Cat Classic

posted Jan 19, 2020, 6:09 AM by David Churchward

The JBCYC Cat Classic (formerly Seawind Cup) will be held on Saturday 25 January 2020. The Cat Classic will be run in conjunction with our normal Summer Summer series race 3, with a 10 minute later start for the cat classic. The race will be followed by a social event including race results, BBQ, and music. This is planned to be held at Long Beach so that those who wish to overnight on their yachts can do so in a beautiful location, however the final location may need to be changed if the weather is not suitable on the day. Sequence of events for the day:

9:30am    Briefing at the Callala Bay Clubhouse
11:00am  Race start for JBCYC Summer series race 3
11:10am  Race start for Cat Classic
5:00pm   Social event at Long Beach or other suitable location - results for Cat Classic and JBCYC Summer series race 3, BYO BBQ, music, overnight on your yacht

The BBQ will be a BYO food and drink affair. JBCYC will provide a BBQ hot plate so you can cook your own food. Bring your own drinks and chairs. 

This promises to be a great event and the weather at this stage is looking good.

Summer Series Race 2 - 12th January - Postponed

posted Jan 8, 2020, 4:59 PM by David Churchward

Due to the large number of skippers who indicated they would not be sailing due to the elevated fire risk the race scheduled for Sunday 12th January will be postponed. Local fires have impacted many people in the Shoalhaven and many skippers and crew are rightly prioritising the safety of lives and property ahead of sailing. We will advise all members as soon as we have a new date for the race. 

In the meantime take care and stay safe in the conditions forecast for this weekend.

Ladies and Forward Hands take the helm in the JBCYC Christmas Race Day

posted Dec 19, 2019, 11:37 PM by David Churchward

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club held their special Christmas Race Day on Saturday 13th December. In a fine day, with a bit of smoke haze and variable winds forecast, 11 yachts turned up for the last races of 2019. 

The first race of the day was the clubs annual Ladies Race, where a female crew member takes the helm. The yachts raced around a short course in the north eastern end of Jervis Bay, starting in light NE winds. Michelle Bills, the winner of last year’s race, helmed Wotalife; and with that boat carrying the biggest handicap, starting 7 minutes ahead of the next vessel. 

The starting times for the fleet were staggered over 31 minutes and Michelle in Wotalife was able to maintain her lead over the rest of the fleet until the wind dropped away just off Long Beach. One by one the race fleet found themselves becalmed, bunching up at the southern end of the course, waiting for the wind to change.

When the SE winds started blowing Barb King helming Tranquillity, the winner of the 2017 Ladies Race, was able to pass the rest of the fleet. Barb then stretched her lead winning in a time of 2 hours 12 minutes, nearly 6 minutes ahead of Joan Gooey (Out of the Blue) in 2nd and Christine Cave (Friendship) a further 40 seconds back in 3rd.

The days next race was for Forward Hands, who instead of their usual role manhandling sheets and sails took to the helm of the yachts for the race. They followed the same short course as the earlier Ladies Race; however, the winds had picked up and began blowing at over 10 knots from the SE. 

The handicaps were unchanged from the previous race, and with only 8 yachts competing in the days second race Wotalife helmed by Glen Pead started 14 minutes ahead of the next boat. Wotalife’s lead was short lived as Kevin Lord in Summer of 69 was able to sail much closer to the wind and hauled past as they sailed into the brisk SE wind. Tranquillity, helmed by Peter Brown, would also pass Wotalife just off Long Beach and the race became a contest between Summer of 89 and Tranquillity.

Summer of 69 a light mono hull yacht was faster than the catamaran, Tranquillity, sailing into the wind; but with the wind behind them Tranquillity with its large sail area had the advantage. Both yachts went into the final leg running down wind with Kevin Lord in Summer of 69 just ahead. Then Peter Brown in Tranquillity passed Summer of 69 winning in a time of 2 hours and 1 minute, less than a minute and a half. Chris Jones in Out of the Blue came third.

As well as the racing there were prizes for, the best Christmas costumes by a crew member won by Bill Dicker and Roslyn Christie, and best decorated boat won by Kevin Lord’s Summer of 69.

Following the race, the skippers and crews retired to the club house for, the presentation to the winners, and the JBCYC annual Christmas party.

