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Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd November 2013

Organised by

Jervis Bay Sailing Club Incorporated

In association with

Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club Incorporated

The regatta is open to


1. Rules and Organising Authority

The organizing authority for the JB Challenge regatta is the Jervis Bay Sailing Club

Incorporated in association with Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club Incorporated and will

be governed by the “Rules” as defined in the current International Sailing Federation

(ISAF) Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2013-2016, together with the current YA

Prescriptions and the Special Regulations, except as any of these are altered by the

Sailing Instructions and the rules of the Trailable Yacht, Multihull and Keelboat classes

(except as any of these are altered by the sailing instructions).

All competitors shall display sail numbers clearly and as described in RRS Rule 77

and Appendix G. Sail numbers that are difficult to see may affect your race result, so

competitors are encouraged to ensure sail numbers are clear and legible.

The Australian Trailable Yacht Rules shall apply to those boats competing in Race 1 of

YNSW Southern Zone Passage Race Series.

The following rules will apply to Sports Boat class;

a) The regatta is open to all boats with an SMS rating; either individual or class and

b) RRS Rule 49.1 shall not apply to Melges 24 and Magic 25 Sports boats if racing

in compliance with their respective class rules and it is noted on the Sports Boat

SMS Certificate that the rating incorporates hiking devices.

Auxiliary engines must be mounted on their normal operating brackets at all times

whilst racing.

Personal buoyancy must be worn where required by the governing rules.

2. Advertising

In general the regatta is designated as a Category “C” Event - ISAF Regulation 20 & in

accordance with RRS Rule 76.1 & 80.

3. Eligibility and Entry

The regatta is open to Trailable Yachts, Sports Boats, Keel Boats, Multihull Yachts

and all other boats accepted by the Committee of the Organising Authority. The

Australian Trailable Yacht Rules shall apply to those boats competing in Heat 1 of the

YNSW Southern Zone Passage Race Series. Boats need to complete the entry form

and submit it to a club official with race fees to be eligible. Entries will be accepted up

to 60 minutes before the nominated start time of the boats’ first race.

For ASBA entries, the Australian Sports Boat Association Rules will apply as

described in Clause 1 above.

All competitors must comply with ISAF Eligibility Rules, Regulation 19, RRS Rules –

Part 6 & 7.

Any class rule that requires a competitor to be a member of a class association shall

not apply.

All vessels shall be covered by third party insurance cover of not less than

AUD$1,000,000 (recommended AUD$5,000,000) or equivalent thereof in any other

currency for any accident. All owners/competitors who sign the Entry Form are

deemed to have made a declaration that they hold such cover. Competitors may be

required to produce evidence of such insurance and any competitor not holding this

cover shall withdraw their entry.

4. Fees.

Entry fee is $60.

5. Schedule of Events.

Registration will be accepted from 8:00 am on Saturday 2nd November 2013 at the

Frank Lewis Way Boat Ramp, Woolamia.

Entrants may register at the Frank Lewis Way Boat Ramp, Woolamia, or alternatively

at the Registration desk at the Callala Junior Sailing School, South of the boat ramp,

Callala Bay.

Competitors meeting will be held at 9:30 am sharp at the Frank Lewis Way Boat


For Keel boats moored at Callala Bay, a separate competitors meeting will be held at

9:00 am sharp at the Callala Junior Sailing School.

Events are scheduled in the regatta as follows:

Saturday 2nd November 2013

Jervis Bay Challenge [incorporating the Race 1 of YNSW Southern Zone

Passage Race Series]


1 Keelboats Not before 1055 hrs

2 Multihull Yachts Not before 1100 hrs

3 Trailable Yachts

[including YNSW SZ entries]

Not before 1105 hrs

4 Cruising Division for Trailable Yachts


Not before 1105 hrs

5 Sportsboats with yardstick 0.800 and

above, and ASBA entries

Not before 1110 hrs

Sunday 3rd November 2013

Multiple Around The Buoys Racing

(these do not count for the YNSW SZ event)


1, 2, 3 & 4 Not before 1025 hrs

5 Not before 1030 hrs

6. Sailing Instructions

The sailing instructions for the regatta will be available after registration forms have

been completed and accepted by the Race Committee and race fees have been paid.

7. Location of Officials

Race Headquarters for this event will be situated on the Eastern sun deck of the

Huskisson Hotel. This will also be the site for Social activities and the Presentation.

