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posted Jan 16, 2012, 6:32 PM by Mark Tobin




Tony was probably the most valuable member of the JBCYC.  He was the Club Commodore for an extended period during the 1980s and in recent years the skipper for the Club boat and the starting official for yacht races.  He was a Life Member of the Club and will be very difficult to replace.


Our records show that Tony joined the Club in 1985 and became Commodore in 1986 for a five year period until 1991.  This was a time of growth for the Club with a solid committee including John Jordan, Col Kennedy, Jim Dallaway, Ken King and others.

During the 1980s Tony was sailing regularly with Bob Schubert on the Endeavour 26 Maski.

However it was during the 1990s that Tony became more interested in running the Club boat JB1 and organising yacht races.

JB1 was an 18’ motor launch with a tiny cabin which was very exposed to the elements and two years ago we began looking for a replacement.

Tony and I and Allan Leach travelled far and wide looking for a more comfortable motor launch at a reasonable price.  This included trips to Wisemans Ferry, Lake Macquarie and Sydney Harbour. 

A boat for sale at Woolwich provided an enjoyable outing on the Lane Cove River.  Tony and I were taken to the mooring by the salesman and climbed on board with the boat broker extolling its virtues.  We started the engine which sounded very powerful.  Tony stood at the helm with a satisfied smile and said “Peter its gotta have torque so we can tow yachts if necessary”.  He put it in gear and opened the throttle.  The boat leapt out of the blocks with the broker and I sprawled in the cockpit.  We snapped the rope to the broker’s boat who said “Hey go easy, its not a ski boat”.

After considering the boat we decided a Roberts 21 was the boat to buy but we could do better elsewhere.

This lead us to Brisbane Water and Pandora which the Club purchased in April last year.  Tony lavished plenty of love and attention on it and equipped it with every possible accessory.  Tony’s life was complete.

We are so sorry that Tony has now passed on but are pleased that he was finally able to enjoy the boat that he deserved.



                                                                                                        Peter Cowman

                                                                                                        28th October 2011