Glen Pead (Media Officer)

JBCYC Summer Series kicks off with brisk winds and close competition.

posted Dec 11, 2019, 3:58 PM by David Churchward

The first race of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club Huskisson Hotel Summer Series was run on Sunday 8th December. A fleet of 13 boats took to the bay in moderate North East winds. The race was also the seasons second round in the clubs Tahmoor Rural Round the Bay Series.

With the winds blowing from NE at just over 10 knots, the 7 larger Division yachts crowded the Northern end of the start line as they began racing along a 13.5 nautical mile course. Tranquillity, helmed by Alan Leach, took the lead early. The Navy entry Friendship, skippered by Glenn Armstrong, hauled past Tranquillity as they sailed into the wind and beat the rest of the fleet to the 1st mark. 

As the boats raced towards Huskisson Tranquillity was able to take the lead again. Tranquillity then stretched its lead as they crossed the bay towards Longnose Point.

Further back in the field Paul Gooey in Out of the Blue was able to pass John Lawrence’s Sas Sea as they neared Longnose Point. Sas Sea then got back ahead of Out of the Blue just after they passed Honeymoon Bay.

Alan Leach (Tranquillity) crossed the finish line 1st in 2 hours and 2 minutes, just under 5 minutes ahead of Rick Early (Sojourn 3) who incurred a 5-minute penalty. Once handicaps were applied Alan Leach retained 1st place with Paul Gooey (Out of the Blue) 2nd and John Lawrence (Sas Sea) 3rd.

In Division 2 the fleet of 6 yachts took on a slightly shorter 12 nautical mile course. At the start Pru Harper skippering Sirocco raced away from the rest of the fleet, rounding the 1st mark in the lead, being chased by Peter Cowman’s yacht Double time. 

After being left in last place at the start, John Anderson in Laser 3 was able to make the most of his lighter boat’s performance in 10 to 12 knot winds. As the fleet headed South towards Huskisson Laser 3 passed all the fleet except Sirocco. Then as the fleet raced East across the bay the winds strengthened, favouring the larger yachts. Double Time, helmed by Peter Cowman, repassed Laser 3 just before they reached Longnose Point. Then as Laser 3 approached the Northern end of the bay, Phil Guy in Summer of 69 got passed.

Pru Harper (Sirocco) crossed the finish line 1st in Division 2 in 2 hours 11 minutes followed by Peter Cowman (Double Time) 9 minutes later. Once the Handicaps were applied Pru Harper kept 1st place, Denis Meredith (Wotalife) took 2nd and Trevor Smith (Relentless) came 3rd.

After the race the club held a BBQ and the days winners were presented with Crooked River Wines, the sponsor of the Club Championship. The clubs next event will be their special Christmas race day on Saturday 14th December.

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club has been operating continuously since 1970. It provides fun social atmosphere with competitive racing and welcomes new members.

Close competition in light winds as the JBCYC Spring Series wraps up

posted Nov 27, 2019, 1:36 AM by David Churchward

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club ran the final race of its Mountain Ridge Wines Spring Racing Series on Saturday 23rd of November. With a series win up for grabs in both divisions a fleet of 15 yachts headed out to race in light conditions with a forecast wind shift from S to NE during the early afternoon.

The 8 larger yachts in Division 1 tackled a lengthy 13.1 nautical mile course; stretching from Callala bay to Longnose Point, to Callala Beach, then towards Green Point and back to Callala Bay. 

The Division 1 yachts crowded the Western end of the start line in light Southerly winds of less than 7 knots. Rick Early in Sojourn 3 had to give way to other yachts, missed the start line, and then having to complete a 360 degree turn to follow the rest of the fleet though the line. Alan Leach in Tranquillity got away in the lead early, but Sojourn 3 began hauling past the other yachts and chasing him. Sojourn 3 passed Tranquillity just as they approached the 1st turning mark and headed East across the bay.

Rob Chittendon in Element chased Sojourn 3 making up some ground, flying his spinnaker, as the yachts ran from Longnose Pont towards Callala Beach. With the wind shifting to NE and gusting over 10 knots, Element got even closer as they raced back across the bay towards Green Point. Then the yachts turned towards the finish line, with the wind behind them the larger Sojourn 3 was able to pull away, crossing the line 1st in 3 hours 32 minutes. Element crossed 2nd less than 4 minutes behind Sojourn 3.

