Spring 2 (RTB 1) race postponed to 4 Nov

posted Oct 8, 2018, 6:16 AM by David Churchward

Due to higher than expected winds experienced at the start of last Sunday's race the decision was made to postpone the race. It has been rescheduled to 4 November 2018. There will be 2 shorter races conducted on that day - the scheduled Spring 4 race followed by the rescheduled Spring 2 race. The RTB 1 race which was to be run concurrently with the Spring 2 race will run concurrently with another yet to be determined scheduled race. 

New yachts battle old campaigners in the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Spring Series Round 1

posted Sep 25, 2018, 3:10 AM by David Churchward

Sunday 23rdsaw the first race of Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Huskisson Hotel Spring Series. The fleet of six yachts saw a couple new yachts, having their first race with the club, going head to head with some of the club’s stalwarts.

Paul Gooey, who successfully campaigned ‘Matana’ in Division 2 last season, had his new yacht ‘Out of the Blue’ entered in Division 1. This was his first race in the Bavaria 39, and while his yacht would no doubt need some fine tuning, he went head to head with Alan Leach in his tried and tested catamaran ‘Tranquillity’.

In Division 2 Rod Chittenden entered his yacht ‘Elements’ in its first race with the club. Among the yachts he was up against was Steve Lee’s ‘Y-Knot’, who after taking a break last season was back campaigning in Division 2. 

The race started in choppy 10 to 12 knot SW winds that were forecast to increase and turn to the south as the day progressed. 

The Division 1 yachts raced along a 13 nautical mile course, at the eastern side of Jervis Bay, sailing South to Longnose point before turning and running North up the bay with the wind behind them. The smaller Division 2 yachts, tackled a slightly smaller 10.7 nautical mile course, turning at Honeymoon Bay.

The small ‘Y-Knot’ got the best start, leading the fleet to the first mark. As the yachts raced into the wind ‘Tranquillity’ and ‘Elements’ worked on hauling in ‘Y-knot’. ‘Elements’ passed ‘Y-knot’ as the boats were nearing Honeymoon Bay, taking the lead in Division 2, and was never headed.

In Division 1 Alan Leach helmed his catamaran, ‘Tranquilly’, to an early lead over Paul Gooey in ‘Out of the Blue’. ‘Tranquillity’ continued to stretch its lead as the race progressed and the winds picked up. Some skippers were reporting gusts of up to 18 knots at the southern end of the bay.  

The first yacht across the finish line was ‘Elements’, in Division 2, crossing in 2 hours 15 minutes; just under 5 minutes ahead of ‘Y-Knot’. ‘Elements’, however, being in its first race with the club did not have a handicap yet. Once handicaps were applied Steve Lee, ‘Y-knot’ won Division 2 with Trevor Smith, ‘Relentless’, 2nd. Clearly ‘Elements’ will be a very competitive yacht in Division 2.

In Division 1 Alan Leach, ‘Tranquillity’, finished in 2 hours 23 minutes; well ahead of Paul Gooey, ‘Out of the Blue’. ‘Out of the Blue’ can be expected to be much more competitive as the season unfolds and Paul spends more time tweaking his new yacht.

The Season Opens

posted Sep 17, 2018, 9:54 PM by David Churchward

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club kicked of their race season on Sunday the 16thSeptember with a small fleet braving bitterly cold Southerly winds. While there were no prizes on offer and the results didn’t count towards any of the club’s race series; it was a chance for skippers to dust their vessels and ready them for the competitive season after the winter break. 

A small fleet of five yachts started the race in a bracing 10 to 15 knot Southerly. Two large yachts competed in Division 1 and 3 smaller vessels raced in Division 2. Both Divisions covered the same 6.7 nautical mile course around the North-Eastern end of Jervis Bay.

In Division 1 the rivalries from last season continued as the Navy entry, Franklin, helmed by Rod Targa and Tranquillity skippered by Alan Leach duelled at the start line. Franklin got the best of the start, forcing Tranquillity to tack early, and lead into the wind racing down the bay. The lead then changed repeatedly, with the catamaran Tranquillity considerably faster with the wind behind them, but the monohull Franklin faster into the wind.

