” went off on different tacks and didn’t meet again until the
final tack into A2. “Manly Too” was still in front but the gap had closed marginally, setting a good race
to the finish. Unfortunately “Sojourn 3” had a big “round up” when hit by a gust, giving “Manly Too” and
uncatchable lead.
“Relentless” (div. 2) was doing particularly well and was only passed by “Manly Too” and “Sojourn 3” on the
final leg from A1 to the finish. “Tranquility” was revelling in the stronger wind and got past “Y Knot”
and “Friendship”. “Matana” was hanging in there and staying in touch.
Across the line it was “Manly Too” (Div. 1), “Relentless” (Div. 2) and “Tranquility” (Div. 3).
Handicap positions were the same. The next race is on Saturday 17th Dec and is a non-championship race. It is designed purely as a fun event
with forward hands and ladies having a chance to take the helm. Prizes will be awarded to the boat with the
best Christmas decorations and to the crew member with the best Christmas outfit. An evening Christmas
party will complete the day’s festivities. Hope to see you all there. It’s sure to be a fun occasion.