Afloat Magazine Article - "Don’t step on the brightwork"

posted Feb 3, 2021, 4:27 PM by Pat Grogan   [ updated Feb 4, 2021, 9:48 AM ]

In response to an article about Hugh Treharne in the November Afloat magazine , our resident JBCYC Historian, Peter Cowman, submitted and had published the following article in the Afloat magazine. Keep an eye out for it.

Hugh Treharne is certainly a man to admire. I had the good fortune to sail with him on two occasions and learnt much to confirm that he is a fine person and sailor.

In the mid 1990’s, Hugh began charter sailing adventures on his yacht, Bright Morning Star, a 51ft sloop he had built himself. Hugh was advertising coastal and ocean sailing voyages for paying crew and I signed on for one of the early trips; Southport to Middleton Reef to Lord Howe Island. On board was Hugh as owner/skipper; Bob Holmes as mate/cook; Hugh’s son and about six paying crew. 

We departed Southport early one morning with reefed sails and a 20kt southerly which stayed with us the entire trip. After 50 hours on starboard tack, we arrived at Middleton Reef and anchored in calm water just outside the reef. We spent the day swimming and fishing (until the sharks became too aggressive) and appreciating the lonely isolated seascape with the somber wreck of the Runic nearby.

At nightfall, we set sail south passing Elizabeth Reef in the night. Next day we slowly raised Lord Howe Island in the distance, but the light faded as we got closer. I was on the helm as we sailed towards the dark mass of the island with only one or two lights visible. 

Hugh, who had been watching the depth sounder and GPS at the chart table downstairs, came up on deck and studied the scene for a few minutes. It was very difficult to gauge distance in the blackness and we were sailing quite fast. (No chartplotter on that boat). Eventually, Hugh broke the silence: “Peter, you’ve got your foot on the varnish”. Well, what a relief, we don’t need the life jackets. “Oh yes, sorry Hugh”. 

Hugh passed on his sailing knowledge in coastal and ocean yachting to many sailors of varying ability, all of whom would have benefited from his skills and generous nature. The Complete Sailor; an accurate description. 

Peter Cowman
Nowra Ph: 
0419 XXX XXX 

Large race fleet turn out for running of JBCYC Cat Classic

posted Jan 31, 2021, 5:50 PM by David Churchward

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club ran the Cat Classic, on Sunday 24th January. The race was round 3 of the Round the Bay Series as well as round 3 of the Mountain Ridge Wines Summer Series and round 8 of the JBCYC Club Championships.

Two yachts from the Batemans Bay sailing club, Accolade skippered Lachlan Brown and Tony Suttons Moonmist, made the trip north for the race. New JBCYC club member, Roger Uebe also entered his trimaran Free Spirit. All up a fleet of 21 yachts turned out for the race on a clear and very warm summer day with strong winds forecast.

Six catamarans in the race fleet were also competing in the annual Cat Classic. The Cat Classic is one of the years feature races where the winning catamaran gets a place on the perpetual trophy. 

The larger Division 1 yachts, including the catamarans, tackled a 17 nautical mile course racing clockwise around Jervis Bay. The smaller Division 2 yachts took on a shortened version of the course that was 15.3 nautical miles.

Division 2 started first in light 10 knot winds. The light Y-Knot, with Steve Lee at the helm beat the rest of the division to the 1st race mark, just edging out Trevor Smith in Relentless. As the winds built during the race, getting to over 20 knots, the conditions suited the larger and heavier Relentless.

Relentless crossed the finish line 1st in Division 2 in 2 hours and 40 minutes, just over 7 minutes ahead of Y-Knot. Sirocco, helmed by Pru Harper and with an all-female crew, crossed 3rd in 2 hours 57 minutes. After only three races together crew of Sirocco are shaping up as formidable competitors. 

Once handicaps were applied to the race times Denis Meredith (Wotalife) was awarded 1st Place with Trevor Smith (Relentless)2nd and Pru Harper (Sirocco) 3rd.

In Division 1 the two visiting boats from Batemans Bay took an early lead. Moonmist led the field just after the race start and was passed by Accolade. Accolade then led for the rest of the race.

Invincible, with Trevor Kanaar as skipper, got the best start of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club members, beating Paul Gooeys’ Out of the Blue and Rick Early in Sojourn 3 to the first mark. Invincible kept ahead as the yachts turned and ran south down the bay. 

