AGM 2017

posted May 30, 2017, 7:29 PM by David Churchward

The Club's Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday evening 13th June 2017 at the Worrigee Sports Club (downstairs meeting room). The meeting will confirm the minutes of the previous AGM, receive the committee reports, elect office bearers and committee members, and receive the club's annual financial statement. The club relies on a dedicated and vibrant committee to continue to offer a great racing and event program to its members. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to become part of the leadership team and keep the club moving ahead, so please consider nominating for a position. The nominations form can be downloaded by going to the 'forms' page and emailed back to the secretary or brought along on the evening. Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the AGM. 

Near perfect conditions for the last race of the season

posted May 16, 2017, 4:09 PM by Rick Early   [ updated May 18, 2017, 4:00 PM ]

 Last Sunday 13th was the final race in the Callala Cellars autumn series.  It was a crucial race for many boats, as it would determine overall positions in the series and club championship. Conditions on the day were mild with light to moderate wind and clear blue skis – Jervis Bay at its best.  Highlights on the day were close racing in Div. 1 and the continued improvement of “Matana” in Div. 2. The race was followed by the annual presentation dinner, which was a huge success.

The race started in a light (5 – 8 knots) NNE breeze. The strongly favoured starboard end of the line was very congested but all boats got away without incident.  In Div 1. “Y Knot” and “Quintessence” headed the field; in Div 2. “Matana” was in front while “Sas Sea” had it all to herself in Div. 3. Around S1 (windward mark) “Y Knot” got the better of “Quintessence” to take the wine, “Double Time” overhauled “Matana” to take it in Div.2 and in Div. 3, “Sas Sea” had popped the cork before she even got to the mark.

The first leg was a long reach to H1 mark off Honeymoon Bay. In Div.1 “Quintessence” launched her code 0 sail and started to haul in “Y Knot”; eventually overtaking her and rounding the mark in front. “Friendship” was close behind in 3rd.  In Div.2 “Matana” held off a strong challenge from “Relentless” and got to the mark first.  Not far back “Double Time”  “Osprey” and “Fricka” were fighting it out for other positons  – “Double Time” holding out to round the mark in 3rd.  “Sas Sea” was doing it easy and rounded the mark well ahead of the phantom opposition.

For the remainder of the race in Div.1 “Quintessence” gradually extended her lead to take line honours comfortably. The battle for second was a different story. “Y Knot” held a lead over “Friendship” until the last leg from A2 to the finish. The freshening breeze (up to 15knots) gave “Friendship” the edge, and it wasn’t long before she passed “Y Knot” to take 2nd.

In Div. 2 “Matana” was sailed brilliantly to hold off a strong challenge from “Relentless”, all the way to the finish. Further back “Double Time” and “Osprey” were locked in a battle. “Osprey” eventually prevailed crossing the line in 3rd place with “Double Time” in 4th.  New-comer “Fricka” wasn’t far behind in 5th.  In Div. 3 “Sas Sea” had the easiest of victories cruising across the line in 1st place.

On performance handicap “Quintessance” added to her line honours victory to win in Div.1., just ahead of “Friendship”.  In Div. 2 fortunes across the line were reversed with “Double Time” winning ahead of “Matana”. In Div. 3 victory was a “lay down misere” for “Sas Sea”.

With the final race in the series completed winners of the autumn series could be determined.  Congratulations go to Steve Lee (“Y Knot”) in Div.1; Paul Gooey (“Matana”) in Div.2 and John Lawrence (“Sas Sea”) in Div. 3. The club championship winners and other results for the season can be seen on the website. 

The sponsorship and support of Callala Cellars was a vital part of the autumn series and JBCYC extends a big thank you to them.

While the sailors were having fun on the water other club members were working hard to set up the local hall for the presentation dinner. Pauline, Joan, Carmel, Jeannine, Collette and John put an amazing effort to transform the hall into a very professional looking venue. This set the scene for a successful function that was enjoyed by all. The evening was capped off with the presentation of life JBCYC membership to David Churchward and Alan Leach for outstanding service to the club.

Special thanks also go to Mark McGee and his team for the great job they did with catering.


Light wind results in some close racing

posted May 2, 2017, 4:47 AM by Rick Early   [ updated May 8, 2017, 7:02 PM ]

The second last race in the Callala Cellars autumn series was held last Sunday 30th.  Although the breeze was light, the mild temperature and clear sunny ski made sailing conditions near perfect. Race highlights included a close fought battle between “Quintescence”, “Y Knot” and “Friendship” in Div.1 and a strong performance from “Matana” in Div. 2.

