Annual Presentation and AGM

posted Apr 16, 2019, 6:59 PM by David Churchward

Another fantastic sailing season is drawing to a close and we have just 2 races to go: 5thMay & 19thMay. The Autumn series results are still too close to call with several contenders that could take out both Div 1 & Div 2 top places. 


Apart from the races there are several key dates to be aware of as the season closes:


25thMay 2019: The Annual Presentation and Dinner.This will be held at Club Callala, 43 Beach Rd, Callala Beach. The cost is $50 per person which includes a three course meal and live music. It will be a fun night with trophies awarded and lots of dancing the night away. As this is a catered function please RSVP to pay by 14thMay (either on-line or in person). No places can be held without prior payment.


11thJune 2019: The Club’s Annual General Meetingat which the incoming committee will be elected. Vacancies which need to be filled for the coming year include Commodore, Vice Commodore, and Handicapper. Please support your club by nominating for the general committee or one of the executive positions.


In preparation for the Annual Presentation all those holding trophies from last years season are requested to return them by 19th May at a race day or by delivering them to David Churchward, Rick Early, Al Leach, or Paul Gooey. 

Light Southerlies and blue skies make for great racing in JBCYC Autumn Series Race 3

posted Apr 16, 2019, 6:57 PM by David Churchward

A fleet of 15 yachts competed in the third round of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club’s Callala Cellars Autumn series on Sunday April 14th. 

The yachts raced around the North of Jervis Bay, with the 7 larger Division 1 boats tackling a 15 nautical mile course and the 8 smaller Division 2 entries tackling a slightly smaller 13.2 nautical mile circuit.

With Southerly winds blowing at around 10 knots, blue skies, and a small but consistent swell coming through the heads from the south; the fleet got off to a furious start as they raced into the wind. The Navy entry, Franklin, skippered by Wayne Pryor led to the first mark. Sojourn 3, with Rick Early at the helm, and Rod Chitenden’s yacht Element, chased Franklin all race but were never able to mount a serious challenge. 

The closest race in Division 1 was between the two Seawind Catamarans. Tranquillity helmed by Alan Leach and John Lawrence’s Sas Sea, tussled with Tranquilly leading at the start. Sas Sea overtook Tranquillity as they raced East across the bay from Huskisson. Tranquillity trailed Sas Sea as they turned North heading up the bay, and when they turned South into the wind Tranquillity was able to get back in front. In the penultimate leg, with the wind behind them Tranquillity flew its spinnaker, crossing the line just over a minute ahead of Sas Sea.

Franklin was the first yacht to cross the finish line taking line honours in Division 1 in 2 hours 21 minutes, Sojourn 3 followed les than 8 minutes behind with Element another 15 minutes further back. 

Once Handicaps were applied Rod Chitenden, Element, took 1stplace. This was Rods first win in Division 1 after moving up from Division 2 at the start of the Autumn Series. Rick Early, Sojourn 3 retained his second place, but John Lawrence, Sas Sea, moved ahead of Franklin and Tranquillity to take 3rd.

In Division 2 the small Y-knot, skippered by Steve Lee, got a great start and beat the other yachts in the division to the 1stmark followed by Kevin Lord’s Summer of 69. The other yachts in the division were crowded as they approached the first mark, with some having to put in an additional tack to make it round.

Sirocco, with Pat Grogan at the helm, chasing the bulk of the field with its spinnaker up passed Peter Cowman’s Double time as they headed to the second mark. It then chased down Trevor Smith’s Relentless, passing it on a reach as they raced East across the bay. The small Laser 3, with John Anderson at the helm, then picked off Relentless in the race’s final legs.

Steve Lee, Y-knott, was the 1stin Division 2 to finish in 2 hours 35 minutes, followed by Summer of 69 just over 12 minutes later. Brian Horley’s Reflections was 4 minutes further back and less than a minute ahead of Laser 3.

While the conditions favoured the lighter yachts in Division 2, Denis Meredith skippering the 5-ton Wotalife put in a masterful performance. At times handing over the helm while he went forward to trim sails, and hoisting the yachts spinnaker single handed. Although Wotalife was the last yacht in the division to cross the line once handicaps were applied it was awarded 1stplace.

The 2ndplace in Division 2 went to John Anderson, Laser 3; with Brian Horley, Reflections 3rd.

