Summer Season Gets Underway with Challenging Gusty Westerly

posted Dec 3, 2018, 6:12 PM by David Churchward

Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club opened their Summer Season with a Round the Bay Race

On Sunday 2ndDecember the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Callala First National Summer Series kicked off. With a westerly wind strengthening only a small fleet of six yachts braved the challenging conditions. The race was the first in the Tahmoor Rural Round the Bay Series, with 3 larger yachts starting in Division 1 and 3 smaller yachts in Division 2. 

The fleet raced clockwise around Jervis Bay. The larger Division 1 yachts competing over a 15 nautical mile course and the smaller Division 2 yachts tackling a slightly shorter 13 nautical mile circuit.

Just before the start the NE winds eased with a strong and gusty westerly wind kicking in, blowing a shroud of dust across the bay. With winds between 20 to 25 knots, a couple of yachts elected not to start, with some others franticly reefing their sails and preparing for some difficult conditions. 

The catamaran Tranquillity, skippered by Alan Leach, beat the other Division 1 yachts to the first mark and held its lead for the rest of the race. Out of The Blue skippered by Paul Gooey, in second place, led Invincible with Trevor Kanaar at the helm as they raced south down the bay. Invincible passed Out of the Blue near Honeymoon Bay; and as they turned crossing the bay into the strong westerly winds Out of the Blue found that they could not reef in their jib. They were left carrying too much sail making the yacht difficult to control in the strong winds. 

In Division 2 Sirocco skippered by Pat Grogan, in its first race with the club, got the best start in the division and headed the other yachts to the first mark. As the smaller yachts raced south, the winds strengthened, with gusts reported well over 25 knots. Relentless, skippered by Trevor Smith, was the first yacht to retire with gear failure. Sirocco pulled out soon after, as the conditions became more difficult for the smaller yachts, leaving only Elements as the remaining competitor in Division 2.    

The trip west across the bay was a challenge, even for the larger yachts. With confused seas throwing large waves at them from different directions and bullets of very strong wind gusts from the west, the crews and yachts were tested. Eventually as the fleet ran up the western end of the bay a SW wind kicked in. The SW wind was still strong, but more consistent and the remaining yachts in the fleet were able to run with it back to Callala Bay. 

The catamaran Tranquillity was the first yacht across the line in 2 hours 14 minutes, 30 minutes ahead of Invincible, the first of the mono hull yachts to finish. Once handicaps were applied Alan Leach, Tranquillity, maintained its lead finishing 1stwith Trevor Kanaar, Invincible, 2ndand Paul Gooey, Out of the Blue 3rd.

In Division 2 Rod Chittenden, Elements, crossed the line in 2 hours 47 minutes, 1stand was the only finisher in Division 2. 

Following the race, the competitors retired to the club house for a BBQ and the winners were presented with their prizes of Crooked River Wines; who have recently come on board as the sponsors of the annual Club Championship.

The clubs next race is Saturday, 15thDecember. It’s the clubs Christmas race meeting and a festive event. There will be a Ladies Race and a Forward Hands Race as well as an award for the best decorated yacht.

2019 Seawind Cup

posted Nov 29, 2018, 10:11 AM by Pat Grogan   [ updated Dec 16, 2018, 4:23 PM by David Churchward ]

The annual JBCYC Seawind Cup will be held on Saturday 26th January 2019. The sailing instructions are now available for participants.

See sailing instructions on 'forms' page in the racing section. 

Close Racing in Final of Spring Series

posted Nov 21, 2018, 7:22 PM by David Churchward

On Saturday the 17thof November the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club held the final race of the Spring Series thanks to our sponsor, the Huskisson Hotel.The warmer weather resulted in a few more boats from the fleet coming out of the woodwork. Unfortunately not all the boats were destined to make it to the start line.John Anderson sustained an injury whilst assembling the rigging on his Hunter 19 and was unable to start.Trevor Kanaar fells victim to some gremlins whilst getting off his mooring and was also unable to make the start.


Rick Early rejoined the fleet after the annual layup in Kiama for his Bavaria 44, Sojourn III. While Peter Dunn aboard his Seawind 1000XL, Lukim Yu, made his first appearance for the year.


Rod Chittendon aboard his Nasrm 920, Element, having completed his 2 races is now eligible for points in the series. Whilst not a contender in the current series, it is clear the Element is going to be a boat to keep up with for the Division 2 competitors.


Paul Gooey aboard Out of The Blue, another Bavaria this time a 39, is also eligible for points in Division 1


Even with these 2 non starters this was the biggest fleet JBCYC had for the season. 5 boats in Division 1 and 4 boats in Division 2.


