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Great Conditions for the Seawind Cup

posted Jan 18, 2017, 11:06 AM by Rick Early

The annual Seawind Cup (for catamarans) was held last Saturday 14th.  This was held in conjunction with the summer club championship race for divisions 1, 2 and 3. The course for the day was round the bay anticlockwise.  Sailing conditions for the race were near perfect.  The close battle between “Sas Sea” and “Tranquility” was a race highlight.  There was also some exciting racing in the monohull divisions (1 and 2).

The race started with a 10 – 15 knot south-easterly breeze and the temperature in the mid 20s.  The monohulls got away first with “Sojourn 3” getting the best start in Div. 1 and “Nell” heading the field in Div. 2.  Around the windward mark (S1) it was “Sojourn 3” from Friendship and Invincible in Div 1., while in Div. 2 it was “Nell” from “Relentless”, “Laser 3” and “Matana”.

The main event, the Seawind Cup (Div. 3), started 5 minutes later.  “Tranquility” got the best start and reached to S1 first.  “Sas Sea” was hot on her heels, closely followed by “Shambala” and “Zephyrus”.

The 10- 15 knot SE made the leg to C2 (near Huskisson) a very pleasant reach.  In Div 1. “Sojourn 3” was holding her lead over “Friendship” and “Invincible” while in Div. 2 “Relentless” was now leading. “Nell”, “Laser 3” and “Matana” weren’t far behind.  Positions in the Seawind Cup fleet remained unchanged but a tight battle between Tranquility and Sas Sea was looming.

Another reach took the fleet over D3 just off Collingwood Beach.  “Sojourn 3” had stretched her lead in Div 1. but went to the wrong mark. This allowed “Friendship” to take the lead. Positions remained unchanged in Div 2. and 3.  From D3 Div. 2 headed straight H2 on the northern side of the bay while Div 1 and 3 took the longer route rounding F1 and F2 off Creswell on the way. Positions remained unchanged for all divisions on this section of the course.

By H2 “Sojourn 3” (non spinnaker) had regained some lost ground on “Friendship” (spinnaker) but had it all to do on the downwind legs home.  In Div 2. “Relentless” had stretched her lead and appeared very comfortable out in front.  In Div. 3 (Seawind Cup) things were about to get interesting.  “Tranquility” still held her lead but “Sas Sea” had a downwind advantage with a slightly bigger mainsail.

“Sas Sea’s” bigger mainsail proved to be the difference, allowing her to run down “Tranquility” and take line honours in the Seawind Cup – congratulation to John and Jenny Lawrence, and the crew aboard.  “Tranquility” was 2nd “Shambala” 3rd and “Zephyrus” 4th.  In Div. 2 “Relentless”, which seems to be going from strength to strength, crossed first followed by “Nell”, “Laser 3” and “Matana”. In Div 1. “Friendship” held off “Sojourn 3”, which finished ahead of “Invincible”.

On handicap “Tranquility” took out the Seawind Cup – congratulations to Al Leach and his crew.  “Sas Sea” and “Shambala” filled 2nd and 3rd respectively.  In Div. 2 “Relentless” and “Nell” got the bottles of wine while in Div. 1 it was “Invincible” and “Friendship”.

An evening party at the clubhouse followed the day on the water. Music and lots of home-prepared food made for a great occasion. 

The next race is part of the summer club championship and will be held on Sunday, January 29th.