Cold South-easterly winds challenge yachts in JBCYC Spring Series races

posted Nov 15, 2020, 6:46 PM by David Churchward

On Sunday November 8th, with a cold south-easterly wind blowing the fleet of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club took to the waters of Jervis Bay for a day of racing.

The day got underway with the Division 2 yachts running the previously postponed round 2 of their Spring Series. Starting at 10am in choppy seas with a light South-easterly winds under 10 knots; The five yachts raced around a short 3.8 nautical mile course at the bays northern end. 

Tn a close start Pat Grogan skippering Sirocco, Peter Cowman at the helm of Double Time, and Steve Lee’s Y-Knot all converged on the 1st race mark. Sirocco rounded the mark in the lead followed by Y-knot. Sirocco and Y-knot pulled away from the other boats in the division as they raced east across the bay. Y-knot passed Sirocco and extended its lead, staying in front until the races end.

Y-knot crossed the finish line 1st in 45 minutes only just over a minute ahead of Sirocco. Reflections crossed 3rd in 50 minutes, just 30 seconds ahead of Double time. Wotalife stayed in touch with the fleet finishing the race in just over 60 minutes.

Once handicaps were applied Denis Meredith, Wotalife, was awarded 1st place with Pat Grogan, Sirocco, 2nd, and Reflections 3rd.

After a brief break the scheduled race 4 of the Spring Series got underway. With the starts of the divisions staggered Division 2 started first. 

They tackled a 10.7 nautical mile course, and with winds from the SE picking up to over 15 knots, Double Time beat the other yachts to the 1st mark. Y-Knot and Sirocco chased Double Time as they headed across. As they approached Long Beach Y-Knot slipped past Double Time into the lead.

With the wind easing Double Time and Reflections tacked out into the bay, chasing more wind and boat speed. Y-Knott and Sirocco stayed close to shore as they headed towards Honeymoon Bay, covering less distance and gambling on the wind picking up.

As the boats passed the mark off Honeymoon Y-knot held onto the lead and Sirocco had moved into 2nd place. Heading back up the bay with Sirocco chasing Y-Knot both yachts flew their spinnakers. 

The yachts then headed to Callala Beach and crossed the bay again towards Green Point before turning to the finish line. Sirocco had a final spinnaker run to the finish but could not catch Y-Knot.

Y-Knot crossed the finish line in 2 hours 16 minutes, 14 minutes ahead of Sirocco. Reflections finished 13 minutes further back with Double Time 2 minutes behind. Once handicaps were applied Steve Lee, Y-Knot, retained 1st place with Brian Horley, Reflections, moving up to 2nd and Peter Cowman, Double Time, 3rd.

The Division 1 race started 5 minutes after Division 2, with Invincible, helmed by Trevor Kanaar just beating Rod Targa in the Navy entry Friendship to the 1stmark. 

The boats then crossed to the eastern side of the bay for the run down passed Honeymoon Bay to Longnose Point. With the breeze starting to drop the race became a battle of tactics with some yachts taking the shorter route close to shore and others moving into the bay chasing more wind and boat speed.

Element staying close to shore took advantage of a favourable wind shift and was able to take the lead before reaching Longnose Point. With the SE winds dropping to 7 knots Element and Tranquillity duelled for the lead as they raced back up the bay, Element flying their spinnaker and Tranquillity deploying their screecher.

The winds picked up again as the fleet crisscrossed the bay Bodacious, with its spinnaker flying making significant ground on the leading yachts. The finish became a race to the line between Element and Tranquillity with Element crossing 1st in a time of 2 hours 34 minutes less than a minute ahead of Tranquillity. Out of the Blue crossed 3rd four minutes behind Tranquillity.

Once the handicaps were applied to Division 1 Rob Chittendon, Element, was awarded 1st with Trevor Kanaar, Invincible, 2nd and Steve Simpson, Bodacious, 3rd.

With only one race the Spring Series for Division 1 left to run Friendship on 6 points is leading Invincible on 7 points with Tranquillity third on 8 points. 

Division 2 will try to run its final two races next race day. Y-Knott is currently leading the series on 2 points with Sirocco on 4, Reflections on 6 and Double Time on 6. Any of these boats still has a chance to win the series.

Cruising yachts take on strong winds in round 3 of the Spring Series

posted Oct 30, 2020, 4:14 AM by David Churchward

With the arrival of a southerly change, strong winds, rain, and a large swell, the Division 1 fleet of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club took to the waters of the bay to run the third round of their spring racing series. 

