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Crew Page

Currently the JBCYC has 2 active forums:

Crew Forum - This forum is designed to connect Skippers that would like crew with people who would like to crew on a JBCYC boat. 

JBCYC General Forum - This forum is for just about anything related to the JBCYC.

To use the forum just register using your email address and start posting.

If you are a skipper looking for a crew, or a potential crew member use the JBCYC Crew Forum to register your need/interest.

You will need to register for the JBCYC forums, but it is quick and easy using your email address.

To use the JBCYC Crew Forum:
  • Register for the JBCYC forums
  • Logon to the JBCYC Crew Forum
  • Create a new thread by clicking on the "New Thread" button on the top right of the "Crew wanted and crew available" page:
  • If you are a crew member looking for a ride, enter your details. Remember to include:
    • Your name
    • Your email
    • Your phone number
    • What you would like to crew on, if you have a preference.
    • When you might be available.
    • If this is a one off or if you would like to regularly crew.
  • If you are a skipper, enter your details, Remember to include:
    • Your name
    • Your email
    • Your phone number
    • What sort of boat you have.
    • What experience potential crew might need to have.

If you no longer wish your post to up on the forum:

  • Logon to the JBCYC Crew Forum
  • Find your thread in the forum.
  • Click on the thread.
  • Select the "setting wheel"on the right hand side of your post.

  • Select "Delete Post"

  • Your post will disappear.