When the yachts turned near HMAS Creswell and sailed into the wind, traveling north back up the bay, Out of the Blue began catching Invincible. Out of the Blue eventually passed Invincible off Plantation Point. 

Sojourn 3 then passed Invincible and began challenging Out of the Blue. Sojourn 3 got passed just off Callala Beach and the two yachts fought a tacking duel to the finish line. Towards the end of the race Out of the Blue was catching Sojourn 3 but could not catch them before the finish.

Accolade crossed the finish line 1st in a time of 2 hours 35 minutes, just under 12 minutes ahead of Moonmist. Sojourn 3 was the 1st of the JBCYC yachts in division 1 to cross the line in 2 hours 51 minutes. 

The handicaps, however, pushed the faster yachts from Batemans Bay Sailing Club down the results considerably and Mitchel Leach (Tranquillity)took 1st place. Rob Chittendon (Element)was awarded 2nd and Paul Gooey (Out of the Blue) was given 3rd.

The days feature event was the Cat Classic, with a fleet of six Seawind catamarans of various size and specification competing.

Mitchell Leach took the helm of Tranquillity, a boat campaigned in previous years by his father Alan. Alan Nebauer entered Pleiades, a Seawind 1260, the newest and largest catamaran in the race.

After a good close start Lukim Yu, skippered by Peter Dun beat the rest of the cats to the 1st mark. Tranquillity was close behind as they turned and headed south. In the run down the bay Tranquillity hoisted its’ Screecher and passed Lukim Yu off Long Beach.

Tranquillity, Lukim Yu and Sas Sea (skippered by John Lawrence) were close together as they ran past Honeymoon Bay. Pleiades had a slow start but began making its way through the field and had passed Sas Sea and Lukim Yu by the time they turned at Longnose point and headed west.

Pleaides passed Tranquillity at the southern end of the bay, near HMAS Creswell, and the two leading catamarans fought over 1st place for the rest of the race. Lukim Yu and Sas Sea continued to fight for 3rd place as those two cats raced past Callala Beach. 

Alan Nebauer (Pleaides)crossed the finish line 1st in 2 hours 51 minutes less that 2 minutes ahead of Mitchel Leach (Tranquillity) and John Lawrence (Sas Sea) was a further 1 minute 20 seconds behind in 3rd place. With no handicaps applied to the results Alan Nebauers’ name went onto the Cat Classic trophy for 2021.

Glen Pead - Media Officer

Club History Updated

posted Jan 30, 2021, 8:00 PM by Pat Grogan   [ updated Jan 30, 2021, 8:01 PM ]

Members will note that the website has been upgraded over the past few weeks and now has a better layout which is easier to navigate .

The “new look” website includes a Club history section with lists of Life Members and Senior Office Bearers over the years . The lists are accurate from 1986 to present and the early years will be included as they become available.

Many of the names are familiar with several still actively sailing and participating in Club activities.

The History section also includes a newspaper article which provides a short Club history to celebrate the 50th Anniversary in 2020 .

Peter Cowman
JBCYC Historian

JBCYC kicks off 2021 with double header

posted Jan 18, 2021, 3:29 AM by David Churchward

On Sunday 10th January, the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club ran rounds 2 and 4 of their Mountain Ridge Wines Summer Series. The rains of the previous days had cleared and a race fleet of 13 yachts, 7 in Division 1 and 6 smaller boats in Division 2, took to Jervis Bay on a warm sunny day with 15 to 20 knot NE winds forecast. 

The first Summer Series race scheduled for late November was postponed due to severe weather. With the club’s race schedule adjusted two races were run last Sunday. 

The first race was a short sprint race at the northern end of the bay. The starts of the two divisions were staggered with Division 2 getting away first, taking on a 4 nautical mile course. Starting into the wind, that was building but still under 10 knots, Steve Lee in Y-Knot began pulling away from the rest of the boats in the division. 

Y-Knot led at the 1st race mark and was never seriously challenged for the rest of the race. Y-Knot was, however, carrying a significant handicap and would need to build a substantial buffer to win the race. Y-Knott crossed the finish line first in a time just shy of 57 minutes, 4 minutes ahead of Summer of 69, helmed by Kevin Lord. Brian Horley skippering Reflections crossed the line 3 minutes behind Summer of 69.

