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Close racing in an exciting Round the Bay (RTB) contest

posted Apr 10, 2017, 1:17 PM by Rick Early   [ updated Apr 10, 2017, 3:11 PM ]

The 5th RTB race for the season was held last Sunday 9th.  Conditions were mostly light which led to a close race, where the outright lead changed 4 times. “Sas Sea’s” last leg charge to snatch outright line honours was a highlight in Div. 1 and 3 while the continued dominance of “Relentless” and improvement of “Matana” was a feature in Div. 2.

The race got away in about 5 knots of breeze from the NNE.  The start line was congested with “Y Knot” (Div 1), “Relentless” (Div 2) and “Tranquility” (Div 3) appearing to have the best of it.  Unfortunately “Invincible” was forced above the line and had to restart.  

At the end of the leg to S1 (windward mark) “Friendship” had picked up a favourable shift to round the mark just ahead of “Y Knot”, while “Relentless” and “Tranquility” held their leads to take the bottle of wine in the other two divisions.

On the long leg down to H2 (off Long Point) “Y Knot” quickly got the jump on “Friendship” to establish a lead which it held all the way to the mark.  In Div. 2 it was still “Relenentless” from “Matana” and “Wotalife”.  In Div. 3 “Tranquility” started to consolidate her lead to have a comfortable margin over “Sas Sea” and “Overture” at H2. 

After rounding H2 the fleet crossed to the southern side of the bay. Div. 1 and 3 went to D3 mark off Creswell and then headed to C2 (off Myola) while Div 2. went straight to C2.  This was an exciting section for Div. 1 and 3., with “Tranquility” taking the outright lead; leaving “Y Knot”, “Friendship”, “Sas Sea” and “Overture” jostling for the next 4 positions.  In Div 2.“Relentless “held her lead but “Matana” had a good leg closing the gap somewhat.

From C2 it was a work back to the finish at Callala.  All Div.1 and 3 boats, except “Sas Sea”, chose to go in close to Calalla Beach, hoping to pick up favourable wind shifts. “Sas Sea” tacked early and stayed further out, chasing wind pressure.  Choosing pressure over shifts paid off with “Sas Sea” jumping three places to cross the line first, just ahead of “Friendship”.  In Div 2. “Relentless” held off “Matana” to take the honours

Final placings across the line were: “Friendship” from “Y Knot” and “Invincible” (Div 1);  “Relentless” from “Matana” and “Wotalife” (Div 2) and “Sas Sea” from “Tranquility” and “Overture” (Div.3).

On Handicap the honours went to “Y Knot” (Div. 1), “Relentless” (Div.2) and “Overture” (Div. 3).

The next event is the Special Race Day, which will be held on Saturday 22nd April.  There will be some novelty events, which promise to be a lot of fun.  All members are encouraged to participate.