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Squally weather turns into pleasant sailing conditions for the final race of the Summer Series.

posted Feb 26, 2017, 3:13 AM by David Churchward
 The 5th race of the JBCYC Summer series was greeted by grey skies and occasional squalls of gusty wind and showers. The sensible skippers shortened sail just prior to the start to better manage the conditions, although in hindsight this was a premature move as 10 minutes into the race the wind settled down to a consistent 12 knots from the south. These more sedate conditions then lasted the majority of the race, providing superb sailing conditions. By the conclusion of the race the sky was clearer and sunny. 

Seven boats signed on for the race, 3 each in Divisions 1 and 2, and 1 sole contender in Division 3. In Division 1, Manly Too (Mick Linhardt) only just managed to beat Navy's Friendship (Blue Timms) to the first windward rounding mark, and then went on to open a commanding lead from both Friendship and Invincible (Trevor Kannar). By the end of the race Manly Too had opened up an 18 minute lead over Friendship who had opened up a 32 minute lead over Invincible. On performance handicap results it first place to Manly Too, second to Invincible, and third to Friendship. 

The racing in Division 2 was much closer. Relentless (Trevor Smith), Wotalife (Dennis Meredith), and Matana (Paul Gooey) converged on the first windward mark very close to each other, with Relentless just scraping in ahead. The 3 boats once again converged at the Honeymoon Bay mark, again with Relentless just in the lead. By the race finish Relentless had opened up a 14 minute lead over Matana, who in turn was just 2 minutes ahead of Wotalife. On performance handicap results it was first place to Wotalife, second to Matana, and third to Relentless. 

Division 3 saw a great performance by Tranquility (Allan Leach) as the only contender. Tranquility put on an admiral performance crossing the line third, not far behind the first two division 1 boats. 

Many thanks to Gary and Deb Bromley of Tahmoor Rural Services for sponsoring the summer race series. The series runner up in Division 1 was Invincible with Manly Too being the overall series winner. In Division 2 Matana was runner up to the series winner Relentless. Division 3 saw Tranquility take out the series with Sas Sea being the runner up. 

The next race will be on Saturday 11 March. This will be the hotly contested Creswell Cup, as well as the first race of the Autumn series.