Once handicaps were applied to the results Y-Knot was pushed back to last place with Brian Horley (Reflections) 1st, Kevin Lord (Summer of 69) 2nd and Denis Meredith (Wotalife) 3rd.

The Division 1 fleet took on a slightly longer, 5.8 nautical mile course, with Steve Simpson helming Bodacious getting a good start and beating the other yachts to the 1st mark.

A navigation error saw Bodacious passed by most of the fleet with Rick Early helming Sojourn 3 taking the lead. In a close race Sojourn 3 was chased by Invincible, skippered by Trevor Kanaar, and Paul Gooey in Out of the Blue. 

Out of the Blue flew their spinnaker in the downwind leg towards Callala Point and took the lead. Then when they had trouble dropping their spinnaker Sojourn 3 and Invincible got passed. The three leading yachts then raced closely with Out of the Blue passing Invincible again.

In a tight finish Sojourn 3 crossed the finish line 1st in a time on 1 hour 10 minutes, just 30 seconds ahead of Out of the Blue. Invincible crossed just 40 seconds behind Out of the blue. Once handicaps were factored in Trevor Kanaar (Invincible) was awarded 1st place with Paul Gooey (Out of the Blue) 2nd and Steve Simpson (Bodacious) 3rd.

After a brief break the fleet started the second longer race with Division 2 starting first again tackling an 8.3 nautical mile circuit. Y-Knot beat the rest of the division to the 1st mark again.

Relentless, skippered by Trevor Smith, had a great race revelling in the conditions as the winds built to over 15 knots. Relentless crossed the finish line 1st in 1 hour 51 minutes, one minute ahead of Y-Knot.

When handicaps were applied to the yachts race times Denis Meredith (Wotalife) took 1st place with Trevor Smith (Relentless) 2nd and Pru Harper (Sirocco) 3rd.

The Division 1 yachts took on a longer 10.3 nautical mile course. Out of the Blue and Sojourn 3 had a close race to the 1st mark, with Out of the Blue just crossing ahead. Sojourn 3 then passed Out of the Blue and led for the rest of the race with Out of the Blue and Invincible chasing close behind.

Sojourn 3 crossed the line 1st in 1 hour 53 minutes, less than 2 minutes ahead of Out of the Blue. Invincible was another 5 minutes further back and Bodacious kept in touch with the leaders crossing 4th with a time of 2 hours 2 minutes.

Once handicaps were put in place, Steve Simpson (Bodacious) was awarded 1st place with Steve Sargent (Shambala) 2nd and Paul Gooey (Out of the Blue) 3rd.

Following the race, the winners were presented with bottles of Mountain Ridge Wine. With two races of the Summer series run Division 1 sees Bodacious and Invincible tied for the lead with 1 point each. In Division 2 Wotalife and Reflections are also tied in 1st place on 1 point.

The clubs next event is the annual Cat Classic, round 3 of the Round the Bay Series on Sunday January 24th. Catamarans from visiting clubs are expected to attend, with a special trophy awarded to the winning catamaran. The race is open to mono hull yachts as well, if you would like to enter your yacht or be part of a crew go to the club website

Glen Pead - Media Officer

JBCYC 2021 Cat Classic

posted Jan 17, 2021, 1:48 AM by Pat Grogan

All the documentation for the JBCYC 2021 Cat Classic has been loaded on the Welcome to the JBCYC 2021 Cat Classic page on the clubs website.

The final details of the course will be available on the clubs Race Briefing Sheets page closer to the event, once we can determine the weather conditions.

Welcome to the visiting boats we hope you enjoy the pristine waters of Jervis Bay as much as we do.

Remember if you need any help, then hit us up on our committee email address , we are a pretty resourceful bunch.

JBCYC 50th Anniversary

posted Jan 10, 2021, 1:08 PM by Pat Grogan

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club is celebrating 50 years as a sporting and recreation club in the Shoalhaven.   Based at Callala Bay, the Club was formed in November 1970 to encourage interest in sailing and motor boat cruising in the Jervis Bay area.  The inaugural meeting was held on 25th November, 1970 at Nowra Sailing Club on the Shoalhaven River.

It is apparent from old archives that a sailing club at HMAS Creswell was also in existence at that time and contact between the two Clubs was regular.  This continues 50 years later with good relations between the Clubs and Navy yachts participating in JBCYC events during the sailing season from September to May. 

