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posted Oct 13, 2019, 3:11 AM by Pat Grogan

We have made some changes to the JBCYC to cleanup the main page. To achieve the we have added a Competitor Info page that contains all the information competitors should need. This includes the Race Results page.

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Racing Begins in Earnest for Spring Series

posted Sep 30, 2019, 11:47 PM by David Churchward   [ updated Oct 2, 2019, 6:41 PM ]

Racing begins in earnest for Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Spring Series

On Sunday 29thSeptember a race fleet of 12 yachts took to the waters of Jervis Bay for Race 1 of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Mountain Ridge Wines Spring Series. 

The race fleet was welcomed two new yachts, Steve Simpson’s After Midnight (a Binks B30) and Chris Robinson’s Off Line (a Northshore 33). Both vessels racing in Division 1 and completing the 1stof the 3 races they need, in order to get a handicap, and score points in the race series.

The fine sunny day, with variable 10 knot winds, made for ideal sailing conditions. The Division 1 entries tackled a challenging 12.5 nautical mile course at the bays northern end. The Division 2 yachts took on a slightly shorter, 11.6 nautical mile, version of the same course. The 5 smaller Division 2 yachts started first with 7 the larger Division 1 boats starting 5 minutes behind. 

The Navy’s entry, Friendship, skippered by Brendon Blank led Division 1 from the start, being chased intently by Rod Chittendon in Elements and Trevor Kanaar in Invincible. Out of The Blue, skippered by Paul Gooey, and Tranquillity, with Alan Leach at the helm, followed closely behind Invincible. 

The yachts were close as they ran their spinnakers, crossing to the West of the bay; but as they turned back North East, heading into the wind, Friendship began to haul away. Then with the winds shifting, in the race’s final legs, Invincible was able to pull away from Out of the Blue and Tranquillity.

Friendship was the 1stDivision 1 yacht to cross the finish line in 2 hours 15 minutes with Elements just over a minute and a half behind and Invincible close behind. Once handicaps were applied, however, Trevor Kanaar (Invincible) took 1st place, Rod Chittendon (Elements) 2ndand Paul Gooey (Out of the Blue) 3rd.

With the gentle winds from ENE the Division 2 yachts got off to a close start with Summer of 69, helmed Phil Guy, leading the class to the 1stmark. Then Pat Grogan’s Sirocco passed Summer of 69 as they raced south down the bays Eastern edge. 

Division 2 then became a race between Summer of 69 and Sirocco. Summer of 69 chased Sirocco, both yachts flying their spinnakers as they ran West across the bay. Sirocco stayed just ahead as they turned North East and crossed the bay again. Summer of 69 eventually got passed as they sailed South onto a tight elliptical section of the course.  

Further back and the heavier Relentless, skippered by Trevor Smith and Denis Meredith’s Wotalife; continued their rivalry from last season vying for the advantage in handicap placings.

As the yachts approached the southern end of the course, they were hit with sudden wind shifts from NE to SE then back to NE again. Some of the skippers had to put in extra tacks as they rounded the congested southern race mark. All yachts were able to get around safely, with some very close racing and the skippers needing to think on their feet.

Summer of 69 was the 1stDivision 2 yacht to cross the finish line in 2 hours 35 minutes, just under 3 minutes ahead of ahead of Sirocco. Once handicaps were applied the positions were reversed with 1stplace went to Pat Grogan (Sirocco), 2ndto Phil Guy (Summer of 69) and 3rdplace to Denis Meredith (Wotalife).  

Following the race, the crews gathered at the clubhouse for a BBQ and presentation of Mountain Ridge wine to the winners. 

Season Opening Race

posted Sep 30, 2019, 5:57 PM by JBCYC Commodore

After a winter break the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht club kicked of its Spring Series on 22ndSeptember with a fun special race. The results wouldn’t count towards any of the club championships; but it gave the skippers, and their crews, a chance to shakedown their boats after the 4-month winter break.

The race saw 7 yachts compete in 2 divisions, with the starts staggered allowing the slower yachts to get away first. Both divisions raced around the same 7.5 Nautical Mile course at the northern end of Jervis Bay. And while they started in light 10 to 12 knot SE winds, the breeze soon picked up gusting over 15 knots. 

Relentless, skippered by Trevor Smith, in division 2 was the 1styacht to start. Pat Grogan’s yacht Sirocco started 5 minutes later and caught Relentless at the first mark. The division 1 yacht Invincible, helmed by Trevor Kanaar, starting another 9 minutes further back closed quickly on the leading boats, passing them both and leading the fleet.