8. Official Notice Board

The Official Notice board will be located in the registration tent until 10:45 am Saturday

at Frank Lewis Way boat ramp, then after at Race Headquarters

9. Racing Area and Courses

The race area will encompass the whole of Jervis Bay. (See attached Diagram A). The

course will be issued with the sailing instructions. The Saturday race will be a

passage race around Jervis Bay with all divisions sailing an approximate distance of

approximately 24 Nm (weather permitting).

Sunday races will be back to back (short course around the buoys) races held directly

in front of the Huskisson Pub providing excellent shoreline viewing for family and


10. Scoring

The Low Point scoring system of Appendix ‘A’ 4.1 will apply.

A boat that starts but scores a DNF shall score points for the finishing place, plus (1)

one more than the number of starters in the race.

All other boats including a boat that finishes and is later disqualified shall score points

for the finishing place (1) one more than the number of entries in the series.

Boats will be scored according to their handicap or yardstick (see Rule 13 below)

rating. Scoring of the Sunday race will be independent to the Saturday race.

11. Radio Communication

A boat shall neither make radio transmission while racing nor receive radio

communications not available to all other boats in her class or division. The use of

mobile phones to receive information about race conditions is prohibited.

12. Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for the Saturday race for each division, depending on number

of entries for each.

The Jervis Bay Challenge Trophy will be awarded at the presentation on Saturday

evening at Race Headquarters. Competitors must be at the presentation to receive


13. Ratings and Measurement

Keel boats and Multihull Yachts will be rated to a Performance Handicap System

(PHS). The ratings used are influenced by the Australian Measurement System

(AMS), various club databases, historical information, and any other reliable source.

Applications for a rating for specific boats need to be in writing and be received by the

club seven days prior to the event (with supporting evidence) to have the declared

rated reviewed. Notice of the decision by the race committee will be provided to the

skipper before the entry is accepted. Final rating decisions will be determined by the

Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club utilising their experience and expertise in ascertain a

boats rating.

Potential new entries can email to ascertain/discuss their rating

for the event prior to entry.

ASBA entries will be rated using the Sport Boat Measurement System (SMS). It is the

responsibility of each boat to produce a valid SMS Certificate.

For calculating JB Challenge race results for the Trailerable Yachts Division, the latest

available rating at the Yachting Australia listing ATYSBR NATIONAL CBH LIST

2012/13. If there is no rating, then the NSW TYA rating will be used with the Race.,Trailable_Yachts/21623/38608

Please note the Race Committee reserves the right to adjust any rating as considered

necessary in the interest of fair sailing.

14. Disclaimer.

It is the responsibility of owners and skippers to ensure that each boat nominated on the

entry form complies with the ‘rules’ as defined in the RRS.

All competitors who sign the entry form, in doing so, have made a declaration to the

Organising Authority that the nominated boat will, at all times while racing, comply with the

requirements of Yachting Australia, the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, including:

(a) RRS 46 and it is the responsibility of the person in charge of the boat to ensure that the

crew complies with RRS 46;

(b) The Yachting Australia Special Regulations;

(c) Adequate current Third Party Property Liability Insurance and Third Party Personal

Liability cover of not less than $[5,000,000] ([five] million dollars) for any one incident. All

insurance shall be maintained during the period of racing;

(d) The Organising Authority is not responsible for the seaworthiness of a boat whose entry is

accepted or the sufficiency or adequacy of its equipment

(e) The person who signs and lodges the entry form with the Organising Authority, warranting

to the Organising Authority that he or she will draw to the attention of any person who

competes on the yacht, the subject of the entry form in any event conducted by the

Organising Authority of the risk warning above; and

(f) the person who signs and lodges this entry form with the Organising Authority,

acknowledging receipt of the risk warning above and releasing the Organising Authority from

any claim or liability whatsoever for any harm or personal injury suffered by him, or by any

person claiming through him, in any event conducted by the Organising Authority.

(g) All those taking part in these races do so at their own risk and responsibility.

Specific attention is drawn to RRS 4 which states; "The responsibility for a boat's

decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone". The Jervis Bay

Sailing Club Incorporated, Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club Incorporated, Race

Committee and other race officials are not responsible for any damage or injury either

afloat or ashore prior to, during or after the event.

15. Risk Warning.

This RISK WARNING is issued jointly by Jervis Bay Sailing Club Incorporated, Jervis Bay

Cruising Yacht Club Incorporated and NSW Roads and Maritime Services, pursuant to the

Civil Liability Act 2002 to all persons wishing to participate in the sailing activities conducted

by Jervis Bay Sailing Club Incorporated and Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club.

Participants are warned that, regardless of the precautions, which might be taken by

reasonable and experienced persons, sailing can be a dangerous pursuit and participants are

exposed to significant risk of property damage, physical harm and possibly death.