In a close finish in Division 1 Alan Leach, Tranquillity, crossed the line 1stin 1 hour 23 minutes, less than a minute ahead of Rod Targa, who skippered the Navy’s entry Franklin into 2ndplace. After handicaps were applied, Tranquillity held onto it’s lead winning the division.

In Division 2 Trevor Smith had Relentless back in the water after months of repairs. Relentless led from the start finishing in 1 hour 44 minutes and winning on handicap. Brian Horley in his new yacht, Reflections, a Magnum 8.5 in its first outing, crossed the line second 13 minutes behind Relentless. Dennis Meredith, Wotalife, finished another 15 minutes after Reflections but took 2ndplace once handicaps were applied. 

Next Sunday, 23 September, the first race of the clubs Spring Series takes place. 

Foreshore & Clubhouse Clean Up Day

posted Sep 10, 2018, 7:46 AM by David Churchward

Many thanks to the more than 25 volunteers from the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club and the Callala Junior Sailing School who gave their time last Sunday. The club house was scrubbed and organised, long grass along the foreshore and around the dinghies was trimmed, and some foreshore rubbish was removed. The clubhouse and surrounds are now spic and span and ready for the commencement of the sailing season for both clubs. After the cleaning a BBQ was enjoyed by all.

JBCYC shines at Hamilton Island race week.

posted Aug 31, 2018, 4:59 AM by David Churchward

JBCYC was represented by C’est la Vie (Mark and Karen Tobin) and Manly Too (Mick and Polly Linhart) in this year’s Hamilton Island race week.  The series was held last week (Aug 16th-27th).  Other club members also represented JBCYC as crew. On C’est la Vie it was Steve Simposn, Danii Hearne, and Rick and Collette Early. On Manly Too it was Paul Gooey, Jim Leahy and John Stanisort. Both yachts and their crew were great ambassadors for the club and performed well. C’est la Vie was a standout winning Division 5 overall in her first outing at this regatta. Manly Too won race 6 in the highly competitive Division 2 and finished a credible 10th overall. 


Conditions at race week were close to ideal. The clear blue sunny skies each day and a mix of light, moderate and strong wind conditions. The results from individual races and series are shown below


Handicap results for C’est la vie and Manly Too

Race No.

C’est la vie

Manly Too






















Fleet size




The Prix d’Elegance was held before the start of the race 4. This is an opportunity to dress up boats and crew and compete for a best – presented and best-themed prize.  C’est la Vie went for a French theme with red, white and blue sail bags stacked on the deck and crew sporting, blue striped tee shirts, black berets, red scarfs and black moustaches.  Manly Too’s crew were all dressed in very smart and nautical looking tee-shirts with pale blue stripes. Both outfits looked great but missed out on the prize.


The week concluded with the presentation night where Mark and Karen collected their trophy. Entertainment for the night was a band called “Furnace and the Fundamentals”, which everyone agreed was one of the best they had ever heard.  The evening topped off a great week.


A Final Farewell from the Secretary

posted Jul 4, 2018, 4:12 AM by David Churchward

Gwen and I arrived in Nowra in mid 1986 which was a return to my home town after leaving 25 years earlier to go to boarding school. From school I attended the University of Sydney and then joined the Soil Conservation Service with postings around country New South Wales. 

I had kept in reasonably close contact with my family and friends in Nowra and knew of the establishment of the JBCYC in 1970. I enjoyed occasional sailing with the Dallaway family on “Osprey” during the early 1970’s. 

In 1986, the number of vessels moored at Callala Bay and in Currambene Creek was substantially less than the current numbers. I purchased an old Roberts 24 yacht “Bintani” in partnership with my friend Bruce McLaughlin and participated in Club races from 1987 onwards. 

In 1987, the Commodore was Tony Lewis who held that position for five years. I was Vice Commodore in 1987 which was a steep learning experience. We had a handicapper at that stage so I was able to share decisions with the Sailing Committee. The next year, I became Club Secretary which was a position I felt more comfortable with. During the 1980’s, the Committee had monthly meetings at the old White Ensign Club in Bridge Road, Nowra. Many members had an affiliation with the Navy so that worked well. 

In 1990, I sold “Bintani” and purchased “La Paloma”, a Clansman 30 which was a fine yacht and a big step up for me. However, the early 1990s coincided with children being born and resulted in the yacht being sold due to family commitments. I stayed as Secretary until 1993 and then left the Committee for seven years. 