As the fleet raced across the NE of the bay Tranquillity, skippered by Alan Leach, ran close to the shore making ground on the leading boats. 

The Navy entry, Friendship, was on Tranquility’s stern tussling as they ran across to Callala Beach. As Tranquillity turned to head back up the bay, they were obliged to allow Relentless buoy room and Friendship slipped past. Tranquillity passed Friendship again as they headed across the bay and started closing in on Sirocco.

The staggered start made for a close finish. Invincible having a dream run crossed the line first, 5 minutes ahead of Sirocco. Sirocco finished less than 30 seconds ahead of Tranquillity with Friendship close behind. 

Once handicaps were applied to the results the division 1 winners were; Trevor Kanaar (Invincible) 1stwith Alan Leach (Tranquillity)2ndand Rod Targa (Friendship) 3rd. In division 2 Steve Lee (Y-knot) came 1stwith Pat Grogan (Sirocco) 2ndand Phil Guy (Summer of 69)3rd.

The race was followed by a convivial BBQ and presentations wine to the winners. Then the Skippers stayed on for an annual briefing, updating them on the racing rules and the club’s safety requirements.

JBCYC Cleanup Day

posted Sep 6, 2019, 11:56 PM by David Churchward

Many thanks to those who braved the westerly winds for the club cleanup day. The area around the dinghies on the foreshore north of Sheaffe St was cleared of long grass and the clubhouse has been left spic and span. All ready now for the Season Opening Race on Sunday 22nd September.

JBCYC 2019/2020 Season Start

posted Aug 20, 2019, 4:16 AM by David Churchward

With just 19 days to go, the start of the JBCYC season is almost upon us. A large contingent of our members are already brushing up on their sailing skills at Hamilton Island International Race Week. It is great to see so many of our members involved in sailing activities outside of our club. 

Our season kicks off on Sun 27 September with the opening season race and skipper briefing. A great opportunity to get the boat and crew working well, as well as be briefed on essential information on the operation of the club and conduct of races for the current season. Prior to this we have a clubhouse and foreshore cleanup organised for Saturday 7 September. There will be free BBQ for all the hard workers. 

Racing Rules Evening

posted Aug 20, 2019, 4:14 AM by David Churchward

To assist members to stay up to date with the latest racing rules an ‘Australian Sailing Racing Rules Evening’ has been organised for Saturday 19th October. This will be presented by Steve Hatch who is a sailing international judge, umpire and rules advisor. It will be held at the Club Callala function room at 7:00pm. Join us all for dinner at the club at 6:00 to make it a great evening. the cost for the training session will be $20 per person (+ dinner costs if you join us for dinner). RSVP by 4 October to

JBCYC Merchandise

posted Aug 20, 2019, 4:08 AM by David Churchward

Once again the club is offering a range of JBCYC branded merchandise with new items for this year including a long sleeve lightweight fishing style shirt and a full brimmed ‘surf style’ hat. All rugby tops and polo shirts are available in both male and female fitting styles. If you are organising team clothing for your boat please consider using JBCYC merchandising and adding your boat’s custom logo. There is provision for this on the order form. Further information and an order form will be available shortly on the 'Cub Merchandise' Page. 

Competitive Double Header wraps up JBCYC Season

posted May 30, 2019, 3:35 AM by David Churchward

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club concluded their annual season with two short races on Jervis Bay last Sunday 19th May. In light and variable winds, a race fleet of 14 yachts took to the waters at the bays northern end.

The day saw the running of round five of the Callala Cellars Autumn Series. Following that race the postponed round 5 of the Tahmoor Rural Round the Bay Series was also run.

With very light winds, between 3 to 7 knots, for the start of Race 5 the six Division 1 yachts tackled a short 5.7 nautical mile course at the northern end of Jervis Bay. A larger fleet of eight smaller Division 2 vessels took on a slightly shorter 4.5 nautical mile circuit

In Division 1 Mark Tobin’s C’est La Vie beat the rest of the fleet around the first mark being chased by the Navy’s entry Franklin, skippered by Brendon Blank. Franklin passed C’est La Vie as they headed towards Callala Beach; but C’est La Vie got ahead again as they turned East and raced across the bay. C’est La Vie held its lead crossing the finish line in a time of 2 hours 16 minutes, just over a minute ahead of Franklin.

Once handicaps were applied to the race results the order changed significantly with Trevor Kanaar, Invincible, taking 1stplace Paul Gooey, Out of the Blue, 2ndand Mark Tobin, C’est La Vie, being pushed back to 3rd.