The race was followed by a BBQ with the winners presented with bottles of Crooked River Wines from the sponsors of the JBCYC Club Championship. 

Race fleet take on strong winds and choppy seas in Autumn Series Race 2

posted Apr 5, 2019, 3:40 AM by David Churchward

A drop of temperatures and a warning of strong winds didn’t discourage the race fleet of 13 yachts that took to the waters of Jervis Bay. They raced in the second round the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club’s Callala Cellars Autumn series on Sunday March 31st.

The race began in gusty 10 to 15 knot NW winds with small but consistently choppy seas. The 6 larger yachts in Division 1 raced along a 13.6 nautical mile course at the northern end of the bay. The 7 smaller yachts in Division 2 tackled a slightly shorter, 11.6 nautical mile, course. 

As the fleet started the race into the wind Tranquillity, skippered by Alan Leach, led the Division 1 yachts to the first mark. The Navy entry Franklin, with Brendon Blank at the helm was close behind and passed Tranquillity as they ran downwind towards Long Beach. 

As the yachts turned into the westerly wind and headed across the bay, Franklin stretched its lead and Rick Early’s Sojourn 3 hauled past Tranquillity.

While Franklin streaked away from the field, Sojourn 3 couldn’t shake Tranquillity as they raced back up the bay and headed to Long Beachfor a second time. Then as the yachts turned and sailed into the strengthening westerly wind Tranquillity slipped past.

With the winds were turning to the NW as they headed along the final leg to the finish line, Sojourn 3 was able to sail closer to the wind thanthe catamaran Tranquillity. Sojourn 3 got passed when Tranquillity was forced into an additional tack in order to make the finish line.

Franklin crossedthe line first in Division 1 in 2 hours and 7 minutes. Sojourn 3 followed just over 16 minutes behind and less than a minute ahead of Tranquillity. Once handicaps were applied Trevor Kanaar, Invincible came 1stwith Brenden Blank, Franklin 2ndand Alan Leach, Tranquillity, 3rd.

In Division 2 Steve Lee in Y-Knot beat the other yachts to the first mark. Fromthen on it was a tussle between Y-Knot and Summer of 69, helmed by Kevin Lord. Both yachts repeatedly swapping the lead, with Pat Grogan skippering Sirocco in third place unable to catch them despite flying his spinnaker in the downwind legs of the race.

Kevin Lord in Summer of 69 was able to pull away from the other yachts in Division 2 during the last few legs of the race and beat them to the finish line in a time of 2 hours 18 minutes. Steve Lee in Y-Knott was just under 5 minutes behind in second with Pat Grogan, Sirocco, another 10 minutes back in 3rd. Those positions remained the same after handicaps were applied.

The race was followed by a pleasant BBQ back at the clubhouse where the winners were presented with Crooked River Wines, donated by the Annual Club Championship sponsors.

Mark & Karen's Special Day

posted Mar 24, 2019, 3:15 AM by David Churchward   [ updated Mar 24, 2019, 3:17 AM ]

Some days are incredibly special and 23rd March was one of those special days. JBCYC congratulates Mark and Karen Tobin on their wedding and wishes them well for their future.

Large Fleet see JBCYC retain Creswell Cup

posted Mar 22, 2019, 4:04 AM by David Churchward

Saturday 16th March saw a fleet of 15 yachts paired up to match race up Jervis Bay as the Navy Sailing Club and the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club competed for the Creswell Cup.

The race began off HMAS Creswell with a small consistent southerly swell coming through the mouth of the bay and 10 knot southerly winds. 

The Navy yacht, Franklin, skippered by Brendan Blank got the best start leading the fleet into the wind to the first mark. They were chased by Cest La Vie, racing for JBCYC and helmed by Mark Tobin,

Rick Early’s Sojourn 3 competing for JBCYC followed the leaders closely pulling away from Rod Chitenden in Element, sailing for the Navy team. This was Element’s first race stepping up to Division 1 after a successful Summer Season racing in Division 2.

The catamaran. Tranquillity, skippered by Alan Leach and racing for JBCYC led SasSea, helmed by John Lawrence and racing for the Navy. Tranquillity briefly pulled ahead of Sojourn 3, but as the yachts turned at the northern end of Callala Beach and headed across the bay Sojourn 3 got back in front.