Rod Chittendon’s (Element) efforts payed off, when handicaps were applied, and he was awarded 1st place. Rick Early (Sojourn 3) came 2nd and Paul Gooey’s (Out of the Blue) consistency was rewarded with 3rd.

The 7 smaller yachts racing in Division 2 tackled a slightly shorter 11.3 nautical mile course. From the start Steve Lee in Y-Knot took advantage of his vessels light weight and superior performance in light winds and beat the rest of the division to the 1st mark. 

Peter Cowman, skippering Double Time, was close behind Y-Knot and Brian Horley’s Reflections chased the two leaders. The rest of Division 2 struggled with an easing headwind as they tried to get around the 1st mark. 

In the light winds, the heavier keel boat, Double Time was able to hold its own with the smaller trailable yachts keeping in touch with Y-Knott and staying ahead of Reflections. Pat Grogan skippering Sirocco, recovering from a poor start, was able to pass several Division 1 boats making up ground on the Division 2 leaders.

Steve Lee (Y-Knott) crossed the finish line in Division 2 1st in 2 hours 54 minutes, 28 minutes ahead of Peter Cowman (Double Time) 2nd, with Brian Horley (Reflections) 3rd a further 6 minutes behind and Pat Grogan (Sirocco) nearly 9 minutes behind Reflections in 4th. Once handicaps were applied those positions remained the same. 

Spring Series winner in Division 1 was Paul Gooey in Out of the Blue, beating Rod Chittendon in Element by 1 point. In Division 2 Peter Cowman in Double Time won the series by 4 points ahead of Pat Grogan in Sirocco who came 2nd

After the race the winners were presented with Mountain Ridge Wines and the club held its annual fundraiser for Volunteer Marine Rescue. The clubs next race is on Sunday December 8th and it is the opening round of the Summer Series.

Glen Pead (Media Officer)

Competition hots up in Round 4 of the JBCYC Spring Series

posted Nov 21, 2019, 10:39 PM by David Churchward

On Sunday November 10th a fleet of 16 yachts enjoyed the brisk winds and sunshine, as they competed in the 4th round of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Mountain Ridge Wines Spring Series. With winds blowing from the SW at 10 knots early in the race then shifting to SE and over 15 knots the racing was close in both divisions. 

The 9 smaller yachts racing in Division 2 started first, tackling a 10 nautical mile course. After a close start Peter Cowman in Double Time led Y-Knot skippered by Steve Lee and John Anderson in Laser 3, as they raced into the SW wind towards the 1st mark. Y-Knot passed Double time and rounded the mark in the lead. Pat Grogan in Sirocco began catching the leading yachts passing Laser 3 and Double Time as they headed towards Callala Beach. Sirocco was able to pass Y-Knot as they raced East across the bay towards Long Beach. Sirocco then stretched its lead, but a navigational error in the later stages of the race pushed him back to 5th.

The classic wooden sloop Osprey helmed by Alfi Dalaway made a welcome return to the clubs’ races. It was the oldest yacht in the fleet and the only timber entry. In previous decades it was campaigned by Alfi’s father (Peter Dalaway) and grandfather (Jim Dalaway) both of whom have been previous Commodores of the club.

In a close finish the 5 leading yachts crossed the finish line within 5 minutes. Steve Lee in Y-Knot crossing 1st in 2 hours and 17 minutes, less than a minute and a half ahead of John Anderson in Laser 3. Once handicaps were applied Steve Lee moved down the order significantly to 7th with John Anderson (Laser 3) taking 1stplace, Peter Cowman (Double Time) 2nd and Pat Grogan (Sirocco) 3rd.

The larger Division 1 yachts raced along a 12 nautical mile   course. Starting after the Division 2 yachts, Rod Chittenden in Element got the best start and beat the rest of the division to the 1st mark. Sojourn 3, skippered by Rick Early, was able to haul past them shortly after, and stayed in the lead for the rest of the race, crossing the finish line 1st in 2 hours and 9 minutes.