The Club has flourished over the years with hundreds of men and women learning to sail on Jervis Bay with many going on to ocean racing.  Notable members include Kanga Birtles (who established Jarkan Yachts at Woollamia) and went on to become a world famous sailor and Shoalhaven Sportsman of the year.  Most of the annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht races include members of JBCYC including Mark Tobin who won his Division in the race in 2014.

Yachts from Jervis Bay regularly sail the east coast of Australia to compete in regattassuch as Hamilton Island Race Week and various coastal races in NSW and Queensland.

The Club has lobbied strongly for better slipping facilities in Jervis Bay since the Settree Slipway at Huskisson closed in the early 1990s.  At present the nearest public slipway is at Greenwell Point which is 23 nautical milesfrom Callala Bay and requires a seaworthy vessel for the trip.  However,since vessels need to be slipped for repairs and maintenance, many are not really sufficiently seaworthy for such a voyage outside the Bay.

A properly equipped hardstand facility is presently under construction at Woollamia and the Club is pleased to have contributed towards the successful funding application. 

The Club has shared use of the Clubhouse at Callala Bay with the Callala Junior Sailing School; the Jervis Bay Sailing Club and the Nowra Waterdragons Paddling Club; a great example of a shared facility which is a model for other organisations in the Shoalhaven.

The present Commodore is Paul Gooey, who said “We always welcome new members who want to participate in Club activities and learn sailing on the Bay.  Also, owners of yachts who wish to meet similar boat owners and improve theirskills”.  There is a wide range ofsailing vesselsin the Club – yachts, catamarans and trailer sailers.

The Club currently has about 75 members and is looking forward to the relaxation of Covid‐19 restrictions in the near future.

Peter Cowman

JBCYC Christmas Race Day

posted Dec 22, 2020, 5:08 PM by David Churchward

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club ran their special Christmas race day on Saturday 12th December. A fleet of 12 yachts were entered for the days racing. The boats were all handicapped but ran in a single division. Two short races run on the same 6.8 nautical mile course, at the bay’s northern end. 

The first race was the annual Ladies Race, with female skippers taking the helm of the yachts. The start was staggered, with the slower yachts (having the larger handicaps) getting away first and the faster yachts having to work their way through the field chasing them.

Sirocco, that was frequently helmed by Pru Harper in the series races had an all-female for the first time and getting away 3 minutes after the start. Last years winner, Barb King in Tranquillity, had the largest handicap having to wait 15 minutes after the gun to start. 

The race got under way in brisk 17 knot south west winds, but they dropped away to nearly 2 knots in the middle of the race before strengthening to 7 knots near the end.

Carmel Edwards helming Invincible started 5th, with a 9-minute handicap. She fought her way past the other yachts crossing the line 1st and winning the race in 1 hour 15 minutes, less than 30 seconds ahead of Element, helmed by Cathy Chitterden in 2nd.

The forwards hands race was the chance for the long-suffering crew members to take the helm and skippers to have a turn manning the sheets. The smaller boats again started first in the staggered start, but they lost that advantage with a lack of wind leaving them floundering around the start line.

When the wind finally came in from the SE building to 12 knots the large yachts quickly took the lead. Daren Fry, helming Out of the Blue, started 3rd last but was able to work his way past the bulk of the fleet. In the races closing stages it became a duel between Friendship, Element and Out of the Blue. With Daren Fry (Out of the Blue) crossing 1st just 14 seconds ahead of the Friendship Navy entry. 

Once the times were adjusted Daren Fry held onto 1st place with Kieran Lomas (Sojourn3) 2nd and Glenn Armstrong (Friendship) dropped back to 3rd.

Glen Pead - Media Officer

Sea Safety and Survival Course

posted Dec 1, 2020, 5:15 PM by David Churchward

Thirteen JBCYC members attended the Sea Safety and Survival Course last weekend which was jointly organised by JBCYC and Pacific Sailing School. We were joined by 4 members of the Batemans Bay Sailing Club and 2 members of the Canberra Yacht Club. Terry Wise and John Gardner from Pacific Sailing School shared their knowledge and experience from their many years of sailing with the structure and content of the program meeting the requirements of the RYA Sea Survival curriculum. The course was held at Vincentia pool and Club Callala for the theoretical components. The content covered included:

  • Safety equipment and its organisation onboard
  • Safety procedures and requirements
  • Duty of Care considerations
  • MOB rescue procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Procedures for abandoning ship
  • VHF, GPS, DSC, EPIRB, PLB, AIS, SART, and Radar use with and associated distress procedures
  • Weather and heavy weather preparation of yachts

Practical exercises were held for:

  • Flares
  • Lifejacket use (floating for 3 hours in a pool with an inflated lifejacket is an interesting experience)
  • Rescue procedures
  • Life raft familiarity (launching, getting into it, and righting it are not as easy as you might think).