The Division 2 yachts decided not to race in conditions that may have been risky for the smaller vessels, leaving the 5 larger Division 1 yachts to tackle a 10.3 nautical mile course at the bays northern end.

With the southerly winds blowing at over 20 knots the race started with Trevor Kanaar in Invincible getting a good start at the eastern end of the very long start line. Invincible had the shortest run to the 1st race mark, leading the other yachts as they turned into the wind and headed south towards Callala Beach.

Tranquillity helmed by Peter Brown, followed Invincible around the 1st mark in 2ndplace. With their regular navigator away, a navigation error saw Tranquillity fall behind the rest of the fleet, as they headed to the wrong mark and lost a significant amount of time.

Out of the Blue, skippered by Paul Gooey, and the Navy entry Friendship with Brendon Blank helming, chased Invincible. Invincible struggling in the strong winds and heavy chop was passed by both yachts as they raced towards Callala Beach. Friendship slipped passed Out of the Blue and led as they turned and headed east towards Long Beach.

Tranquillity recovering from its earlier error came racing across the bay just passing Invincible as they turned and began chasing Out of the Blue. As the yachts turned at Long Beach and headed north, with the wind behind them, Tranquillity passed Out of the Blue and began chasing Friendship.

Friendships lead mid-way through the race was significant, and with its crew taking the challenging conditions in their stride could not be caught. Brendon Blank in Friendship crossed the finish line 1st in 1 hour 53 minutes, just under 3 minutes ahead of Peter Brown in Tranquillity. Paul Gooey in Out of the Blue crossed the line 3rd in just over 2 hours. Those positions stayed the same when handicaps were applied to the results. 

With the third race in the Spring Series for Division 1 run the lead is tied between Friendship and Tranquillity, both on 3 points. Out of the Blue is in 3rdplace with 6 points. Round 4 of the Spring Series will be sailed on Sunday 8thNovember.

Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Clubs Round the Bay Series kicks off for the season

posted Oct 25, 2020, 5:03 PM by David Churchward

On Sunday 11th October, the JBCYC ran the second round of the clubs Spring Series, it was also round one of the seasons Round the Bay Series. With gentle southerly winds forecast the race fleet of 10 yachts tackled a anti clockwise course circumnavigating Jervis Bay. 

The 6 larger Division 1 yachts took on a 17.2 nautical mile course. The 4 smaller Division 2 yachts raced around a slightly shorter 13.7 nautical mile course.

In Division 1 Invincible, helmed by Trevor Kanaar, got the best of a close start, just beating Peter Brown, skippering, Tranquillity and Paul Gooey’s Out of the Blue to the 1st race mark. Out of the Blue was able pass Tranquillity as they raced down the bay but could not pass invincible. 

The Navy entry, Friendship, skippered by Rod Targa began making ground on the leading boats as they sailed past Vincentia toward HMAS Creswell. The winds picked up as the yachts contended with the choppy seas as they raced east across the bay towards Longnose point. 

As Invincible turned to head north, with the wind directly behind them, they attempted to hoist their spinnaker. A “wine glass” formed, slowing the boat, and Out of the Blue finally got passed.

With the wind at their stern, and their spinnaker set Out of the Blue was able to stretch it is lead in the run back to the finish at Callala Bay crossing the finish line in a time of 3 hours 6 minutes. Invincible and Tranquillity in a close race for second swapped places repeatedly with Invincible finishing just 10 seconds ahead of Tranquillity in 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Once handicaps were applied Trevor Kanaar (Invincible) was awarded 1st place with Rod Targa (Friendship) 2nd and Paul Gooey (Out of the Blue) 3rd.

In Division 2 Y-knot, with Steve Lee at the helm, and Sirocco skipper by Pat Grogan, got good starts racing away from the other 2 yachts in the division. Sailing into the light winds Y-Knot passed the 1st race mark in the lead. 

Sirocco kept in touch with Y-Knot as the wind picked up and they pushed through the choppy seas crossing the middle of the bay. 

Steve Lee (Y-Knot) held onto his lead all race, crossing the finish line 1st in Division 2 in 2 hours 46 minutes. Pat Grogan (Sirocco) crossing just under 9 minutes further back with Peter Cowman (Double Time) 3rd another 17 minutes behind. Those placing remained unchanged one handicaps were applied to the results.

With the second round of the Spring series run Trevor Kanaar (Invincible)and Peter Brown (Tranquillity)lead Division 1, both with one win each. Division 2, having only run the 1 race so far, has Steve Lee (Y-Knot) leading. 