The Club struggled during the 1990’s with the emergence of the JBSC which offered a keelboat division. There was also a lack of leadership in our Club and some headstrong members which resulted in disagreements and arguments. 

In 1999, Peter Dallaway returned to Nowra after many years overseas and shortly afterwards, Tony Byrnes discovered sailing. They brought fresh enthusiasm to the Club and joined the Committee. 

In 1999, I became Club Commodore and was determined to set the Club back on track to success. I stayed as Commodore for six years ably assisted by a good Committee. During these years, I wrote and distributed 60 newsletters to members at the rate of eight per year. In 2005, I stepped down as Commodore in favour of Peter Dallaway and again commenced the supporting role of Secretary. 

Peter was Commodore for two years followed by Tony Byrnes for three years. The Club had turned itself around with many new members, more yachts and more social occasions. 

I have now been Secretary for six Commodores; Tony Lewis, Peter Dallaway, Tony Byrnes, Mark Tobin, Shane Firkin and David Churchward. They were all dedicated, worked hard and were successful in their leadership of the Club. They were all different which is not a bad thing as they each brought something new to the role. 

Most of the Committee from last year is staying on and I think now is the right time for me to step back from the leadership group in the Club and let someone else take on the role. 

I intend to stay in the Club and have my yacht “Double Time” ready for next season. 

Peter Cowman

Sad News ...

posted Jun 24, 2018, 11:27 PM by David Churchward

We were sad to hear of the recent passing away of Dave Bennett. Dave was a long time JBCYC member and and sailed his Jarken 925 'Sapphire Dancer' in the club for many years. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and the local community.  

Peter Robinson is also known to many club members and is current owner of the Seawind 1000 'Overture'. After suffering a recent stroke he is now making a good recovery. We wish him all the best as he continues to 'get back on his feet'.

JBCYC Autumn Series decided by seconds.

posted Jun 23, 2018, 2:45 AM by David Churchward

Saturday 19thMay saw a tight finish with the running of the fifth and final race in the the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club’s, Callala Cellars, Autumn Series. 

Seven yachts began the race, with four entries in Division 1 and three in Division 2. With Tranquillity skippered by Kevin Lord and Invincible skippered by Trevor Kanaar, tied in the lead of Division 1, this race would decide the series. 

In Division 2 Matana, skippered by Paul Gooey, had a considerable lead over the other entrants in the series, but after being sold, this would be the yachts final race with the club.

The race began in light 7 knot NW winds with Tranquillity making the most of the start, beating the fleet to the 1stmark. Invincible followed closely behind in a duel that would continue for the entire race. Matana led the Division 2 yachts past the 1stmark as they headed South down the Bay.

The winds began to ease and Wotalife, skippered by Denis Meredith and Jeanie skippered by Murray Ruff; both in Division 2 began to struggle in the light conditions. Matana had left the other two Division 2 entries behind and was running closely with the Navy’s larger Division 1 entries, Franklin skippered by Rod Targa and Friendship skippered by Blue Timms.

The winds began to turn, to the SW then due South, and dropped to less than 5 knots. As the fleets progress slowed the race was shortened, with the yachts turning at Honeymoon Bay and heading North back up to Callala Bay.

The duel between Tranquillity and Invincible continued, with Tranquillity leading, but Invincible fighting to peg them back. Tranquilly was getting the best of the light winds and Invincible flew their spinnaker to make the most of the light Southerly. When the stronger, 10 knot, NE wind finally kicked in Invincible was sailing headlong into the wind and quickly had to drop their spinnaker.

Invincible couldn’t catch Tranquillity, with Tranquillity crossing the line 1stin 3 hours 39 minutes, nearly 9 minutes ahead of Invincible. The race and series win in Division 1 would come down to the relative handicaps, and once they were applied Tranquillity won by a close 33 seconds.


In Division 2 Wotalife and Jeanie, making little progress in the light winds, withdrew. Matana crossed the finish line in 4 hours 4 minutes, winning the race in Division 2 and taking a clear win in the Autumn Series.