All those who attended considered the course to be invaluable. Our goal is that the knowledge gained from courses such as these will become a source of knowledge for all club members. Many thanks to all who attended and many thanks to Mikki Smythe for all the organisation and liaison. 


JBCYC hopes to keep offering upskilling opportunities across a range of topics in the future for the benefit of all our club members.

Victory for Invincible and Double Time in JBCYC Spring Series.

posted Nov 30, 2020, 6:08 AM by David Churchward

With the competition to win the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Spring Series wide open the clubs race fleet took to the bay on Sunday November 22nd. The previously postponed, Division 2 race 4 was run first, then after a short break both divisions ran the series final race 5.

The days racing began with the Division 2 yachts taking on a 5 nautical mile course at the bays northern end. With 7 yachts starting in light 5 to 7 knot NW winds Steve Lee, helming Y-Knot, beat the other boats to the 1st race mark.

Y-Knot streaked away being chased by Sirocco for most of the race, with the rest of the fleet close behind.

Y-Knot crossed the finish line 1st in 59 minutes. The next 5 yachts were separated by less than 2 minutes with Sirocco crossing 2nd in 1hour 4 minutes 20 seconds and Reflections crossing 6th in 1 hour 6 minutes 11 seconds. 

Once handicaps were applied to the results they changed significantly, and Trevor Smith (Relentless) was awarded 1st place with Peter Cowman (Double Time) 2nd and John Anderson (Laser 3) 3rd.

With the wind forecast to build during the day, Race 5 got underway with Division 2 starting at 11:15am tackling a 10.2 nautical mile course in a building 10 knot breeze.

Relentless got a good start being just beaten by Double Time to the 1st race mark. While Double Time and Relentless headed south, duelling for 1st place, the nimble Y-Knot passed them both to take the lead. Sirocco then slipped past into 2ndplace.

With the wind picking up to 15 knots the leading yachts fought a tacking duel, with Sirocco falling back to 4th place. Reflections chased Sirocco, not quite catching them by the races end.

Y-Knot crossed the finish line 1st in 2 hours 11 minutes 17 minutes ahead of Double Time. Relentless crossed 3rd in 2 hours 29 minutes.

Once handicaps were applied Trevor Smith (Relentless) took 1st place with Peter Cowman (Double Time) 2nd and Brian Horley (Reflections)3rd.

In Division 1 seven yachts took on a 12.7 nautical mile course. The catamaran Tranquillity helmed by Peter Brown got off to its usual blistering start beating the rest of the fleet to the 1st mark.

As the fleet turned and headed south the wind began dropping and the lighter monohull, Element, skippered by Rod Chitterdon was able to run past Tranquillity and take the lead.

The yachts then crossed the bay turning north near Huskisson. Paul Gooey in Out of the Blue moved into 2nd place as they raced passed Myola. 

With some yachts choosing to sail close along Callala Beach, Element and Out of the Blue headed into the middle of the bay. With the wind picking up to near 15 knots, both yachts were able to consolidate their leads.

Towards the end of the race the wind dropped again, to less than 7 knots, and Out of the Blue began gaining on Element as they approached the finish line. Invincible, skippered by Trevor Kanaar, was sailing close behind in 3rd.

Element was the 1st yacht in the division to cross the finish line in 2 hours 54 minutes. Out of the Blue crossed 2nd in 2 hours 55 minutes with Invincible a further 2 minutes further back.

Rod Chittenden (Element) held onto 1st place after handicaps were applied, with Trevor Kanaar (Invincible) 2nd and Paul Gooey (Out of the Blue)3rd.

With the last race of the Spring Series run, in Division 1 Trevor Kanaar (Invincible) took 1st place with 9 points. Rod Chittenden (Element) and Brendon Blank (Friendship) tied for 2nd place each on 12 points. In Division 2 Peter Cowman (Double Time) won the series on 10 points, with Steve Lee (Y-Knot) in 2nd 1 point behind on 11 points, and Brian Horley on 12 points in 3rd.