The race got away in a 5 – 8 knot SSW.  The start was congested but all boats got away cleanly.  In Div 1. “Quintescence” and “Y knot” started well and headed the fleet.  In Div. 2 “Matana” got the best of it while in Div 3. “Tranquility” had it all to herself.  Around S1 (windward mark) the bottles of wine went to “Y Knot”, “Matana” and “Tranquility”.

The next leg, for Div. 1 and 3., was a tight reach to the A4 buoy off long Beach. Although “Y Knot” was in front “Quintescence” and “Friendship” were in hot pursuit. “Quintescence” showed a clean pair of heels to reach the mark first with “Y Knot” and “Friendship” just behind. “Invincible” was a little further back.  “Tranquility” maintained her lead in Div. 3.  On the Div 2. course, “Matana” was consolidating her lead over “Double Time” and reached A3 with a comfortable margin.

On the long reach across the bay to the C bouys off Huskisson “Quintescence”, “Y Knot” and “Friendship” jostled for the lead with “Quintescence” just holding out.  In Div. 3 “Tranquility” had no trouble holding her lead while in Div.2 “Matana” was starting to show some pace and got away from “Double Time”. 

Due to light wind Div 2. boats sailed a shortened course from the C buoys straight to the finish.  “Matana” was in a strong position by this stage and held her lead over “Double Time” for the rest of the race.  Div. 1 and 3 continued on the set course and headed back across the bay to A2 off Cabbage Tree.  Being another tight reach “Quintesence” was able to fly her code 0 headsail, which helped her keep her lead over “Y Knot”, “Friendship” and “Invincible”. These positions remained unchanged to the finish.  “Tranquility” had an “effortless” victory in Div. 3. 

On handicap in Div. 1 “Quintesence” continued her good form from last week to take the honours with “Y knot” in second.  In Div.2. “Double Time” had stayed closer enough to “Matana” to take victory while in Div. 3 “Tranquility” was a clear winner.

The next race is the last in the autumn series and will be held on Saturday 13th May. It’s sure to be an exciting day on the water, as it will determine the final positions in each division. The race will be followed by the club’s annual presentation dinner, which will be held at the Callala Bay Hall – club members should have received an email about this; if not details are on the JBCYC website. The presentation dinner is one of the big events in the JBCYC calendar so it would be great to see lots of members and friends there.



JBCYC Presentation and Annual Dinner

posted Apr 21, 2017, 5:32 AM by David Churchward

The JBCYC Presentation and Annual Dinner will be held at 5:30 pm on Saturday 13th May 2017 so put the date aside. The event will be held following the last race of the season, you should have just enough time to clean up after the race and get back for the presentation to collect your hard earned trophies (or watch the competition collect theirs). The event is being held at the Callala Bay Progress Hall, 69 - 71 Boorawine Terrace Callala Bay. This will be an informal occasion, however as we are organising a caterer to provide the meal we need to know who is coming a week before. The cost is only $30 per person, but please BYOG as the club will not have any available. Following the presentation and meal there will be music so you can dance the night away.

RSVP by 7 May 2017 to either:

Rick Early 0428 739 600 or
David Churchward 0408 314 319 or
Peter Cowman 0419 491 914 or

Payment can be made by cheque to PO Box 173 Nowra 2541 or by EFT transfer to the club’s bank account: Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club, Acc No. 009 124 321 BSB 641 800. Please put your name in the details field. Cash payments can be made on race days.

Organise your family and friends and be there for this not to be missed event!

Special Race Day - flare and fire extinguisher demonstration

posted Apr 11, 2017, 8:05 PM by David Churchward   [ updated Apr 11, 2017, 8:13 PM ]

The next JBCYC Special Race Day will be held on Saturday 22 April. There will be the usual 2 short races with handicap start. To make the races even more interesting there will be some challenges thrown in designed to test skipper and crew on water safety skills - perhaps a mandatory man over board exercise. Following the races there will be a flare demonstration presented by Ray Lonsdale, the BSO for our area, and a fire extinguisher demonstration by Paul Gooey. So bring along your out of date flares and partially used fire extinguishers and get some supervised practice. The safety challenges will be weather dependant so we can't tell you what they will be until the day! There will be a BBQ after the race to help you recover.

Close racing in an exciting Round the Bay (RTB) contest

posted Apr 10, 2017, 1:17 PM by Rick Early   [ updated Apr 10, 2017, 3:11 PM ]

The 5th RTB race for the season was held last Sunday 9th.  Conditions were mostly light which led to a close race, where the outright lead changed 4 times. “Sas Sea’s” last leg charge to snatch outright line honours was a highlight in Div. 1 and 3 while the continued dominance of “Relentless” and improvement of “Matana” was a feature in Div. 2.