The conditions for the start and most of the race were 15-20 knots of wind from the South on a medium swell. A lot different to the last 2 events; this was welcomed by the smaller yachts in the fleet.


Rick Early set a course with a bit of everything. The fleet would start in Callala Bay, head up to the top of Hare Bay, across towards Beecroft Penninsula, back over toward Husskisson and finally back to Hare Bay and Callala Bay.


In Division 1 Rick Early and Soujurn III took the early lead and lead to the finish. John Lawrence aboard Sas Sea got the jump on Alan Leach aboard Tranquility. Heading down to Beecroft Penninsula Tranquility caught Sas Sea and this was how the first 3 boats in Division 1 would finish.

Peter aboard Lukim Yu came home next followed by Paul on Out of the Blue.


In Division 1 on performance handicap Lukim Lu took out first place, Out of the Blue in Second and Sas Sea took 3rd.


In Division 2 the close racing in the season had left 3 boats in contention for the series winner. With Elements eligible for points and in good form it was clearly going to be very tight.


Y-Knot got and excellent start and lead from start to finish thanks to a slightly risky Spinnaker run from Callala Beach all  the way to the top of Hare Bay. However, Relentless was not going to be out done and kept in close contact with Y-Knot for most of the race.All the Division 2 boats remained close with only 11 minutes between first and last. The dark horse Element managed to come from behind and pass all but Y-Knot by the finish.The final finishing positions were Y-Knot first across the line followed by Elements, Relentless and finally Double Time.


On performance handicap Y-Knot made it a clean sweep taking 1st, Double Time 2nd, Relentless 3rdand Elements 4th.


Being the last race of the series the much awaited final results were revealed by Club Commodore David Churchward.In Division 1 there were not too many surprises. As predicted Alan Leach aboard Tranquility took out 1st on 16 points. Invincible, despite being unable to start the final race, took out 2nd on 23 points while Sas Sea took out 3rdon 28 points. 


Division 2 was much closer and as predicted anything could happen and it did.All 3 boats Relentless, Y-Knot and Double Time ended up on 7 points. In the first round count back Y-Knot got knocked out. It took 2 further count backs to reveal that Relentless had taken out Division 2.


The spring series has resulted in some great racing with close results. Special thanks to Paul Gooey, our club handicapper, sometimes a thankless task for working with other club members to tweak the handicap system that resulted in such a tight contest.


Following the days racing the annual Commodore’s Cocktail Party was held at the clubhouse. This event was held to raise money towards new antennas for Jervis Bay Marine Rescue. Alex Ross from Jervis Bay Marine Rescue attended.A charity auction and other fund raising activities were held and raised $1000 to go towards the new antenna’s.


Special thanks to the club sponsors; Crooked River Wines, Mountain Ridge Wines and Revolution Sails who all donated items for the charity auction.Thanks to the club members who also donated items for the auction.


As per usual it was a great social event going on late into the night. Thanks to Pauline and all those who helped organise the event.

Commodore's Cocktail Part and Fundraiser

posted Nov 8, 2018, 3:40 AM by David Churchward

Saturday 17 November will be our annual Commodore’s Cocktail Party and Fundraiser Auction. Come along, enjoy the fun, and get into the spirit of helping to raise funds for our local Marine Rescue who provide an essential service for our area. The Spring Series Race 5 will be held at the normal time on that day, then the Cocktail Party/Fund Raiser will commence later in the afternoon at 5:30pm. The Cocktail Party will be a 'Bring a Plate to Share’ as well as a BYOG and BYOChair affair. Cocktails will be available for a $5 donation towards the fundraiser. Please let us know if you have any items suitable to contribute to the auction, otherwise bring your hard earned money and be prepared to bid extravagantly high for a good cause.

JBCYC Crews Battle Tough Conditions

posted Nov 8, 2018, 3:33 AM by David Churchward

Last Sunday, November 4, saw a fleet of seven boats compete in race 2 and race 4 of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club Spring Series, sponsored by The Huskisson Hotel.

The predicted weather conditions on Jervis Bay once again reduced the number of boats participating. Unlike the previous round the forecast became reality and the smaller boats in the fleet battled what could be best described as trying conditions to complete the courses.

The first race for the day, a re-run of race 2 of the Spring Series, saw the full seven yachts start and finish. In division 1 the SeaWind catamaran Sas Sea once again joined the fleet after a couple of months of absence, bolstering division 1 to 3 boats.

Sas Sea and Tranquility took the lead early and took off into the distance to lead the entire race. The heavy conditions favoured the multi-hulls. Invincible, with Trevor Kanaar at the helm, battled the conditions with the rest of the mono-hulls.