Franklin and Cest La Vie stayed close as they reached across the Bay with the winds gusting up to nearly 15 knots. As they approached Honeymoon Bay Franklin began stretching its lead as the winds eased, and Sojourn 3 started closing on Cest La Vie.

Franklin was the first yacht across the finish line in a time of 2 hours and 35 minutes, just over 9 minutes ahead of Cest La Vie. Sojourn 3 couldn’t quite catch Cest La Vie, crossing the line just over 3 minutes behind them.

Y-Knott, skippered by Steven Lee and racing for JBCYC, was the first of the smaller Division 2 yachts to cross the finish line in 2 hours 54 minutes. 

The closest finish in the matched pairs was at the tail end of the field between Scott Bickerstaff, Halcyon, racing for JBCYC and Harald Honecker, On-Y-Va, racing for Navy. It was On-Y-Va’s first race with the club and Halcyon finished only 59 seconds ahead.

At the end of the days racing the Navy team had won 2 of the match races and JBCYC won 6. HMAS Creswell Captain Warren Bairstow was on hand at the post race festivities to congratulate the JBCYC Commodore, Davis Churchward, on the club’s retention of the Creswell Cup for a second consecutive year.

The days racing was also the first round of the JBCYC Callala Cellars Autumn Series and the results on handicap in Division 1 were, Rick Early (Sojourn 3) 1st, Brendan Blank (Franklin) 2ndand Alan Leach Tranquillity 3rd. In Division 2 Steve Lee (Y-Knot)1st, Kevin Lord (Summer of 69) 2ndand Pat Grogan (Sirocco) 3rd. With the winners and runners up receiving bottles of wine from the JBCYC’s Club Championship sponsor, Crooked River Wines.

The race was also the 4thround of the Tahmoor Rural Round the Bay Series. Alan Leach in Tranquillity now leads Division 1 with Trevor Smith in Relentless leading Division 2.

Yachts vie for Summer Series title as winds build

posted Mar 22, 2019, 3:40 AM by David Churchward

Sunday 3rdMarch the fifth and final round of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club’s Callala & Culburra First National Summer Series was run.

10 Yachts took to Jervis Bay starting the race in a building 10 knot NE wind. Five of the larger yachts, racing in Division 1, tackled a 11.5 nautical mile course; with the five smaller, Division 2, boats racing along a slightly shorter, 10.6 nautical mile, circuit. 

Rod Targa helming the Navy entry, Franklin, got off to a great start leading the fleet to the 1stmark. Franklin was never challenged as it continued to stretch its lead with the wind picking up and the fleet looping around the challenging pentastar course.

Franklin led the Division 1 yachts across the finish line in 2 hours 13 minutes, with Alan Leach, Tranquillity, 23 minutes further back in 2ndand Paul Gooey, in Out of the Blue, another 18 minutes back in 3rd. The placings remained unchanged after handicaps were applied. 

In Division 2 Kevin Lord skippering Summer of 69 got the best start leading the division around the first mark. Rod Chitenden in Element chased Summer of 69, with the two smaller yachts making the most of the light winds. 

Element, enjoying the conditions and flying their spinnaker as they raced west towards Callala Beach, opted to take the longer Division 1 course. 

Further back in division 2 Trevor Smith in Relentless tussled with the much smaller Y-Knot skippered by Steven Lee. As the winds pick up, reaching over 20 knots, the heavier Relentless came into its own, leaving Y-Knot behind and hauling past Summer of 69 in the final leg.

Trevor Smith, Relentless, was the 1stDivision 2 yacht to finish in 2 hours 22 minutes, with Kevin Lord, Summer of 69, just over a minute further back. Steve Lee, Y-knot, crossed 4 minutes further back.

Once the handicaps were applied in Division 2, Trevor Smith, Relentless, retained 1stplace with Kevin Lord, Summer of 69, staying in 2nd. Peter Cowman, Double Time, moved up to take 3rdplace.

With the conclusion of race five the Summer Series winners could be decided. Paul Gooey’s consistent performance in Out of the Blue was rewarded with him winning Division 1. In a close decision in Division 2 Rod Chitenden won by 1 point, just beating Trevor Smith in Relentless.

