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"I'd Rather be Sailing"

posted Mar 1, 2009, 7:27 PM by JBCYC Admin
by Meryl Simpson

The sailors of Jervis bay Cruising Yacht Club wouldn't have wanted to have been anywhere else on the weekend!
With exceptional conditions on the water and a wonderful social schedule all the pieces were in place for a really memorable time.

Warm weather and light to moderate breezes guided the 23 yachts around an interesting course that began near Huskisson and took us up to Hole in the Wall, across to Longnose Point and then in a serpentine path around markers out front of the HMAS Creswell Naval Base before finishing off the base's breakwall. Once again we were at the mercy of the elements and when the leading yachts fell into a torturous hole and held droopy spinnakers aloft, the yachts toward the back of the fleet continued to sneak up. A close eye had to be kept for any slight wind lift that could be picked up and luck played its part also. Placings see-sawed and during the work legs it was difficult to tell if precious ground had been made up or not until marks were rounded.

It was the final race in the Vincentia Newsagency Summer Series, the 4th Round the Bay race and the 10th in the Club Championship.
But to top all that off,  we were also racing for the honour of the club or HMAS Creswell. All boats were matched against another that was allocated either to be racing for JBCYC or Creswell. This being the second and final in this exciting mini series. On this occasion it was the Jervis Bay CYC yachtsmen who were victorious and so took back the much coveted Creswell Cup.
Several new yachts competed with us including Koala and a brand new Sea Wind 1160 catamaran Discover that was purchased for the purpose of taking out skippered cruises. The delightful Matt will, I'm certain, give all guests a truly enjoyable trip on this gorgeous boat.

At the completion of the racing we were then welcomed into the Creswell Marina for a raft up. Race results and the presentations were made with much hilarity and general amusement as witty remarks were thrown about. A barbecue followed then, as night fell and with a star lit sky overhead, we danced to the band Jive House till very late.

In the light of morning, weary bodies gradually surfaced for refreshing swims off Captain's beach and then headed for a hearty breakfast which was again organised by the Creswell base.

Race results were as follows:

The Summer series was won by Steve Simpson of Dalliance in Division 1 and Brian Saunders of Sea Change for Division 2.

Div. 1
Line Honours: Mark Tobin's Cougar
Performance Handicap: Steve Simpson's Dalliance Regatta Handicap: Peter Tucker's Primal Farr

Div. 2
Line Honours: Sea Change
Performance Handicap: Kevin Lord's Leeuwin Regatta Handicap: A provisional result for a new yacht Koala

In the match-ups:
Cougar def. Wahoo
Arabesque def. Friendship
Dalliance def. Alexander
Sea Change def. Tranquility
Jouissance def. Pleasure IV
Taste n Try def. Splinter
Double Time def. Rockhopper
Leeuwin def. Koala
Aqua Luna def. Escalation
Discover def. Whanau
Sas Sea def. Xtasea