As an indication, these risks may include, but are not limited to:

- The extremes of weather and sea conditions.

- The potential that control of vessels may be lost, resulting in collision with objects and other


- The sudden movement of the vessel at any time and the possibility that participants may fall

or be thrown overboard, resulting in drowning.

- The possibility that participants may be injured by equipment on the vessel.

- The absence of immediate medical care and the likelihood that significant delays may occur

before medical care is available.

- Exposure to the elements for extended periods.

Jervis Bay Sailing Club Incorporated, Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club Incorporated and NSW

Roads and Maritime Services also warn participants that regardless of their best intentions,

they may be unable to render assistance to participants who are in distress. Participants are

warned to consider the above risks and all other risks before deciding to participate in any

sailing event with Jervis Bay Sailing Club Incorporated and Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club.

Participants are also advised that although Jervis Bay Sailing Club Incorporated and Jervis

Bay Cruising Yacht Club Incorporated is covered by third party liability insurance, this cover

DOES NOT extend to participants. Any participant who considers they have a need for

insurance must make their own private arrangements with an insurer. Membership of a

sailing club affiliated with Yachting NSW entitles you to personal accident insurance



_A challenging passage race around JB on Saturday

_Huskisson wharf raft up on Saturday night

_Saturday night social & presentation

_Around the Buoys races on Sunday


Limited space at Huskisson wharf will be available on Saturday night. There is room for

around 10 to 12 boats if they raft up 3 to 4 deep. Fenders will be necessary. This is only

available to crews who are sleeping on board over night.


There is good protected anchorage for Trailable Yachts within Currumbene Creek not far

from Huskisson wharf. These are situated on the Eastern side of the creek and are sheltered

by the trees on Myola Spit.


Venue - Huskisson Hotel.

A great meal, presentation and social will finish off a big day of sailing on Saturday night!

Steak and a selection of salads

$25.00 for the first 80 tickets sold

Serving at 7.00 pm

The Hotel bistro is also available for special requirements.

Live music will be on the deck straight after the presentation (8.00 pm)!!!

There will be prizes for all divisions and everyone is invited to participate in the fun.


Jervis Bay is approx. 3 hours drive from Sydney and Canberra on the NSW South Coast and

is the centre piece of the Jervis Bay Marine Park. The Bay is approximately 8Nm long and

5Nm wide.

The Saturday passage race will take competitors to the Cardinal points of the bay. It always

starts with a windward work and after circling the bay it finishes with a windward/leeward leg,

providing challenges and opportunities for everyone. Some of the legs are long so good

preparation and chart work will pay off. Crews are advised to come well prepared for a

variety of conditions, and with long fetches, choppy conditions may prevail along lee shores.

Swell is often encountered in the bay. Sufficient fuel must be carried in case the need to

motor home from the far side of the Bay arises.

Migrating whales are also a regular visitor to the bay at this time of year. You are also likely

to see the well-known Jervis Bay dolphins. Seals and fairy penguins also frequent the bay.


A good double ramp exists at the end of Frank Lewis Way, Woolamia which enters

Currumbene Creek approx. 0.9Nm from the entrance to the Bay at Huskisson (by road the

distance is 2km). This ramp is popular with the general public.

Competitors are urged to launch early!

There is a wash down area with tap and toilet facilities at the Frank Lewis Way Boat Ramp.


There are only limited facilities for visiting Keel Boats in Jervis Bay by means of Visitor Boat

Moorings. Two (2) of these are positioned in Shark Net Bay immediately below Huskisson

Hotel. There will be wharf space available in Currumbene Creek where boats will be able to

raft up. Yachts with a deep draft may have to wait for the top half of the tide before entering

the creek.


Adjusted to Daylight saving times

Saturday 2nd November

0755 hrs – 1.59 m

1415 hrs – 0.28 m

2014 hrs – 1.43 m

Sunday 3rd November

0835 hrs – 1.69 m

1501 hrs – 0.20 m

2100 hrs – 1.43 m


Race Headquarters will be at the Huskisson Hotel. A key focal point for spectators, family

and friends is the White Sand Park at the eastern end of the Huskisson Main Street.


Huskisson shopping centre has several excellent cafes and restaurants.


For details on accommodation contact the following: ----------- and follow the links

Shoalhaven Tourism ------------------- 1300 662 808 (7 days a week)


Should you require further information, please contact:

Steven Lymbery Mobile: 0400 104 451 Home: 0244 212 535


Peter O’Reilly Mobile: 0427 642 473 Email:

Shane Firkin Mobile: 0402 534 995 Email: shane.firkin@live.comCha