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JBCYC wins back Creswell Cup for 2021

posted May 15, 2021, 9:18 PM by Pat Grogan   [ updated May 15, 2021, 9:22 PM ]
On Sunday, 28th March, the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club ran their annual Creswell Cup Race Day. In the event JBCYC compete against the Navy’s Creswell Albatross Sailing Club (CASC). The fleet divided into 7 pairs that match raced. One yacht competing for the CASC and the other competing for JBCYC.

The forecast was for light winds from the SW turning to the NE and easing into the afternoon. The yachts started at the Southern end of Jervis Bay, near HMAS Creswell and zig zagged across the bay racing North to Callala Bay. The 8 Division 1 yachts traversed a 12.4 nautical mile course, with the 5 smaller Division 2 yachts tackling a slightly shorter 10.6 nautical mile course.

The Division 2 yachts started first with Y-Knott (racing for JBCYC) and Summer of 69 (competing for CASC) in a close start vying for the lead. Y-Knott beat Summer of 69 to the 1st race mark and then began stretching its lead.

Sirocco, skippered by Pru Harper, (racing for CASC) was matched with Double Time helmed by Peter Cowman (racing for JBCYC). In an impressive race Sirocco was able to keep ahead of Double Time and pass Summer of 69. Sirocco was able to stay just ahead of Summer of 69, but could not peg back Y-Knot.

Y-Knot crossed the finish line 1st 2 hours 39 minutes, Sirocco crossed 2nd a further 17 minutes further back with Summer of 69 3rd less than 2 minutes behind Sirocco. Once handicaps were applied Pru Harper (Sirocco) was awarded 1st place with Steve Lee (Y-Knot) moving into 2nd and Peter Cowman (Double Time) 3rd.

In Division 1 Scarborough, helmed by Brendan Blank, (racing for CASC) was matched with Trevor Kanaar’s Invincible (racing for JBCYC. Scarborough got a good start beating the rest of the division to the 1st mark, with Invincible back in the middle of the fleet.

As the yachts in the division raced Northeast towards Longnose Point, Sojourn 3 and Out of the passed Scarborough. Sojourn 3 skippered by Rick Early (racing for CASC) was matched with Out of the Blue helmed by Paul Gooey (racing for JBCYC). Both yachts were close as they rounded the mark near Longnose Point, but after turning and racing back across the bay towards Huskisson, Sojourn 3 got the better of the frequent wind shifts and stretched its lead.

As the fleet turned, off the Southern end of Callala Beach and headed across the bay again to Long Beach, Sojourn 3 had established a considerable lead. With the wind behind them the rest of the yachts in the division flew their spinnakers. Friendship helmed by Rod Targa (racing for CASC) was matched with Steve Simpsons Bodacious (racing for JBCYC). Both yachts racing closely fought a spinnaker duel as they crossed the bay, with Bodacious just edging ahead in the light winds.

Invincible, under spinnaker began making ground on Scarborough drawing closer right up to the finish. Invincible came within 3 minutes of Scarborough but could not quite catch them before the finish line.

Sojourn 3 crossed the finish line 1st in a time of 2 hours 59 minutes. Element, helmed by Frank Killick, put in a solid performance crossing 2nd in 3 hours 9 minutes with Scarborough just over 16 minutes further back crossing 3rd.

Once handicaps were applied Frank Killick (Element) moved up into 1st place with Rick Early (Sojourn 3) 2nd and Steve Simpson (Bodacious) 3rd.

Following the days racing the crews gathered on shore for a social function, with catering organised by the CASC. The results of the respective Match Races were announced with CASC winning 3 of the races and JBCYC winning 4. So, the Creswell Cup for 2021 was handed over by CASC to JBCYC.

The individual results also counted towards JBCYC’s Mountain Ridge Wines Autumn Race Series, with Frank Killick (Element) in Division 1 and Pru Harper (Sirocco) in Division 2 taking early leads in the series.

The clubs next race will be on Sunday April 18th and will be round 3 of the Autumn Series.

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club is dedicated to promoting fun and safety on the water. It mixes competitive racing with a fun social atmosphere. Anyone interested in being part of a crew, or racing their own boat, can find out how to get involved by visiting the club’s website