Cold South-easterly winds challenge yachts in JBCYC Spring Series races

posted Nov 15, 2020, 6:46 PM by David Churchward

On Sunday November 8th, with a cold south-easterly wind blowing the fleet of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club took to the waters of Jervis Bay for a day of racing.

The day got underway with the Division 2 yachts running the previously postponed round 2 of their Spring Series. Starting at 10am in choppy seas with a light South-easterly winds under 10 knots; The five yachts raced around a short 3.8 nautical mile course at the bays northern end. 

Tn a close start Pat Grogan skippering Sirocco, Peter Cowman at the helm of Double Time, and Steve Lee’s Y-Knot all converged on the 1st race mark. Sirocco rounded the mark in the lead followed by Y-knot. Sirocco and Y-knot pulled away from the other boats in the division as they raced east across the bay. Y-knot passed Sirocco and extended its lead, staying in front until the races end.

Y-knot crossed the finish line 1st in 45 minutes only just over a minute ahead of Sirocco. Reflections crossed 3rd in 50 minutes, just 30 seconds ahead of Double time. Wotalife stayed in touch with the fleet finishing the race in just over 60 minutes.

Once handicaps were applied Denis Meredith, Wotalife, was awarded 1st place with Pat Grogan, Sirocco, 2nd, and Reflections 3rd.

After a brief break the scheduled race 4 of the Spring Series got underway. With the starts of the divisions staggered Division 2 started first. 

They tackled a 10.7 nautical mile course, and with winds from the SE picking up to over 15 knots, Double Time beat the other yachts to the 1st mark. Y-Knot and Sirocco chased Double Time as they headed across. As they approached Long Beach Y-Knot slipped past Double Time into the lead.

With the wind easing Double Time and Reflections tacked out into the bay, chasing more wind and boat speed. Y-Knott and Sirocco stayed close to shore as they headed towards Honeymoon Bay, covering less distance and gambling on the wind picking up.

As the boats passed the mark off Honeymoon Y-knot held onto the lead and Sirocco had moved into 2nd place. Heading back up the bay with Sirocco chasing Y-Knot both yachts flew their spinnakers. 

The yachts then headed to Callala Beach and crossed the bay again towards Green Point before turning to the finish line. Sirocco had a final spinnaker run to the finish but could not catch Y-Knot.

Y-Knot crossed the finish line in 2 hours 16 minutes, 14 minutes ahead of Sirocco. Reflections finished 13 minutes further back with Double Time 2 minutes behind. Once handicaps were applied Steve Lee, Y-Knot, retained 1st place with Brian Horley, Reflections, moving up to 2nd and Peter Cowman, Double Time, 3rd.

The Division 1 race started 5 minutes after Division 2, with Invincible, helmed by Trevor Kanaar just beating Rod Targa in the Navy entry Friendship to the 1stmark. 

The boats then crossed to the eastern side of the bay for the run down passed Honeymoon Bay to Longnose Point. With the breeze starting to drop the race became a battle of tactics with some yachts taking the shorter route close to shore and others moving into the bay chasing more wind and boat speed.

Element staying close to shore took advantage of a favourable wind shift and was able to take the lead before reaching Longnose Point. With the SE winds dropping to 7 knots Element and Tranquillity duelled for the lead as they raced back up the bay, Element flying their spinnaker and Tranquillity deploying their screecher.

The winds picked up again as the fleet crisscrossed the bay Bodacious, with its spinnaker flying making significant ground on the leading yachts. The finish became a race to the line between Element and Tranquillity with Element crossing 1st in a time of 2 hours 34 minutes less than a minute ahead of Tranquillity. Out of the Blue crossed 3rd four minutes behind Tranquillity.

Once the handicaps were applied to Division 1 Rob Chittendon, Element, was awarded 1st with Trevor Kanaar, Invincible, 2nd and Steve Simpson, Bodacious, 3rd.

With only one race the Spring Series for Division 1 left to run Friendship on 6 points is leading Invincible on 7 points with Tranquillity third on 8 points. 

Division 2 will try to run its final two races next race day. Y-Knott is currently leading the series on 2 points with Sirocco on 4, Reflections on 6 and Double Time on 6. Any of these boats still has a chance to win the series.

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