The race got away in about 5 knots of breeze from the NNE.  The start line was congested with “Y Knot” (Div 1), “Relentless” (Div 2) and “Tranquility” (Div 3) appearing to have the best of it.  Unfortunately “Invincible” was forced above the line and had to restart.  

At the end of the leg to S1 (windward mark) “Friendship” had picked up a favourable shift to round the mark just ahead of “Y Knot”, while “Relentless” and “Tranquility” held their leads to take the bottle of wine in the other two divisions.

On the long leg down to H2 (off Long Point) “Y Knot” quickly got the jump on “Friendship” to establish a lead which it held all the way to the mark.  In Div. 2 it was still “Relenentless” from “Matana” and “Wotalife”.  In Div. 3 “Tranquility” started to consolidate her lead to have a comfortable margin over “Sas Sea” and “Overture” at H2. 

After rounding H2 the fleet crossed to the southern side of the bay. Div. 1 and 3 went to D3 mark off Creswell and then headed to C2 (off Myola) while Div 2. went straight to C2.  This was an exciting section for Div. 1 and 3., with “Tranquility” taking the outright lead; leaving “Y Knot”, “Friendship”, “Sas Sea” and “Overture” jostling for the next 4 positions.  In Div 2.“Relentless “held her lead but “Matana” had a good leg closing the gap somewhat.

From C2 it was a work back to the finish at Callala.  All Div.1 and 3 boats, except “Sas Sea”, chose to go in close to Calalla Beach, hoping to pick up favourable wind shifts. “Sas Sea” tacked early and stayed further out, chasing wind pressure.  Choosing pressure over shifts paid off with “Sas Sea” jumping three places to cross the line first, just ahead of “Friendship”.  In Div 2. “Relentless” held off “Matana” to take the honours

Final placings across the line were: “Friendship” from “Y Knot” and “Invincible” (Div 1);  “Relentless” from “Matana” and “Wotalife” (Div 2) and “Sas Sea” from “Tranquility” and “Overture” (Div.3).

On Handicap the honours went to “Y Knot” (Div. 1), “Relentless” (Div.2) and “Overture” (Div. 3).

The next event is the Special Race Day, which will be held on Saturday 22nd April.  There will be some novelty events, which promise to be a lot of fun.  All members are encouraged to participate.


The sun makes a welcomed return for last Sunday's race

posted Mar 28, 2017, 1:21 AM by Rick Early   [ updated Mar 28, 2017, 1:11 PM ]

The second race in the Callala Bay Cellars Autumn series was sailed last Sunday . The appearance of the sun and a light NNE wind made for a pleasant day on the water.  Although numbers were down in Div. 1 and 3, Div 2 was hotly contested with the return of Peter Cowman in “Double Time” adding competition.  Winners on handicap were “Y Knot”, “Double Time” and “SasSea”.

The race got away in a very light, “shifty” NNE wind (2-5 knots).  This resulted in a number of position changes for all divisions on the first leg.  Around S1 (windward mark) the bottles of wine went to “Friendship” (Div. 1), “Relentless” (Div. 2) and “Tranquility” (Div.3).

On the next leg Div 1 and  Div 3 went to H1 off Honeymoon Bay and and Div 2 attempted to go to A4 (off Long Beach). Unfortunately A4, like many other Marine Park buoys, had disappeared. Using a GPS reference point “Relentless” headed Div.2 around the buoy that wasn’t there, followed by “Matana”, “Wotalife” and “Double Time”.  In Div. 1 “Friendship” rounded H1 just ahead of “Y Knot” while in Div.2 it was “Tranquility” ahead of “SasSea”.

The next leg across the bay to C1 off Myola caused some havoc.  C2 buoy, which hadn’t been there two days prior, had made a reappearance. With all sailors in the fleet being told in the briefing it wasn’t there many boats rounded C2 instead C1.  When the error was realised, some boats had to go back and round C1. As a result “Friendship” lost its commanding lead to “Y Knot” as did “Tranquility” to “SasSea”.  Div 2 was too far ahead to turn around so a correction was imposed after the race for those that went around C2 instead of C1.