Light Southerlies test the fleet in Round 4 of Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Autumn Series

posted May 19, 2018, 7:49 PM by David Churchward

On Sunday 6ththe Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club ran the fourth round of Callala Cellars Autumn Race Series. A fine day with calm seas and light winds tested the heavier mono hull yachts over a course that took in the North Eastern end of Jervis Bay.

A fleet of 7 yachts began the race, with 4 larger yachts in Division 1 tackling a 12.5 nautical mile course, and the 3 smaller Division 2 Yachts taking on a slightly shorter 10.5 nautical mile course. 

The race began in light SSW winds, just over 5 knots, with the Navy entry Franklin skippered by Rod Targa beating the other Division 1 yachts as they headed into the wind to the 1stmark. The yachts then turned to the South East reaching across the bay and hauling South down it’s Eastern shore. 

The catamaran Tranquillity, skippered by Alan Leach, squeezed past Franklin as they sailed into the wind. Franklin then had to try and fight off Invincible, skippered Trevor Kanaar, who eventually passed the Navy entry. 

During the afternoon the winds shifted to the S then SE, but still remained light, making for a slow run back to Callala Bay for the fleet.

Tranquillity was the first of the Division 1 yachts to cross the finish line in 3 hours and 20 minutes, beating Invincible back by just under 6 minutes. But the Division 1 win went to Invincible once handicaps were applied with Tranquillity 2ndand Peter Robinson in Overture, coming 3rd.

In Division 2 the light conditions were perfect for John Anderson in Laser 3. His yacht at 6.8 meters is the smallest in the fleet and led division 2 from the start, racing around the course in 2 hours and 50 minutes. John finished just over 12 minutes ahead of his closest rival, Paul Gooey in the much larger, 8.5 meter, Matana. Once Handicaps were applied, however, the positions were reversed with Paul Gooey 1st, John Andersons 2ndand Denis Meredith skippering Wotalife 3rd.

Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs fleet chase light winds in the season’s final Round the Bay Race

posted Apr 24, 2018, 2:46 AM by David Churchward

On Sunday 22ndthe Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club ran the fifth and final round of the Innovation Composites Round the Bay Race series. The days forecast was for light and variable winds, so the yachts raced around a short clockwise course at the Northern end of Jervis Bay.

Eight boats took to the water, with five larger yachts in Division 1 and the three remaining smaller yachts in Division 2. The race also counted as race three in the Callala Cellars Autumn Series.

The very light, Southerly, 3 to 5 knot winds made for a very slow race start. With yachts crowding the Southern end of the start line. Sojourn 3, skippered by Rick Early, missed line and had to circle around for a second attempt to start the race.

Perrfect, a Rogers Catamaran skippered by Ray Perry in its first race with the club, got off to a great start beating the rest of the fleet to the 1stwindward mark. Laser 3, skippered by John Lawrence, a smaller Division 2 mono hull rounded the mark closely behind Perrfect.

As the yachts headed South, into the wind, Sojourn 3 was able to recover from it’s troubled start passing the other yachts and taking the lead in Division 1. John Anderson in Laser 3, the smallest and lightest yacht in the field was able to stay in the lead in Division 2.

In the light conditions the skippers were scouring the bay, searching for patches of wind that might help push their boats along. Sojourn 3 coupled some good luck with the wind, and a fair measure of masterful sailing, was able to keep stretching its lead.

The winds picked up to 7 to 10 knots and shifted to the East at 12:30pm as the yachts completed the races final leg, returning to Callala Bay.

Sojourn 3 was the 1stboat to cross the finish line in 2 hours and 11 minutes. Once handicaps were applied, Rick Early, Sojourn 3, held onto 1stplace with Rod Targa in the Navy’s entry, Franklin, 2ndand Alan Leach, Tranquillity, in 3rd.

In Division 2 John Anderson, Laser 3, crossed the finish line 1stin 2 hours 15 minutes. However, the application of handicaps saw Paul Gooey, Matana, take 1stwith John 2ndand Denis Meredith, Wotalife, 3rd.

The winner of the 2018 Innovation Composites Round The Bay series was determined by the aggregate of the skippers best four results from the five race series. The consistency of Alan Leach in Tranquillity’s was rewarded with him winning Division 1 ahead of the Navy’s Franklin in 2nd. In Division 2 Paul Gooey, in Matana, with 3 first places won ahead of Denis Meredith, in Wotalife.

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