Tranquility, with Alan Leach at the helm, followed up recently winning the SeaWind Cup in Sydney to be first to the windward mark S1 as well as taking line honours. On performance handicap Sas Sea took 1st place, Tranquility 2nd and in Invincible took out 3rd.

Relentless led division 2 to windward mark S1 with Y-Knot close on their heels. The racing within division 2 resulted in several lead changes and some really close racing. Y-Knot suffered under the heavy conditions rounding up twice due to some of the heavy gusts.

Relentless went on the to take line honours in division 2, Y-Knot coming across the line 2nd, Elements taking 3rd and Double Time coming in 4th.

On performance handicap Double Time took 1st, Relentless 2nd and Y-Knot 3rd. Elements does not currently have a performance handicap so was not eligible for points.

The weather conditions for race 4 of the Spring Series got somewhat worse. The winds strengthened and the chop on the bay increased. The bay started to resemble a washing machine.

In division 1 Sas Sea had to withdraw due to damage. Tranquility did not get a great start but Allan demonstrated how to manoeuvre a very large boat through a fleet of much smaller boats with ease. Tranquility managed to overtake Invincible and held the lead for the rest of the race. Invincible performed much better than the rest of the mono-hulls and actually managed to pull some time of Tranquility to the end of the race.

Tranquility took both line honours and the performance handicap win with Invincible coming second.

Division 2 saw some dramas and excitement. Unfortunately Double Time suffered a small onboard electrical fire, which was contained very quickly, and had to withdraw. Elements was a non-starter due to other commitments of crew.

Y-Knot really suffered with the heavier conditions; at one stage the mast hit the water during one of the big blows. Being onboard I can tell you it was like riding a bucking bull at times. Despite this the racing was once again very close between Relentless and Y-Knot.

Relentless took out line and performance handicap honours with Y-Knot coming second.

The last race in the Spring Series is scheduled for the 17th of November. It looks as if Tranquility has division 1 won already but Division 2 could be taken out by any of the boats.

Short Course for Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club Spring Series Race 3

posted Nov 3, 2018, 4:56 PM by David Churchward

Despite earlier predictions from all the popular weather sites of high winds and unpleasant conditions, a fleet of 6 boats experienced excellent sailing conditions on Jervis Bay last Sunday 21stOctober. This was the 3rdrace for the Spring Series and was sponsored by the Huskisson Pub.


A short course starting in Callala Bay took the yachts down close to Callala Beach then across to Long Beach. Winds were consistent between 15 and 20 knots providing close sailing across the 2 divisions.


In Division 1 the Navy boat Friendship returned with Blue Timms at the helm. Invincible took up the task to see if Friendship could be beaten this season. Paul Gooey aboard his new boat “Out of the Blue” was also competing in Division 1, but is not yet eligible for points. Navy took the lead from the start and took out both line honours and performance handicap honours. Invincible came in second across the line and on performance handicap. Next race “Out of the Blue” will be eligible for points.


In division 2 we welcomed back “Double Time” with Peter Cowman at the helm. Regulars Y-Knot with Steve Lee at the helm and Relentless with Trevor Smith at the helm looked to continue their battle for Division 2 honours. Y-Knot took the start with Relentless and “Double Time” close behind. Positions remained unchanged during the race. Y-Knot took line honours and 2ndon performance handicap. Relentless was second across the line and 3rdon performance handicap. “Double Time” came over the top of all comers in division 2 on performance handicaps to take first.


The club welcomed back Ron and Eileen on the JBCYC start boat after a long absence.


Following the race the club members assembled at the clubhouse for a focus on Safety presentation by JB Marine Rescue and club members. This is a regular part of the club calendar that provides an opportunity for club members to keep up with the latest in safety and rules related to sailing and boating in general.

Spring 2 (RTB 1) race postponed to 4 Nov

posted Oct 8, 2018, 6:16 AM by David Churchward

Due to higher than expected winds experienced at the start of last Sunday's race the decision was made to postpone the race. It has been rescheduled to 4 November 2018. There will be 2 shorter races conducted on that day - the scheduled Spring 4 race followed by the rescheduled Spring 2 race. The RTB 1 race which was to be run concurrently with the Spring 2 race will run concurrently with another yet to be determined scheduled race. 

New yachts battle old campaigners in the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Spring Series Round 1

posted Sep 25, 2018, 3:10 AM by David Churchward

Sunday 23rdsaw the first race of Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Huskisson Hotel Spring Series. The fleet of six yachts saw a couple new yachts, having their first race with the club, going head to head with some of the club’s stalwarts.