On the leg to the finish positions in Div. 2 remained the same, however “Matana” had a particularly good spinnaker run closing the gap to “Relentless”.  Further back “Wotalife” and “Double Time” were fighting it out for 3rd and 4th.  Across the line it was “Relentless” followed by “Matana”, “Wotalife” and “Double Time”.  In Div 1. “Friendship” eventually overtook“Y Knot” to cross first. In Div 3. “Tranquility” managed to regain her lost ground to cross ahead of “SasSea”.

The race was followed by a sausage sizzle, which was kindly prepared by Kerry Leach.  The next race will be run on Sunday April 9th. It’s a club championship and round the bay race, and the third in the Callala Bay Cellars Autumn series.

On the weekend of March 11 and 12 “Y Knot” (with Steve Lee, Pat Grogan and Cassie Lowe on board) participated in the Marley Point (Gippsland Lakes) overnight race for trailable yachts.  “Y knot” put in a credible performance to finish in the middle of her division.  It’s great to see JBCYC boats representing us in inter-club regattas.

Creswell Cup Photos

posted Mar 22, 2017, 7:10 PM by David Churchward

Kel Hockey did a great job of taking photos of the Creswell Cup. Check them out at this link View album

RMS Boating Education Officer & RMS Boating Safety Officer to be Special Guests at April Committee Meeting

posted Mar 22, 2017, 5:15 AM by David Churchward   [ updated Apr 8, 2017, 4:03 PM ]

The next club committee meeting will be held on Tuesday 11 April at the Worrigee Sports Club. The RMS Boating Education Officer for our region, Ray Lonsdale, and the Boating Safety Officer for our region, Mick Musson, will be the special guests at the meeting. We have asked them to address issues such as the Safety Equipment required for tenders and the impact of jetskis on the mooring area. He has also offered to do an inflatable lifejacket service demonstration and has suggested that members bring along their life jackets. This is a great chance to get updated information, have your questions answered, and meet the people who we are likely to have regular contact with on the water. The meeting starts at 7:00pm but many people meet at 6:00pm for a meal at the club prior to the meeting.

Creswell Cup a big success

posted Mar 13, 2017, 4:15 PM by Rick Early

The Cup, held annually, is jointly organised by Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club (JBCYC) and the Creswell/Albatross Sailing Club and is a major highlight of both clubs’ sailing calendar.

All boats were allocated to either the Navy team or the JBCYC team in matched pairs according to their handicap rating. 

This match racing meant some JBCYC boats were allocated to represent the Navy and although allegiances were tested, all boats contested the race in the spirit of true match racing.

Racing began at noon, with the Executive Officer of HMAS Creswell, Commander Nyree Cornelius, starting the race on board the Navy Steber.

The breeze throughout the day was light and variable with 2 to 10 knots from the south veering to the east.

After starting at Creswell the fleet tracked to Longnose Point then back across the bay to Myola Beach. At this point the course was shortened for Division 2 and 3 boats due to light wind. These two divisions made their way from Myola directly to the finish at Callala Bay.

Division 1 boats had just enough speed to sail their set course. From Myola they sailed across to Long Beach, then to Red Point and home to Callala Bay.

Great camaraderie was evident across the fleet and a superb day of sailing was enjoyed by all.

After holding the Cup for the last year, JBCYC relinquished it with  Creswell/Albatross Sailing Club being victorious on the day winning 4 of the 7 “matches”.

The presentation and a casual dinner followed at the Callala clubhouse with entertainment provided by the Navy Band jazz group.

This gave all sailors an opportunity to unwind, discuss the great day of racing and of course to party!

JBCYC extends a huge thank you to Brendan Blank, president of the Creswell/Albatross Sailing Club and all Navy personnel and JBCYC members who participated and for their support of this event.  We all look forward to enjoying the Creswell Cup again next year.

The first race of the JBCYC Autumn series was concurrently held with the Creswell Cup.

Division 1 winner on performance handicap was “Cougar” (Farr 11.6, Mark Tobin) with “Friendship” (Swarbrick S111, Blue Timms - Navy) coming second.  Line honours went to “Cougar” (Farr 11.6, Mark Tobin). 

“Matana” (Hutton 28, Paul Gooey) took both line honours and performance handicap in Division 2 with “Wotalife” (Endeavour 32, Dennis Meredith) taking second place on handicap.

“Las Brias” (Alan Neburau, Seawind 1000) was the Division 3 winner on handicap with “Sas Sea” (Seawind 1000, John Lawrence) taking line honours.  “Shambala”  (Seawind 1000, Peter Adams) took second place on handicap.

The next race of the Autumn Series is Sunday, March 26th. 

If you are interested in yacht racing and would like to participate as a guest or crew on a boat please visit the website:




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