In Division 2 the small Y-Knot, skippered by Steve Lee revelled in the light conditions. Sporting a new set of sails, he beat the other yachts in the division to the 1stmark then continued to stretch his lead. Y-Knot crossed the line first in a time of 2 hours and 6 minutes, 20 minutes ahead of Phil Guy in Summer of 69 who crossed 2nd.

Steve Lee, Y-Knot, hung onto 1stafter handicaps were allocated with Denis Meredith, Wotalife, 2nd& John Anderson, Laser 3, 3rd.

After a brief break the club started the second race for the day. It was round 5 of the Round the Bay Series, which had been postponed 2 weeks earlier. The race was also the fourth round of the clubs Autumn Series. While the wind had picked up to a stead 7 to 10 knots from the NE, a very short course was set. The Division 1 yachts raced along a 4.5 nautical mile circuit with Division 2 tackling a 4 nautical mile course. This made for fast and close races in both divisions.

In Division 1 C’est La Vie put their spinnaker up at the start and led the division to the 1stmark. They stayed ahead being chased closely by Franklin. At the final mark, as C’est La Vie turned and raised their spinnaker again, but it got tangled into a wine glass. As the crew struggled with their spinnaker Franking passed them crossing the line 1stin Division 1 in a time of 35 minutes. C’est La Vie followed Franklin across the line less than a minute behind.

The close race meant that in some cases once handicaps were applied the yachts were only separated by seconds. Trevor Kanaar, Invincible, took 1stplace with Paul Gooey, Out of The Blue, 2ndand Sojourn 3 in 3rd.

In Division 2 Y-Knot got a great start again, and beat the other boats to the 1stmark. Y-Knot led the entire race crossing the line 1stin a time of 26 minutes, just over 2 minutes ahead of Summer of 69 crossing 2nd.

After applying handicaps Pat Grogan, Sirocco, came 1stwith Trevor Smith, Relentless, 2ndand Brian Horley, Reflections 3rd. Again, the handicap times were very close with only seconds separating most of the boats. 

The days racing saw the conclusion of the JBCYC Tahmoor Rural Round the Bay Series, with Trevor Kanaar in Invincible winning the series in Division 1 and Trevor Smith in Relentless winning Division 2. The JBCYC Callala Cellars Autumn Race Series also wrapped up with Trevor Kanaar winning Division 1 and Steve Lee in Y-Knot winning Division 2.

The days racing was followed by a BBQ with the winners presented with bottles of Crooked River Wines from the sponsors of the JBCYC Club Championship. 

Autumn 4 race rescheduled to 19 May

posted May 10, 2019, 4:42 AM by David Churchward

Due to adverse weather conditions on the 5th May, the Autumn 4 Series race (& Round the Bay 5) has been rescheduled to 19th May. This means that there will be 2 races run on 19th May - The Autumn 4 (RTB 5) and the Autumn 5 series races. They will both be shorter races to accommodate holding 2 races on the same day. As these will be the last races for the season there will be hamburgers on sale for the usual club BBQ. 

Batemans Bay Cruise and Race

posted Apr 24, 2019, 3:37 AM by David Churchward

The Easter long weekend saw several of our yachts cruise to Batemans and join the Batemans Bay Sailing Club for their ‘Bay Cup’ race on the Saturday. ‘Tranquility’, ‘Out of the Blue’, and ‘Element’ set out at 4:00 am Friday morning and soon found themselves sailing into southerly winds and choppy seas. The winds settled at midday which provided reasonable motoring conditions for the rest of the 12-13 hour trip. 


Saturday saw bright weather with a prediction of a 10 – 15 knot NE for the pentastar course within the confines of the Bay. Eight Division 1 and one Division 2 yachts set sail around the course with boats frequently passing close to each other due to the pentastar course and frequent duelling between the Batemans Bay and the JBCYC yachts. With handicaps applied ‘Out of the Blue’ came in second, ‘Tranquility’fourth, and ‘Element’ eighth. A great day on the water was capped off by a dinner at JJ’s restaurant at the marina.


The three JBCYC yachts set out for the return journey on Sunday morning at 8:30am into a fresh NNE breeze which again provided challenging sailing conditions. All 3 yachts pulled into Ulladulla Harbour to overnight and continued their sail back to Jervis Bay on the Monday.


Many thanks to Batemans Bay Sailing Club for hosting the event. It was a fantastic weekend and both clubs are looking forward to future combined events.

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