Creswell Cup

posted Mar 6, 2019, 3:32 AM by David Churchward   [ updated Mar 6, 2019, 3:33 AM ]

The Creswell Cup is just over a week away (16 March) and preparations are well under way for a challenging race followed by a fantastic after race function. The race will start off HMAS Creswell with the race start called by the CO of HMAS Creswell, Captain Warren Bairstow, on board a Navy Steber. The race will finish at Callala Bay about mid afternoon. The race briefing will commence at 9:30am at Callala Bay with a second on water briefing at about 11:30am (Ch 77). 

All competing yachts will need to sign on at the Callala briefing or by calling JB1 on VHF 77 between 10:30 and 11:30am. Competing yachts are also required to sail past the stern of the Navy Steber and hail them following the on water briefing at 11:30am. 

The race will be conducted as a matched pair race between Team Navy and Team JBCYC.  Competing vessels will be assigned to either Team Navy or Team JBCYC with pairs formed by matching each Team Navy vessel against an equivalent Team JBCYC vessel. The team with the greatest number of matched pairs wins will be the winner of Creswell Cup.

The after race function will commence at about 6:00pm at the clubhouse with the presentation of the Creswell Cup as well as the results for the first race of the Autumn series. Live music will be provided by Cameron Little. 

This will be a Self Catered event and we are requesting that everyone coming bring a plate of food to put on a central table to be shared. A microwave and a pie warmer is available for those who need to re-heat their contributions. The ‘bring-a-plate’ contributions could be nibbles, entree, a suitable main, or even a desert. In the past people have brought chips, cheese platters, dips, salads, mini pies, chicken niblets, nachos, etc. Plates and cutlery will be available on the night. Please bring your own drinks and a chair.

The cost for the function will be $10 per head collected on the night. This is to cover the cost of the entertainment.  

We need to know:

* Which yachts are competing - if you are competing we need to know by Wed 13 March for handicapping purposes, and so we can allocate yachts to either JBCYC or Navy Teams.


*Who is coming to the after race social event. We need your name and the number of people in your party. The cost is $10 per person which can be paid by cash on the night. 

Please RSVP by emailing:


Race fleet tussle in round four of Summer Series

posted Feb 11, 2019, 9:54 PM by David Churchward   [ updated Feb 11, 2019, 9:54 PM ]

Sunday 10thFebruary saw the running of the fourth round of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club’s Callala & Culburra First National Summer Series.

A fleet of 12 Yachts took to Jervis Bay in a steady 10 knot breeze. The five larger Division 1 yachts raced along a 12.7 nautical mile course, with the seven smaller Division 2 boats tackling a slightly shorter, 10.7 nautical mile, circuit.  

The Navy entry, Franklin, helmed by Brendon Blank made an impressive start beating the rest of the fleet to the first mark. Franklin then hauled away from the field. Alan Leach, skippering Tranquillity, was in second place but unable to mount a serious challenge as Franklin continued to extend its lead.

In Division 1 Franklin crossed the finish line first in 1 hour 54 minutes, just over 10 minutes ahead of Tranquillity that crossed second. Paul Gooey in Out of the Blue crossed third a further five minutes after Tranquillity.

Once the Division 1 handicaps were applied Paul Gooey, Out of the Blue, took 1stplace with Brendon Blank, Franklin 2nd. Third place on handicap was taken by Trevor Kanaar in Invincible. 

The racing was much closer in Division 2 with Pat Grogan in Sirocco getting off to the best start and beating the other yachts in the division to the first mark. Elements helmed by Rod Chittendon then raced past Sirocco and continued to stretch their lead. 

The smallest yacht in the race, John Andersons Laser 3 was in third, just ahead of the much larger Relentless, skippered by Trevor Smith. As they headed South along the bay Relentless passed Laser 3, but Laser 3 got in front again after they turned West and raced across the bay. Both yachts were neck and neck going into the final leg of the race, then as the breeze piked up to 15 knots the larger Relentless was able to pull away. Relentless eventually beat Laser 3 across the line by just over four minutes.

Elements was the first Division 2 yacht to cross the finish line in 2 hours and 8 minutes, 10 minutes ahead of Sirocco with Relentless a further 2 minutes behind. Denis Meredith, Wotalife, was the last Division 2 yacht to cross the finish line; but thanks to a significant handicap was declared the race winner. Rod Chittendon, Elements, was 2ndon handicap and Trevor Smith, Relentless, took 3rdplace.

The post-race festivities saw the winners presented with some fine wines from Crooked River Wines, who sponsors the annual Club Championship.

