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Celebration after Short Offshore Race

posted Feb 5, 2013, 3:16 AM by Mark Tobin

Eight boats took up the challenge for race 2 of the Short Offshore Series with Mick Linhart in Manly Too and Tony Byrnes in Mohawk anxious to show the sea worthiness of their new steeds.  Even the new Cat to join the multihull fleet, Peter & Janine Adams, Shambhala wanted to try their hand at a bit of offshore stuff.  A midday start with a finish scheduled for Hole in the Wall and the prospect of an overnight raft up saw one of the best offshore fleets for some time despite a couple of noted absences due to crew shortages and mechanical issues.   The set up and start by the Vice Commodore Shane Firkin in his tinny went off without a hitch and the fleet set sail for the offshore turning mark, a ‘virtual’ make fixed by Lat and Long about 2 nautical miles south east of Point Perpendicular.  Un-phased by the 2 metre swell the hardy crews ploughed into the sea with reports of more than one lunch being thrown overboard.  The windward work offshore sorted the fleet with navy’s Friendship pressing the leading boats of Mohawk and Manly Too ahead of Kevin & Jo Lords cat, Overture and Al Leach’s Tranquility in line astern.  A royal scrap was developing between Bill & Carmel on Leeuwin, the Adam’s on Shambhala and Sea Change the last group to round the offshore mark and run for home back into the bay to the finish line off Hole in the Wall on the southern end of the bay.  The Div 1 boats of Tony Byrnes, Friendship and Mick Linhart led the race home with the wind dropping out for Shambhala to sneak across the line ahead of Leeuwin & Sea Change to finish with the Navy’s Friendship taking the flag for the race.  Post race celebrations on the monohulls rafted together led into post dinner singing and dancing on the cats rafted together a short distance away.   It was very late or actually the early hours of the morning before the noise in the bay calmed and all finally settled in for the night in the calm waters off Hole in the Wall, Jervis Bay.