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Dinghy's at Callala Bay

posted Aug 13, 2011, 7:24 PM by Mark Tobin

If you leave a dinghy on the shores of Callala Bay take note.  Local groups have stirred up Council to take some action to clean up the foreshore area which includes the areas dinghies are stored.   Any dinghy regarded as abandoned will be removed permanently.  The clubs committee was notified almost as an afterthought and have contacted council to try and be involved in any decision making but work is already starting.  For some time now there have been complaints about dinghy’s being dumped at random around the beach area.  Unfortunately this includes club members who leave their dinghy’s without caring whether they block walkways, driveways or other access ways.  There is a proposal at the moment to place notices on boats requesting the removal of dinghies between certain dates, yet to be advised, so clean up work can take place.  Any not removed will be regarded as abandoned and will be removed by council.  We will try to keep you informed, in the meantime if your dinghy is one of the offending ones move it to a proper location where it won’t be a hindrance or cause obstruction.