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Overture composes a race to win Seawind Cup!

posted May 2, 2012, 1:07 AM by Unknown user

Overture composes a race to win Seawind Cup!

The start line off Huskisson on Saturday 14th April saw six catamarans compete in the Seawind Cup Challenge and the last race in Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Round The Bay series. Race criteria deemed skippers unable to billow a spinnaker on the catamarans as the meagre wind blew close quarters for Division 3 race start.

Hugging the shore to catch the lifts and avoid the knocks besetting the bay, the six manoeuvred skilfully around the marks. Tranquility and SasSea fought for the lead in the early legs.

With the wind dropping out, a shortened course saw the catamarans glide across the bay from Long Beach, reaching for the finish line off Huskisson.

A glimpse of the sails unfurled for the Seawind Cup challenge and the final Round The Bay series race, in the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs autumn calendar. 

La Brisas’ skipper Cindy Nebaur, with new sails catching the breeze, came from behind in a valiant attempt to eclipse Tranquillity, SasSea and Overture who tacked with the grace of the wind.

Lord of the Overture, skipper Kevin Lord, with wife Jo and crew, found tempo with the wind, crossing the finish line with gusto, taking line honours, performance handicap and Round The Bay series win in Division 3; and, the Seawind Cup 2012.

Divisions 1 and 2 joined each other at the start line, on their around the bay course.

Of the four Division 2 vessels, it was Rockhopper, with skipper Kenny Dryburg, who leapt to the lead. Matana, Motion and Rhythm & Blues tackled the infiltrating wind lifts and knocks, as the fleet circumnavigated the bay.

Rockhopper tacked a more northerly route in the early legs, rounded the bay at the front of the fleet and rolled across the finish line to line honours, performance handicap and Round The Bay series win in Division 2.

The seven vessels of Division 1 seemed to skater after rounding the first mark, endeavouring to capture the lift from the lulling wind.

Skippered by Terry Ford, Jouissance grappled for the lead with Friendship and Pleasure IV. Eves Delight, Fuzzy Logic and Chutzpah vied for the elusive breeze and shifting wind line as the fleet circumnavigated the bay.

Despite the flotsam and jetsam that emerged from the borrowed spinnaker bag, skipper Matthew Richards on the navy vessel Alexander, unfurled her kite to take her second consecutive line honours win in Division 1.

Jouissance tamed the lifts with winning essence and was hailed Division 1 performance handicap and Round The Bay series winner.

The start/finish boat was ably manned by Val Atlee and Darryl ?.

Many thanks to Kerry Leach whose scrumptious BBQ burgers replenished the fleet when the catamarans rafted up at Huskisson wharf.

The Seawind Cup 2012 was graciously presented to Kevin Lord by Mitch Burke of Seawind Catamarans.

Kevin and Jo were Lords of the Overture by day and by night. The spirit of the day continued as musicians regaled the evening’s festivities and many cut loose as Overtures’ deck morphed into a dance floor.

Look out around Jervis Bay on Sunday 29th April for Race 4 of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Autumn Series.

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Press release witten by Jacqueline Ann on behalf of Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club.