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Cruising yachts take on strong winds in round 3 of the Spring Series

posted Oct 30, 2020, 4:14 AM by David Churchward

With the arrival of a southerly change, strong winds, rain, and a large swell, the Division 1 fleet of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club took to the waters of the bay to run the third round of their spring racing series. 

The Division 2 yachts decided not to race in conditions that may have been risky for the smaller vessels, leaving the 5 larger Division 1 yachts to tackle a 10.3 nautical mile course at the bays northern end.

With the southerly winds blowing at over 20 knots the race started with Trevor Kanaar in Invincible getting a good start at the eastern end of the very long start line. Invincible had the shortest run to the 1st race mark, leading the other yachts as they turned into the wind and headed south towards Callala Beach.

Tranquillity helmed by Peter Brown, followed Invincible around the 1st mark in 2ndplace. With their regular navigator away, a navigation error saw Tranquillity fall behind the rest of the fleet, as they headed to the wrong mark and lost a significant amount of time.

Out of the Blue, skippered by Paul Gooey, and the Navy entry Friendship with Brendon Blank helming, chased Invincible. Invincible struggling in the strong winds and heavy chop was passed by both yachts as they raced towards Callala Beach. Friendship slipped passed Out of the Blue and led as they turned and headed east towards Long Beach.

Tranquillity recovering from its earlier error came racing across the bay just passing Invincible as they turned and began chasing Out of the Blue. As the yachts turned at Long Beach and headed north, with the wind behind them, Tranquillity passed Out of the Blue and began chasing Friendship.

Friendships lead mid-way through the race was significant, and with its crew taking the challenging conditions in their stride could not be caught. Brendon Blank in Friendship crossed the finish line 1st in 1 hour 53 minutes, just under 3 minutes ahead of Peter Brown in Tranquillity. Paul Gooey in Out of the Blue crossed the line 3rd in just over 2 hours. Those positions stayed the same when handicaps were applied to the results. 

With the third race in the Spring Series for Division 1 run the lead is tied between Friendship and Tranquillity, both on 3 points. Out of the Blue is in 3rdplace with 6 points. Round 4 of the Spring Series will be sailed on Sunday 8thNovember.