Blustery day on the bay as JBCYC Spring Series kicks off

posted Sep 30, 2020, 12:04 AM by David Churchward

The first race of the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club’s Spring Series was run on Sunday 27th September. With only a fortnight since the conclusion of the Autumn Series the stalwarts of the club turned up on a cold spring day to welcome the new race season.

With a strong wind warning issued, the winds turning Southerly and the seas building; the conditions were challenging for the boats and crew. Six Division 1 yachts raced around a 11.4 nautical mile course at the Northern end of Jervis Bay. The skippers of the smaller Division yachts decided, given the strong winds and difficult state of the seas, to postpone their race to another day.

With the winds just over 20 knots from the SSW all yachts had their sails reefed and started racing at 11:05am. Sailing into the wind towards the 1st race mark, The Navy entry, Friendship, skippered but Wayne Prior got the best start beating the rest of the fleet to the 1st mark. 

As the yachts turned NE the catamaran Tranquillity, helmed by Peter Brown, with the wind behind them ran past Friendship into the lead. Paul Gooey’s yacht Out of the Blue and Friendship then tussled for 2nd place. 

Approaching Huskisson, the wind eased marginally, and crews began removing the reefs from their sails. Out of The Blue was able to pass friendship as they turned at Huskisson and began heading North. 

Out of The Blue began to make some ground on Tranquillity, but as they headed back out into the middle of the bay the winds strengthened. Tranquillity, with superior downwind performance in strong winds was able to stretch it’s lead and stay ahead until the finish. 

Tranquillity was the 1st yacht across the finish line in a time of 1 hour 54 minutes. Out of the Blue crossed 2nd nearly 8 minutes further back and just over 2 minutes ahead of Friendship. 

Trevor Kanaar in Invincible and Steve Sargent helming Shambala fought a close race further back in the field, swapping places right up to the finish line, with Shambala crossing just 2 seconds ahead.

Element skippered by Frank Killick tackled the course in difficult conditions with a crew that was unfamiliar with the boat but was still able to complete the race in just under 2 hours 50 minutes.

Once handicaps were applied Peter Brown (Tranquillity)held onto 1st place with Steve Sargent (Shambala) moving up into 2nd and Wayne Prior (Friendship) 3rd.

JBCYC Autumn Series down to the wire in last race

posted Sep 16, 2020, 5:42 PM by David Churchward

The Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club ran the final race of their Autumn Series on Sunday 13th September. A fleet of 11 yachts competed in two Divisions around a pentastar course that crisscrossed the Northern end of Jervis Bay. 

The 7 larger Division 1 yachts took on a 12.6 nautical mile course with the 4 smaller Division 2 yachts tackling a similar, but slightly shorter, 10.6 nautical mile course. 

The race started in light winds, below 10 knots, shifting from West to NW. The Division 2 yachts started first, with the Division 1 boats starting 5 minutes later.

In Division 2 the light winds suited Y-Knot, skippered by Steve Lee. He raced away to a fast start beating the rest of the fleet to the 1st mark. Y-Knot was able to hold its lead, even as the winds picked up significantly, crossing the finish line 1st in Division 2 in a time of 2 hours 25 minutes.

It was close racing for the remaining 3 yachts in Division 2 with Peter Cowman’s Double time and Brian Horley helming Reflections pulling away from Sirocco, skippered by Pru Harper, mid-way through the race.

Double Time and Reflections fought a tacking dule, with Reflections in contention for the series win. Double time crossed the finish line 2nd less than 20 seconds ahead of Reflections crossing 3rd.

Once handicaps were applied to the divisions results Peter Cowman (Double Time) moved up into 1st Place with Brian Horley (Reflections) 2nd and Steve Lee (Y-Knot) dropping to 3rd place.

In the Division 1 race Tranquillity, skippered by Peter Brown, got off to a good start beating the rest of the division to the 1st mark. Out of the Blue, helmed by Paul Gooey, faired better in the light conditions and soon passed Tranquillity taking the lead.

As the race progressed the winds got stronger, at times gusting well over 20 knots. The stronger winds and choppy seas suited the large catamarans and Tranquillity was able to retake the lead.

Further back in the field the Navy entry Friendship, with Wayne Prior at the helm, and Trevor Kanaar’s Invincible were running a close race. 

Tranquillity crossed the finish line 1st in the division in 2 hours 15 minutes, only two and a half minutes ahead of Out of the Blue. Friendship crossed 3rd over 9 minutes further behind.