Element was chased by the Navy entry Friendship, helmed by Rod Targa, both flying their spinnakers as they headed towards the finish line. In a final manoeuvre both yachts had to drop their spinnakers and turn into the wind to cross the finish line. A flawless execution by the crew of Friendship put them ahead crossing 2nd in 2 hours 19 minutes, less than 20 seconds in front of Element.

Once the Division 1 results were adjusted to consider the vessels handicaps Rick Early (Sojourn 3), retained 1st place with Rod Chittenden (Element) moving up to 2nd and Steve Simpson (After Midnight) 3rd

With only one more race to run in the JBCYC Mountain Ridge Wines Spring Series the competition in both divisions is very close. Paul Gooey in Out of the Blue is leading Division 1 on 8 points, with both Trevor Kanaar (Invincible) and Alan Leach (Tranquillity)just one point behind him. Peter Cowman (Double Time) leads Division 2 just 3 points clear of Pat Grogan (Sirocco. The series results, in both divisions, will be decided in the 5th and final round on Saturday 23rdNovember.

Commodore's Fundraiser for Jervis Bay Marine Rescue

posted Nov 8, 2019, 5:20 AM by David Churchward

Saturday 23 November will be the annual Commodore’s Fundraiser, which this year will take the form of a Wine Tasting. Five premium wines from Mountain Ridge Wines will be available for tasting: an Organic Cabernet Sauvignon, a Chardonnay Arneis blend, a Pinot Gris, a Shiraz, and a Macadamia Liqueur. Following the tasting JBCYC labelled Mountain Ridge bottles of wine will be available for sale, with $10 from the sale of each bottle being donated to Jervis Bay Marine Rescue. Wines for sale will be the Organic Cabernet Sauvignon and the Chardonnay Arneis blend. 

The Commodore’s Fundraiser and Wine Tasting will commence at 6:00pm at the Callala Bay Clubhouse following the Spring Series Race 5. The day’s schedule will be:

  9:30am  Race Briefing in the vicinity of the Callala Bay Clubhouse
11:00am  Spring Series 5 Race
  6:00pm  Race Results
  6:15pm  Wine Tasting with entertaining presentation by Mountain Ridge Wines
  7:00pm  ‘Bring a Plate to Share’ catering. Wine will be sold by the glass and bottle. There will be a 20% discount if bought by the case. 

Remember this will be a self catered event so bring a plate of food to share. For your own added comfort bring your own camping chair.

Come along, enjoy the fun, and get into the spirit of helping to raise funds for our local Marine Rescue who provide an essential service for our area. 

Stay tuned for further information. Prices for the wines are currently being finalised and will be available shortly.

Skippers gamble on shifting winds in Round 3 of the JBCYC Spring Series

posted Nov 8, 2019, 5:08 AM by David Churchward   [ updated Nov 8, 2019, 5:09 AM ]

On Sunday 27th October the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club ran the 3rd round of its Mountain Ridge Wines Spring Series. 14 yachts turned up to compete on a clear Spring day with the winds forecast to shift and strengthen. 

The 9 larger Division 1 yachts raced along a 11.6 nautical mile course, and the 5 smaller Division 2 boats took on 9.9 nautical mile circuit. 

The race started in light SE winds, blowing 10 knots. In Division 1 the Navy entry, Friendship, skippered by Wayne Prior got the best start and led the division into the SE winds to the 1st mark. Then the fleet split, with Friendship heading South down the bay followed by Rick Early’s boat Sojourn 3. Alan Leach in Tranquillity, followed by John Lawrence in Sas Sea, tacked and headed to the bays eastern shore taking a gamble on an early shift in the winds to NE. 

When the NE winds hit the eastern edge of the bay first, Tranquillity had clear run to the next mark, near Long Beach, while Friendship was caught having to work back into the wind to round the mark. 

Tranquillity took the lead in the division, ahead of John Lawrence’s Sas Sea and Rick Early’s Sojourn 3, as they flew their spinnakers and ran across the bay to Callala Beach. When they turned and headed North, going back up the bay, Sojourn 3 was able to pass Sas Sea but couldn’t catch Tranquillity.

Tranquillity stayed ahead crossing the finish line 1st in Division 1 in 2 hours 32 minutes, 8 minutes ahead of Sojourn 3. Once handicaps were applied Alan Leach (Tranquillity)held onto 1st place, but 2nd place went to Steve Simpson (After Midnight) and John Lawrence (Sas Sea) came 3rd.  