Paul Gooey, Out of the Blue, now leads the Summer Series in Division 1 and Rod Chittendon, Elements, leads the series in Division 2. Other members of the fleet are still in contention for the series win, with the winners of both divisions set to be decided at the clubs next race on March 3rd.

Lifejacket Self-Service Clinics

posted Feb 4, 2019, 7:10 PM by David Churchward   [ updated Feb 4, 2019, 7:19 PM ]

Roads and Maritime will be holding inflatable lifejacket self-service clinics at several locations along the NSW coast in February. Participants will be eligible to receive free lifejacket replacement parts or a $15 voucher towards the purchase of a lifejacket or parts.

Locations include:

Greenwell Point Boatramp                           Saturday 16 Feb 2019, 2 - 4pm

Hanging Rock Boatramp Batemans Bay     Friday 15 Feb 2019, 2 - 4pm

Port Kembla Boat Ramp                             Sunday 17 Feb 2019, 2 - 4pm

Visitors swell the race fleet for the third round of the JBCYC Summer Series

posted Jan 28, 2019, 7:58 PM by David Churchward

On Saturday 26thJanuary a large fleet of 22 Cruising Yachts took to Jervis Bay for the third race in the JBCYC Callala & Culburra First National Summer Series. The race was also the third in the seasons Round the Bay Series, sponsored by Tahmoor Rural; and it was also the annual Seawind Cup Regatta.

Three competitors from the Batemans Bay Sailing Club and several visiting Seawind catamarans bolstered the field of entries from the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht club. 

The course took the fleet clockwise around Jervis Bay starting just off Callala Bay. Thirteen of the larger yachts tackled the 17 nautical mile Division 1 course. The nine smaller craft racing Division 2 took on a slightly shorter, 15.3 nautical mile, circuit.

The race began in brisk 15 to 20 knot SW winds with a lumpy Southerly swell. Two visiting yachts from Batemans Bay, Accolade, helmed by Lachlan Brown, and Simon Byrne’s yacht, Attitude, got off to a blistering start and led the field South down the bay. 

C’est La Vie, helmed by Mark Tobin, and Rick Early skippering Sojourn 3, chased the two leading yachts. As the leaders turned North and headed back up the bay with the wind behind them and the breeze easing, Accolade and Attitude hoisted their spinnakers and stretched their lead from the rest of the Division 1 yachts.

Lachlan Brown, Accolade, was the 1st Division 1 yacht to finish in a time of 2 hours and 46 minutes, less than 2 minutes ahead of Simon Byrne, Attitude. Mark Tobin, C’est La Vie crossed another 12 minutes behind in 3rdplace. Those placings were unchanged after handicaps were applied 

In Division 2 Element skippered by Rod Chittendon got the best start and beat the other yachts in the division to the first mark. Relentless, helmed by Trevor Smith, chased Elements down the bay but as they headed back with the wind dropping, Relentless lost touch with the lighter boat.

Element took line honours in Division 2 crossing the line in 3 hours and 7 minutes, nearly 7 minutes ahead of Pat Grogan’s Sirocco with Relentless a further 7 minutes back. Once handicaps were applied, however, Peter Cowman, in Double Time, was awarded 1stplace with Rod Chittendon, Element, 2ndand Trevor Smith, Relentless, 3rd.

The days feature race was the Seawind Cup, an event run annually for Seawind Catamarans. This year saw five entries, with them having a separate start, five minutes after the rest of the fleet.

Alan Nebauer’s catamaran Pleiades took the lead at the start and beat the others to the first mark. Alan Leach, last year’s winner, in Tranquillity duelled with the visiting catamaran, Phase 2, helmed by Warren Kerswill as they chased Pleiades. 

Pleiades led all the way around the bay to Vincentia, but as they sailed downwind past Huskisson and Callala Beach Tranquillity ran past them.

Alan Leach, Tranquillity, was the first Seawind Catamaran to cross the finish line in 3 hours 13 minutes, 4 minutes ahead of Warren Kerswill, Phase 2, and Alan Nebauer, Pleiades a further 1 minute behind in 3rdplace. The positions remained unchanged after handicaps were applied, with Alan Leach holding the Seawind Cup for another year.

The post-race presentation, BBQ and festivities were held across the bay at Long Beach where the winners were presented with some fine wines from Crooked River Wines, who sponsors the annual Club Championship. 

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