Paul Gooey, who successfully campaigned ‘Matana’ in Division 2 last season, had his new yacht ‘Out of the Blue’ entered in Division 1. This was his first race in the Bavaria 39, and while his yacht would no doubt need some fine tuning, he went head to head with Alan Leach in his tried and tested catamaran ‘Tranquillity’.

In Division 2 Rod Chittenden entered his yacht ‘Elements’ in its first race with the club. Among the yachts he was up against was Steve Lee’s ‘Y-Knot’, who after taking a break last season was back campaigning in Division 2. 

The race started in choppy 10 to 12 knot SW winds that were forecast to increase and turn to the south as the day progressed. 

The Division 1 yachts raced along a 13 nautical mile course, at the eastern side of Jervis Bay, sailing South to Longnose point before turning and running North up the bay with the wind behind them. The smaller Division 2 yachts, tackled a slightly smaller 10.7 nautical mile course, turning at Honeymoon Bay.

The small ‘Y-Knot’ got the best start, leading the fleet to the first mark. As the yachts raced into the wind ‘Tranquillity’ and ‘Elements’ worked on hauling in ‘Y-knot’. ‘Elements’ passed ‘Y-knot’ as the boats were nearing Honeymoon Bay, taking the lead in Division 2, and was never headed.

In Division 1 Alan Leach helmed his catamaran, ‘Tranquilly’, to an early lead over Paul Gooey in ‘Out of the Blue’. ‘Tranquillity’ continued to stretch its lead as the race progressed and the winds picked up. Some skippers were reporting gusts of up to 18 knots at the southern end of the bay.  

The first yacht across the finish line was ‘Elements’, in Division 2, crossing in 2 hours 15 minutes; just under 5 minutes ahead of ‘Y-Knot’. ‘Elements’, however, being in its first race with the club did not have a handicap yet. Once handicaps were applied Steve Lee, ‘Y-knot’ won Division 2 with Trevor Smith, ‘Relentless’, 2nd. Clearly ‘Elements’ will be a very competitive yacht in Division 2.

In Division 1 Alan Leach, ‘Tranquillity’, finished in 2 hours 23 minutes; well ahead of Paul Gooey, ‘Out of the Blue’. ‘Out of the Blue’ can be expected to be much more competitive as the season unfolds and Paul spends more time tweaking his new yacht.

The Season Opens

posted Sep 17, 2018, 9:54 PM by David Churchward

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club kicked of their race season on Sunday the 16thSeptember with a small fleet braving bitterly cold Southerly winds. While there were no prizes on offer and the results didn’t count towards any of the club’s race series; it was a chance for skippers to dust their vessels and ready them for the competitive season after the winter break. 

A small fleet of five yachts started the race in a bracing 10 to 15 knot Southerly. Two large yachts competed in Division 1 and 3 smaller vessels raced in Division 2. Both Divisions covered the same 6.7 nautical mile course around the North-Eastern end of Jervis Bay.

In Division 1 the rivalries from last season continued as the Navy entry, Franklin, helmed by Rod Targa and Tranquillity skippered by Alan Leach duelled at the start line. Franklin got the best of the start, forcing Tranquillity to tack early, and lead into the wind racing down the bay. The lead then changed repeatedly, with the catamaran Tranquillity considerably faster with the wind behind them, but the monohull Franklin faster into the wind.

In a close finish in Division 1 Alan Leach, Tranquillity, crossed the line 1stin 1 hour 23 minutes, less than a minute ahead of Rod Targa, who skippered the Navy’s entry Franklin into 2ndplace. After handicaps were applied, Tranquillity held onto it’s lead winning the division.

In Division 2 Trevor Smith had Relentless back in the water after months of repairs. Relentless led from the start finishing in 1 hour 44 minutes and winning on handicap. Brian Horley in his new yacht, Reflections, a Magnum 8.5 in its first outing, crossed the line second 13 minutes behind Relentless. Dennis Meredith, Wotalife, finished another 15 minutes after Reflections but took 2ndplace once handicaps were applied. 

Next Sunday, 23 September, the first race of the clubs Spring Series takes place. 

Foreshore & Clubhouse Clean Up Day

posted Sep 10, 2018, 7:46 AM by David Churchward

Many thanks to the more than 25 volunteers from the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club and the Callala Junior Sailing School who gave their time last Sunday. The club house was scrubbed and organised, long grass along the foreshore and around the dinghies was trimmed, and some foreshore rubbish was removed. The clubhouse and surrounds are now spic and span and ready for the commencement of the sailing season for both clubs. After the cleaning a BBQ was enjoyed by all.

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