In Division 2 Steve Lee in Y-knot got away at the start leading the field into the wind; being chased by Pat Grogan in Sirocco and Peter Cowman’s entry Double Time. Y-knot beat the others to the 1st mark then pulled away in the light conditions as they raced down Jervis Bay into the wind. 

The winds shifted to the East as the yachts turned near Long Beach and ran West across Jervis Bay. Y-knot and Sirocco both hoisted their spinnakers, Double Time kept in touch with the leaders even though they didn’t fly a spinnaker. 

When fleet rounded the mark near Callala Beach the winds had shifted to the NE and strengthened to over 15 knots. Sailing into the wind Sirocco was able to make up ground on Y-knot and Double Time began catching both vessels.

Y-knot crossed the finish line 1st in 2 hours 33 minutes with Sirocco just over 12 minutes behind and Double Time another 2 minutes further back. When handicaps were applied Peter Cowman (Double Time) took 1st place with Denis Meredith (Wotalife)2nd and Pat Grogan (Sirocco) 3rd

A BBQ and presentation of Mountain Ridge wine to the winners followed the race. Then guests from Volunteer Marine Rescue and Roads and Maritime Services gave a valuable information session on boating safety. 

Glen Pead (Media Officer)

Yachts challenged by light winds as the JBCYC Round the Bay Series kicks off

posted Oct 20, 2019, 10:50 PM by David Churchward

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club held the 1st race in this seasons Tahmoor Rural Round the Bay Series on Sunday 13th October. The race also counted as round 2 of the Mountain Ridge Wines Spring Series. Undeterred by the forecast light winds, a fleet of 14 yachts took to a course circling the Northern section of Jervis Bay.

With the showers from the previous few days clearing to bright sunshine there was a light 6 knot South to South West wind, and a 1.5-meter Southerly swell rolling through the bay, when the racing commenced. The fleet was split into two divisions with 7 larger Division 1 yachts tackling a 12.3 nautical mile course, and the smaller Division 2 vessels taking on 7.5 nautical mile circuit. 

The Division 2 boats started first with Steve Lee in Y-knot, an Elliot 5.9, making the most of the light conditions. After leading the field around the 1stmark he continued to pull away as he headed down the bay. Pat Grogan in Sirocco and Peter Cowman in Double Time followed closely behind Y-knot.

As the yachts turned East and headed across the bay Double Time challenged Sirocco for second place, eventually passing 100 meters before turning and going down wind. With the wind behind them Sirocco flew their spinnaker, and with the extra speed ran back past Double time.

The winds varied, swinging to the ENE then back to SE again. At times it gusted up over 10 knots, then dropped away again.

Y-knot continued to stretch its lead crossing the finish line 1st in 2 hours and 8 minutes; 15 minutes ahead of Sirocco, which crossed less than 5 minutes ahead of Double Time. Once the handicaps were applied the results changed significantly with Peter Cowman (Double Time) 1st, Trevor Smith (Relentless) 2nd and Pat Grogan (Sirocco) 3rd.

In Division 1 Out of the Blue, skippered by Paul Gooey got the best start, beating the others to the 1st mark. The Navy entry, Friendship, skippered by Rod Targa chased Out of the Blue as they raced South. When Out of the Blue had to tack, to clear a reef marker, Friendship got passed into the lead. 

As the boats approached Huskisson, Friendship and Out of the Blue tacked early heading East across the bay ahead of the other Division 1 boats. As the rest of the Division 1 fleet headed South, they were caught in light winds. With the bulk of the fleet making very slow progress the Division 1 course was shortened. 

Friendship was the 1st Division 1 yacht to cross the finish line in 2 hours 54 minutes, 20 minutes ahead of Out of the Blue crossing second. After the application of handicaps Paul Gooey (Out of the Blue) took 1st place with Rod Targa (Friendship) 2nd and Trevor Kanaar (Invincible)3rd

Glen Pead (Media Officer)

Race Results Have Moved

posted Oct 13, 2019, 3:11 AM by Pat Grogan

We have made some changes to the JBCYC to cleanup the main page. To achieve the we have added a Competitor Info page that contains all the information competitors should need. This includes the Race Results page.

Pat Grogan
web admin

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