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Final Race in Short Offshore Series

posted Mar 17, 2013, 8:04 PM by Mark Tobin

 Courtesy of Jo Lord:   The weather channel and websites were the most watched channels in our house this week wondering if the race was going to take place as the weather forecast changed from no wind to a 30 knot southerly.  Saturday morning dawned sunny with the ‘No Wind’ option and at briefing we were given a shortened course option just in case it died completely.


Trevor Canard, Kay, Bill Dicker and Peter Cowman were welcomed for their maiden start in Invincible. Peter and Jeannine Adams crossed to The Dark Side for the day and crewed on Quintessence and Ron and Eileen were relieved of their start duties and sailed with Tranquillity. 

Seven boats circled the start boat with Commodore Mark Tobin in charge of the flag sequence and starter hooter this week.


The race was straight out to the virtual mark between the lighthouse and Bowen Island and back to Callala with no other marks to round. By the time the hooter went off the wind had freshened to about 8 knots and all boats had a clean start.  Overture was off and lead the fleet across the Bay. My problem was that it took me most of trip to the lighthouse to figure out how to put the co ordinates into the navionics app on the ipad. I had done it once before so knew it could be done. I pushed every button in the Settings option without success, goggled Navionics Help, still with no success. Where’s a kid when you need one? Finally I worked it out only to find the mark was on land in the middle of booderee  national park.......I was starting to stress at this stage as we were still in the lead with the other boats following us and probably thinking we knew where we were going.  Mohawk was the leader  of the monohulls and they started to level with us and took a line towards the lighthouse and under the cliffs. Did he know something we didn't........lift off the cliffs maybe?


Looking back at the fleet it was a colourful sight with the two Navy boats flying spinnakers and others with their screachers. The fleet had to weave their way through the many fishing boats anchored around Longnose and the Bombora.  The Navy boat,  Friendship took a more direct route to The Mark but as they turned for home had a little trouble with their spinnaker, allowing the rest of the fleet to close in on them. overture was the next boat to head for home with Mohawk, Alexander, Tranquillity, Quintessence & invincible in hot pursuit.


On the homeward leg the wind freshened some, more to 14 knots at times with a little following swell. The monohulls were all tipping over (I think heeling is the correct terminology). We, Overture made the decision to keep our screecher up which meant we couldn't quite point as high as Tranquillity but as it turned out we both had to tack to get around the Callala reef and over the finish line.


Congratulations to Mohawk for taking line honours, about 3 hours after the start, and then followed closely by Friendship then Alexander, Overture was the first of the Cats, then Quintessence, Tranquillity, with Invincible bringing up the rear.  Winner on corrected time was Friendship for the monohulls and Overture for the Multies.


Well done to Overture and Tranquillity the only two boats to sail in all three offshore races this season.

Jo Lord