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SailPass is a temporary membership class that enables crew to join JBCYC. SailPass provides personal accident insurance cover and meets the requirements of Rule 46 of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 - 2024. Click on the link or use the QR Code to register for SailPass.

When you apply for a SailPass you will be prompted for what days you wish the SailPass to be valid for. Generally you will just select today's date as you may not known which days you will sail on. This means that each time you wish to sail with the JBCYC you will need to complete the SailPass registration process.

There are different SailPasses depending on your membership of different sailing organisations:

 Type of Sailpass Cost per dayMax SailPasses Details
 JBCYC SailPass
 $106 This is the SailPass you will select if you are:
  • Not a member of any sailing club that is affiliated with Australian Sailing
  • Not a member of of either the:
    • CASC
    • CJSS
    • JBSC
    • BBSC
Generally this will be the SailPass option most people will select
 JBCYC SailPass $0 UnlimitedThis SailPass is to cover our much appreciated volunteers who help out with things such as the start boat, event logon and social events.
 JBCYC SailPass $0 Unlimited This SailPass is for financial members of the Creswell Albatross Sailing Club who regularly sail in JBCYC events.
 JBCYC SailPass $0 Unlimited This SailPass is for financial members of the Jervis Bay Sailing Club , the Callala Junior Sailing School and the Batemans Bay Sailing Club
JBCYC SailPass $10 10 If you are the member of another club that is affiliated with Australia Sailing then select this SailPass

JBCYC Sailpass

Applying for a JBCYC SailPass

Follow this process to apply for a JBCYC SailPass :
  • Navigate to the JBCYC Sailpass Portal
    • You can follow any of the links in this document
    • Use the QR Code above

  • You are presented with 2 options:

    • You already have an Australian Sailing Number. This could be because:
      • You have or are a member of a Sailing club that is affiliated with Australian Sailing
      • You have previously applied for a SailPass
        • Once you have applied for a SailPass with any sailing club affiliated with Australian Sailing you will always have an Australian Sailing number

    • You do not have an Australian Sailing number
      • This will be because you have not been a member of a sailing club affiliated with Australian Sailing or you have never applied for a SailPass

  • If you already have an Australian Sailing number then fill out your details
    • If you have forgotten you AS Number then you get retrieve this number using your registered email address

  • If you don't have an Australian Sailing Number then click on the "Don't have an AS Number?" link at the bottom of the page:
    • Enter you details and press next

  • Now select the type of SailPass you would like to apply for, refer to the table above

  • Select which date(s) you wish the Sailpass to be valid for

  • Confirm the details

  • You now have a SailPass and an Australian Sailing Number, if you didn't already
  • Now all you need to do is pay for Pass, if applicable. You can do this via:
    • Direct Transfer:
      • BSB: 641800
      • Account No.: 009124321
      • Account Name: Jervis Bay Cruising Yacht Club
      • Please put your first and last name and the word SailPass on the deposit so we can identify each payment
    • Club EFTPOS Terminal (coming soon, we hope)
    • Cash
      • In the current COVID 19 conditions we are trying to avoid any cash payments