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A competitive double header in Sundays Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Summer Series races.

posted Feb 20, 2018, 2:25 AM by David Churchward   [ updated Feb 23, 2018, 8:44 PM ]

On Sunday 18th February with NNE winds building on a fine day the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club ran two rounds of the Tahmoor Rural Summer Series.

The day’s competition started with race 4 of the Summer Series and a fleet of 9 boats competed. The race got under way in gusty 12 knot winds with the 7 Division 1 yachts completing a 7.5 nautical mile course and the 2 smaller Division 2 yachts tackling a shorter 5.5 nautical mile circuit.

Mark Tobin, who’d previously campaigned Cougar with remarkable success in club events, entered his new yacht C'est la Vie. This was the first race for the Jeanneau 44i that will have to complete 3 races before receiving a handicap and figuring in the series results.

The race start was crowded and hectic as the two Navy entries, Friendship and Franklin, both charged for the starboard end of the start line. After a close call and touchy moment between the two boats, Franklin, to avoid a penalty, opted to complete a 720 degree turn. Friendship, C'est la Vie and Sojourn III seized this opportunity to slip past Franklin and the race for Division 1 was on in earnest.

Over the course of this short race, and with the winds building Franklin hauled past its rivals taking Division 1 line honours in 1 hour and 2 minutes. C'est la Vie crossed the finish line less than a minute behind Franklin with Sojourn III crossing a close third.

Once the handicaps were applied to Division 1 Franklin, skippered by Jim McDonald, retained its 1st place with the other Navy entry Friendship, skippered by Blue Timms 2nd, and Trevor Kenaar (Invincible) 3rd.

In Division 2 the rivalry between Paul Gooey (Matana) and Dennis Meredith (Wotalife) continued. While Matana got the best of the start Wotalife ran past them downwind heading South down the bay. As the boats turned West and started reaching across the bay in light winds Matana passed Wotalife and stayed ahead for the rest of the race.

Matana crossed the finish line in 1 hour 13 minutes, less than 20 seconds ahead of Wotalife. Once the handicap was applied, however, the positions were reversed with Dennis Meredith (Wotalife) winning the race in Division 2.

Race 2 in the clubs Summer Series was cancelled on January 14th, due to dangerous conditions. So, after Race 4 was completed, Race 2 of the series was run. While Race 2 would use the same course as Race 4, the winds had increased and were gusting well over 20 knots making this a very different race that would test both the crews and yachts.

In this race Franklin got off to a clean start in Division 1 and led the field as they turned and headed downwind. C'est la Vie and Sojourn III were chasing Franklin then Sojourn III had a Main Sheet jam and were passed by Friendship.

Franklin crossed the finish line in a time of 57 minutes, followed by C'est la Vie then Friendship. Once Handicaps were applied Jim McDonald (Franklin) retained 1st place with Blue Timms (Friendship) came 2nd and Rick Early (Sojourn III) was 3rd.

In Division 2 Dennis Meredith (Wotalife) took the lead at the start. With the moderate winds suiting the heavier 5 tonne Wotalife over the 3 tonne Matana, Wotalife held onto the lead crossing the finish line in 1 hour 9 minutes. Dennis also won the race on handicap.