With the handicaps put in place Steve Sargent (Shambala) moved up right up the field into 1st place with Peter Brown (Tranquilly)dropping to 2nd and Trevor Kanaar (Invincible)taking 3rd place.

With the last race in the Autumn series run Steve Sargent (Shambala) took 1stplace in Division 1 just 2 points ahead of Steve Simpson (Bodacious). Rod Chittendon (Element) and Paul Gooey (Out of the Blue) were tied on 12 points with Rod being awarded 3rd after race placings were counted. 

In Division 2 the Autumn Series win went to Brian Horley (Reflections)only just beating Pru Harper (Sirocco) by one point.

Close racing in penultimate round of the JBCYC Autumn Series

posted Sep 6, 2020, 2:30 AM by David Churchward

On Sunday 30th August, the Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club ran the third round of their Autumn Series. In an unseasonably warm winters day with light to fresh Northerly winds, nine yachts raced around the top end of Jervis Bay. 

The 6 larger Division 1 yachts took on a 11 nautical mile course that was shortened slightly to 9 nautical miles for the smaller Division 2 craft. The race starts for the divisions were staggered with Division 2 getting away first at 11am and Division 1 starting 5 minutes later.

In Division 2 Y-knot, skippered by Steve Lee, got away to a fast start in the light 8 to 10 knot NNE winds beating the rest of the fleet to the 1st mark. Sirocco, with Pru Harper at the helm, chased close behind getting passed as they raced from Callala beach towards Long Beach.

Scott Bickerstaff steered Reflections ahead of both Y-knot and Sirocco as the yachts reached the mark near Long Beach and turned North. Sirocco stayed ahead until the races final leg when they were passed by Y-knot and Sirocco.

Y-knot crossed the finish line 1st in a time of 2 hours 18 minutes, just 43 seconds ahead of Sirocco. Reflections finished just over 2 minutes behind Sirocco.

Once handicaps were applied Scott Bickerstaff (Reflections)was awarded 1st place, with Pru Harper (Sirocco) 2nd and Steve Lee (Y-knot)3rd.

In Division 1 Steve Simpson helming Bodacious beat the rest of the division to the 1st mark. Paul Gooey in Out of the Blue had a very slow start but passed Steve Sargent’s Shamballa and Trevor Kanaar’s Invincible as they raced to the 1st mark.

As the boats turned at Callala Beach and raced East across the bay; Out of the Blue passed Peter Brown in Tranquillity, Rod Chittendon in Element, and passed Bodacious to take the lead. Out of the Blue then pulled away from the rest of the fleet.

Out of the Blue crossed the finish line 1st in the division in 2 hours and 16 minutes, over 20 minutes ahead of Element. Bodacious crossed the finish line only 30 seconds behind Element after two and a half hours of racing.

Once handicaps were applied to the Division 1 results Paul Gooey (Out of the Blue) held onto 1st, Steve Simpson (Bodacious) moved up to 2nd place and Rod Chittendon (Element) took 3rd place.

With only one race remaining in the Autumn series Steve Simpson in Bodacious narrowly leads Rod Chittendon, Element, by only 2 points. Division 2 is even closer with Brian Horley’s Reflections and Pru Harper in Sirocco tied on 6 points. 

Yacht racing returns to Jervis Bay

posted Aug 29, 2020, 6:00 PM by David Churchward

Yacht racing returns to Jervis Bay  

After an unavoidable break, the boats of Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club returned to the waters racing on Sunday 16th August. Even though we are well into winter the club still has several races from the Autumn Series to complete. They ran the 5th and deciding round of the clubs Tahmoor Rural Round the Bay Series which was also round 3 of the Autumn Series.

A Covid safe plan has been put in place, that makes significant changes to pre-race and post-race procedures. Although the effect of this plan on the racing was minimal.

Following an online race briefing a flotilla of 8 yachts gathered. Five larger Division 1 yachts tackled a 17 nautical mile course, circumnavigating the bay clockwise. The 3 smaller Division 2 yachts raced along a slightly shorter 15.3 nautical mile circuit.

The yacht clubs recently elected Captain, Mel Bradford-Bell, called the race start at 11am, with a brisk Westerly wind gusting just below 10 knots and some welcome winter sunshine. 

In Division 1 Rod Chittendon skippering Element got the best start, beating the other yachts to the 1st mark as they turned and headed South down the bay. With the wind blowing across their beams the catamaran Tranquillity, helmed by Peter Brown, soon raced past to lead the division. 

In the long reach down the bay the wind picked up, gusting well over 15 knots and the seas increased to 1 meter. Paul Gooey’s yacht Out of the Blue revelled in the conditions, moving into 2nd place, and chasing Tranquillity as they headed for Longnose Point. After they crossed to the western side of the Bay and approached Vincentia, the wind dropped noticeably giving the other yachts an opportunity to close in on Tranquillity.

Peter Brown was able to keep Tranquillity in the lead until the finish, crossing the line in 2 hours and 40 minutes, 6 minutes ahead of Out of the Blue. Trevor Kanaar in Invincible crossed 3rd, less than a minute behind Out of the Blue.

Once handicaps were applied to Division 1 the results changed significantly. Trevor Kanaar (Invincible) took 1st place with Steve Sargent (Shamballa) 2nd and Rod Chittendon (Element)3rd

In Division 2 Pat Grogan skippering Sirocco beat the rest of the yachts to the 1stmark. Behind him Steve Lee in Y-Knot and Brian Horley, helming Reflections, duelled for 2nd place. Reflections passed Sirocco, moving into the lead, as the passed Honeymoon Bay. 

The 3 yachts in the division were all close as they approached the races Southern mark, near Longnose point. After turning Reflections and Y-Knot took a conventional approach, heading North with the wind across their beam until they could make a single tack to cross the bay to the mark near Callala Beach. Pat Grogan in Sirocco chose to zigzag across the bay, making multiple tacks. When Sirocco got to the next mark, the yacht was approximately 1 nautical mile ahead of the other two boats.

Y-Knott and Reflections were able to peg back some of Siroccos lead as they raced to the finish line, but Sirocco crossed 1st in 2 hours 57 minutes. Y=Knot crossed 2nd just over 6 minutes behind and Reflections was a further 10 minutes back.

Once the handicaps were applied to Division 2 Brian Horley (Reflections) took 1stwith Pat Grogan (Sirocco)2nd and Steve Lee (Y-Knot) 3rd.

Following the race the regular post-race social function was dispensed with, as part of the clubs Covid Safe plan, and the declaring of results was moved online.

With the Tahmoor Rural Round the Bay Series completed, in Division 1 Paul Gooey in Out of the Blue, and Alan Leach and Peter Brown in Tranquillity, were both on equal points. The series winner was decided by a countback of placings with Paul Gooey narrowly taking the series win. In Division 2 Pat Grogan in Sirocco won the series, with Denis Meredith in Wotalife 2nd.


Autumn Series Race 3 Results Posted

posted Aug 16, 2020, 1:39 AM by Pat Grogan   [ updated Aug 16, 2020, 1:39 AM ]

The 2019-2020 Autumn Series Race 3 Results for today's racing have been posted on the JBCYC web site.

JBCYC AGM 7:00pm 3 August 2020

posted Jul 17, 2020, 3:50 PM by David Churchward

The Clubs Annual General Meeting will be held on 3rd August 2020, 7:00pm. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the meeting will be held by video conference. The required Notice of AGM and Nomination form be downloaded from the ‘Forms’ page of the JBCYC website. The meeting will deal only with the items specified for an AGM meeting in the club’s rules of association, that is: the minutes of the previous meeting, reports from the committee, election of the new committee, and the required financial statement. 

The meeting will be followed by the annual skipper’s meeting at 7:30 pm. This meeting provides essential information to our skippers on racing requirements, boat preparation, and other issues related to competing in our racing events.

Clubs like ours only function due to the hard work of the volunteers on the committee so please consider attending this important meeting and contributing to the running of the club. 

The information for the video conferencing will be forwarded to all members by email. Then to join the meeting open the provided link on your PC, Notebook, tablet, or smart phone. Please don’t be put off if you are unfamiliar with the video conferencing software or not confident in using it. David (0408 314 319) will be available all day on Monday, 3rd August to assist members in accessing the video conferencing software so please call if you are unsure or want to test your system.

Norfolk Island welcomes Al & Kerry Leach with Special Offer for JBCYC

posted Jun 29, 2020, 6:03 AM by David Churchward

Looking for an excuse to travel again, Norfolk Island is an ideal destination to spend some time. Allan & Kerry Leach will be taking time out from their usual roles and moving there in late July to spend some time as managers of the Shearwater Villas. Shearwater Villas on Norfolk Island are offering a 50% discount to JBCYC members in July, August, & September. Although we will miss them both greatly we wish them the best in their new ventures.

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